Top Ten Most Annoying Things About the Sims Freeplay


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1 The More Buildings, Workplaces or Houses You Buy The More Expensive They Get

Not only that but basements are outrageously expensive

True that

2 If You Buy a Expensive Wedding For Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend They Refuse
3 Items That Cost Lifestyle Points

What would you expect from a Facebook game/app? - DapperPickle

4 Woohoo

Why did they have to add this? Just- why? - pandagirl

This was in every game

5 Quests With Limited Prizes

You never can get what you want

6 Sims Pee on The Floor or Pool

This is why you let your Sims to go to the restroom if he does'nt hold it.

7 Overpriced Items
8 Wumples Can Get Annoying
9 You Have To Wait for Interactions In Real Time

This really isn't fair. The game isn't much of a game because of this. If ea wants to make money off this game then they should have put a price on it in the App Store, not force you to watch ads and sit around not actually playing the game. This needs to change. MAkes me want to just get rid of it.

Everything about Freeplay was crap, but this is the worst thing. - benjigoo

THis is a major downside to the game

Two hours to make a salad.(WHAT! )
four hours to bake cookies! and they have a 50/50 chance of catching on fire(I think)
12 hours to bake a cake!? dang what kind of cake is my sim making? One off of “Cake Boss?
and I had to wait 8 hours to say goodbye to the Alien in the pet quest...eight hours! Who takes that long to say goodbye!?

TSF needs serious improvements starting with real time stuff. - MJfan119

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10 It Cost Lifestyle Points to Add a Baby To A Crib

LP is so hard to get, so given that cribs and babies are so expensive this makes me so annoyed! - urielectric

In the original sims games you can have babies anytime you want.sims free play takes the mick

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11 The amount of time for most things are just unreasonable

It even takes days to finish a simple quest fml

It takes a baby 9 hours to play with food...who let’s a child sit there for 9 hours and play with food...

12 A Boy Can Be Romantic With a Boy

Oh my gosh, tell me you aren't serious. This shouldn't be annoying. I mean, you don't have to have LGBT sims, but it isn't a bad thing in the game, just like it isn't a bad thing in real life. This is disgusting. - pandagirl


You're a homophobe. I'm not lesbian but I don't think it's my business how people marry.

Can you not have LGBT sims in other games? - AliciaMae

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13 Glitches
14 Limited People

Seriously? Electronic Arts should lift their game and add more Sims to the game.

There is a certain amount of people you can have which SUCKS! - sdgeek2003

15 A Girl Can Be Romantic With a Girl

I done it before I love ut

16 Quests have time limits
17 It gets boring after a while
18 It Needs Internet
19 It takes super long to finish constructing architecture houses (3 days)
20 You Can Slap Your Child

What that's child abuse - Discord1

21 There's No Pause Button
22 You Have to Wait a Long Time to Do Stuff

Seriously... Like sometimes 24 hrs

23 To do a lot of social quests you need to be 13 or older, or things like your bud needs a pool to clean.
24 You can't can't make a new family in new towns
25 You can’t level up past level 55.
26 You have to do so much cleaning and repairing to some buildings, which takes a lot of time
27 It's Too Slow
28 Patios/patio gates are too expensive
29 You can only build houses/buildings one at a time
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