Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Star Wars: the Old Republic

I was playing old republic and when I was playing a lot of things annoyed me so here's list

The Top Ten

1 Ignore list

It's relly bad when you need to tell them something especially when you wee just asking something or joking - Matt92647

2 Bothering you to subscribe

This one drives me crazy there's restriction every were and it said that everywhere it's not worth it to pay 50 every 60 days to me the game saids Free - Matt92647

3 Lag

This game lags so much when playing - Matt92647

4 The enemy's respond every time you look away after you killed them
5 Trolls

When I was playing some guy ask me to help him on a mission I said yes and when I came he was on level50 and I was on level 13 he said that I was trolling you - Matt92647

6 Level exp

It's relly bad just doing side missions that waste your time just to get to the right level to play the game - Matt92647

7 Can't play the game without being online

Why do you have to play online you can do missions alone and this is also the cause of lag - Matt92647

8 You need to be on level 10 to chat

Need help on a mission well good luck trying to tell someone that - Matt92647

9 This item is broken

When it's Broken it doesn't even work and you have to repair it why would it break in the first place - Matt92647

10 They said this game was free

The games forces you to buy it and it's hard to play when you don't have the game - Matt92647

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11 Gold sellers

Those dudes are so annoying

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