Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Students

There are good students, but the bad students do at least one of the things below.

The Top Ten

1 They Get Cocky When They Get A 100% On Their Test

It’s one thing to say hey I got a 100 percent but it’s another thing to brag about it like Sucks to be you - Randomator

Classmate: I got a 100% on my test! What did you get, Jake?
Me: I got a 95%
Classmate: Oh, you only got a 95? BUMMER!
See what I mean? - EpicJake

I sit next to this person in math class and it’s the advanced class so when the people who have the class next hour come in the room, he yells at them about why he’s better and smarter than them. He’s annoying - sadical

2 They Annoy You, And Then Blame It On Your Friend

Happens a lot. :( - SamuiNeko

3 When They Are Bossy
4 When They're A Teacher's Favorite
5 What Did You Get On Your Test?

Look kids, it's none of your business. - EpicJake

Not a C- - sadical

6 They Make Your Whole Class Get Detention

Once a guy in our chorus class won't stay seated,so our whole class needs to copy music notes with definitions,our teacher said its fair because chorus is a group. -_- - SamuiNeko

7 They Tell On You Over The Littlest Things
8 When They Did Something Bad, They Blame It On You And Then You Get Detention
9 They Try Too Hard To Be Friendly
10 They Never Shut Up

The Contenders

11 They Get Cocky Because Of Their Athletic Skills

Yeah well good luck going pro - Randomator

It's just a typical jock attitude. - nintendofan126

12 Can I Look At Your Paper?

Sure, it’s almost definitely not right, so of course you can copy it! - sadical

The answer will always be no. - EpicJake

13 They Look At Your Paper
14 They Think That They Can Get Away With Doing The Wrong Thing
15 They Think They're the Best Just Because They Look Hot

Look,we all know that you're beautiful,but you're not a goddess,so come back to earth and join the humans.-_- - SamuiNeko

16 They Think You Are A Loser


17 They Lock You In Your Locker
18 They Call You Names
19 They Tell On You Over Stuff You Didn't Even Do
20 They Draw Inappropriate Pictures on Stuff
21 Most Are Immature


22 When You Do Something They Think is Bad, They Tell Every Classmate They Possibly Know

Guys! Sadical is going on some weird Top Ten website in class! - sadical

23 They React Too Much About Farts
24 They Insult You Randomly

People always call me an ugly Barbie - sadical

This rude kid insulted me and it’s in my head now and I want to go and slap him

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