Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Siblings


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1 Your parents let them get away with it

Oh yeah cause a three years old killing a hamster is really just that adorable

Oops. You know what? My older sister was treated way better than me! And I thought my mom treat me better!

It is so unfair. My parents would choose whoevers side is more feasible. Oh come on already! My sister isn't a toddler anymore - EpicJake

Once my 19 year old sister threatened to KILL me and when I told my parents, they didn't even care! >:(

2 They never give you privacy

I want to be alone, but no! My sisters always harass me! - EpicJake

File a restraining order. Maybe that'll work.

One of them is always with me and another is always in my stuff

When my cousins were little they would walk in on me WHILE I WAS ON THE TOILET! >:(

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3 You sometimes get into an argument with them

My and my little sister always argue and she is the cause - EpicJake

And my parents always assume that I was the one who started it :(

4 They cry over nothing

Well, your YOUNGER sibling does - EpicJake

My OLDER sister does. But not me. - AnonymousChick

5 Your older sibling would tease you

My older sister does this all the time. - EpicJake

My big brother is a ass. I'm just laying in bed and he walks by and said "________ is a idiot" and then goes back where he was before..

6 You'd sometimes be the only boy/girl

I'm the only male that is a kid in my family (except for two of my cousins.) - EpicJake

I'm the oldest girl and I have two annoying brothers!

I am th

I'm the only girl kid in my whole family­čśĺ - kaitlynrad11

7 They always annoy you

I hate it when my sisters do that! - EpicJake

8 You'd want to be an only child

I wish I was an only child, not because of the extra attention I would get (unlike most younger siblings), but because of the annoyance-free alone time that everybody needs once in a while when being stressed. What stresses me out even MORE, though, is that I need to become a full adult in order for me to finally get my alone time. I don't think I can go on for another 10 years without me doing something stupid or without me going crazy

I wish that I was an only child. I'm tired of my older sister (she's 19 and I'm 16) always giving me a hard time. She's nice most of the time, but at some points, she goes crazy. Just because she's older, it doesn't mean she can tell me what to do all the time and get bossy with me if I make a small mistake (I have autism) I can't wait until I reach my 20's, so I can move out, buy a house, have a job, get married, and have kids. - Stazemar000

Wish I was an only child. - EpicJake

Sometimes. My sister is OK but there were times that she would make me so angry that I either wish that she was dead or never born in the first place

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9 They would sometimes take over your stuff and seem to never leave them

My younger sister does this. - EpicJake

My big brother HOGS THE WI-FI! NOBODY AT HOME COULD EVER USE IT EXCEPT HIM! Hogs the computer, Xbox1, and everything in the house.

10 They hit you for no reason

My sister ALL of the time. I try not to fight back because I'm strong and my punches hurt but when she is just hitting me for a whole minute without stopping I have to fight back, right? I hit her once and she cries and cries. I'm like "Dad! She was hitting me first! " - AnonymousChick

My sister hits me, I hit her back harder. I don't give a damn about that never hit a girl .

I always fight back - EpicJake

My sister THREATENS me

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11 They like Teen Titans Go

My sister and I watched the original show when we were little. I don't think she was aware of Teen Titans Go like I was - Stazemar000

12 They make you look bad
13 They harass you

My sister THREATENS me.

14 They easily get mad
15 They fight
16 They have everything you want
17 Your parents treat them better

My sister is 3 years older than me and my parents kinda yell at her a lot. - Stazemar000

This always applies to younger siblings

18 They never get off your case
19 You ways want to be the older/younger sibling

My sister is 7 and I am 12.

20 They follow you about when your friend comes round
21 They fake cry
22 They try and get your parents attention when you're talking to your parents
23 They yawn in your face
24 They fake laugh at your jokes
25 They are happy when you are in trouble
26 You have to share every. Single. Thing with them.

When you have a snack and you're parents forces you to share with you're sibling.

27 They make you ask your parents for something

When your older brother tells you to ask your parents for money for them. And he makes you lie to your parents about he reason you asked for it.

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