Top 10 Most Annoying Things About Super Mario Maker

Mario Maker is great. But every game has its flaws.

The Top Ten

1 Limit for placeable objects

And this game is about creativity? They should expand the limit or remove it! - MasterHand

So many of my creations have been ruined by the ground tile limit. Also, only four sets of doors?! Really?! And don't get me started on only 2 checkpoints. The only one that makes sense is the enemy limit. - TheYoshiOverlord

This is extremely annoying.Why can't we have unlimited ground tile?!

Come on Nintendo! We don't want limits.

2 Lack of level themes

Where's the:

Beach theme
Canyon theme
Volcano theme
Ghost / Haunted Forest theme
Tanks theme
Trains theme
Boats theme
Space / Cosmic theme

They're all awesome themes we want and need.

We have lots already

Desert, Snow, Beach, Jungle, Mountain, Athletic, Pipe Maze, Outdoor Ghost House, Volcano, Lava... need I say more? - TheYoshiOverlord

We need: Desert, Snow, Beach, Jungle, Mountain, Sky, Haunted Forest and Volcano

3 Lack of major enemies in the Mario games

We definitely need more *goes back to sleep*

Boomerang Bros, Fire Bros, Spike, Fire Snake, and SO! MUCH! MORE! - TheYoshiOverlord

To be honest,theirs not that much enemies - Nateawesomeness

The koopalings - YOSHIA2121

4 Only playable character is Mario

In the original we at least had the Mystery Mushroom, but now that's been removed

Nintendo, why didn't you put in Luigi? Or the two Toads. They can each have their abilities from 3D World, with Yellow Toad replacing Peach. You can get them by shaking Mario. - TheYoshiOverlord

I wish I could play as Luigi too and not just Mario! :/ They should have Super Luigi Maker or Super Wario Maker too!

What about Luigi? - KingSlayer93316

5 No vertical levels

I don't remember his name, but there' someone I'm following who sorta figured out how to make a vertical level. Create multiple rooms where you start at the bottom and go to the top, where you find a door or pipe. Whatever it is, enter it, and it leads to the bottom of the next room, and repeat until you think you've done too much. VERY SMART.

How hard could it be to implement these? Come on. - TheYoshiOverlord

These would be cool - YOSHIA2121

6 No slopes

Slopes would be nice, but they are overrated still for how much people complain that we don't have them, sure they would be a nice addition, but there are many other things I can think of that I would add to the game before slopes - YOSHIA2121

Slopes have been a key part of Mario since Mario 3! Why didn't Nintendo add them? - TheYoshiOverlord

7 Lack of a "dislike" option

They actually added this in Mario Maker 2, and I'm so glad they did. Now we can filter out the garbage stages. - DCfnaf

This should be made for troll levels

Most levels are trolls or took 5 or less minutes to make them and Iwant to DISLIKE them

I agree about this one. They just don't have one so no ones feeling are hurt. - Dawscr

8 The "report" button for levels doesn't really do anything

Copying Levels isn't one of the report options OK?!

You know that Japanese girl with the yellow shirt and big, black glasses that is ranked number 1 or 2? She copies other people's levels and gets stars off of them. I've reported the plagarized levels, but Nintendo doesn't give a s***. - TheYoshiOverlord

I know a relatively famous level which contained things that violates the “ Nintendo Code of Conduct” I reported it and it is still online

9 No actual way to force players to fight an enemy

Forget this entry, now we can do it, thanks to the addition of keys! Took Nintendo long enough. - TheYoshiOverlord

We now have keys inserted in enemies so you can! Thank you Nintendo! You're the best! - Mariomaster63

With keys, now we can

Yeah there is

10 Nintendo randomly deletes levels with no explanation

I had most of mine deleted came back all my uploaded courses except 2 were deleted off online it was a bit disappointing but at least I still have them in my course bot - trains45

I spent 5 hours building a level and it was deleted for not being popular and my friend made a hot garbage level and that is still online

It sucks and you never know when it will happen.

I get it if they delete a level that isn't popular, but some people have had their levels deleted within an hour or two after it's uploaded! A good example is the Reddit user BakeToRise. His daughter recently made a level, spending hours working on it, and uploaded it with the name "Maria Cake Yoshi." Their first player gave the level a star. When they went to check it, they found their level deleted about an hour after it was uploaded. I'm not sure if Nintendo is being an ass or if it's some nasty bug in the system. I'm hoping for the latter. - TheYoshiOverlord

The Contenders

11 Nintendo implemented stupid costumes no one will use

Honestly, I have 153 costumes, and have only used maybe 20, and the rest have no point, like a wii board, or a blob, or a? block, so many unnecessary costumes - YOSHIA2121

Time to chuck the Wii U out the window.

As if I'm going to make a Super Mahjong Tile Bros. level. Or Super Wii Balance Board Bros. Come on, give us something we'll use. Also, remove some of the Animal Crossing costumes, in my opinion, we only need Villager. - TheYoshiOverlord

How is this annoying? Pointless, but it doesn't have any real effect, does it? - NewSuperPaperMario

We now have two stupid anime costumes. Nintendo obviously doesn't care who gets in the game or not.

12 No placeable water or lava

I wanted to make a water/lava castle and a upside down lava level but I can't because why no playable water or lava and not even quicksand.

We need this - YOSHIA2121

13 Costumes can only be used for the Super Mario Bros 1 mode.

sad - will_smm2

This should be number one

true - YOSHIA2121

Imagine the amiibos in New Super Mario Bros Wii U!

14 People create too many highly difficult levels

This list is supposed to be about things that was Nintendo'S fault, not the player's fault. Get this off the list. - TheYoshiOverlord

We need some challenges - YOSHIA2121

Well, Nintendo made this game, and that's how Panga made his levels. So, no offense AT ALL, but it was technically Nintendo's fault we got the hard levels.

...OK, maybe "fault" was the wrong word.

15 Key limitations

There are some very dumb limitations with keys in this game. For example, you can't put key holding enemies or blocks onto tracks. How stupid is that? Also, why only 5 key coins per area? This update had so much potential to be great, but of course Nintendo had to screw it up. - TheYoshiOverlord

So true I hate how enemies with keys on tracks don't work!

More red coins per area would be nice - YOSHIA2121

16 Getting elements in 3ds version is stupid! (18 worlds, get 40 medals, huge world 19, etc.)


17 3DS version Course Uploading

I have the 3DS Version of Super Mario Maker and the course uploading on it sucks because your course doesn't upload to Super Mario Maker.

There is no way to post courses from the 3DS version of SMM unless you know how to hack and have a Wii U to dump the courses onto.

18 Most levels are just meant to troll you

It is funny to watch people get trolled in Mario maker.

I HATE IT - Pokemonfan10

Yeah at least half are just complete garbage - YOSHIA2121

True - KingSlayer93316

19 Stupid sounds effects when placing blocks

The silly sound effects when placing blocks in the editor is extremely irritating. Is this a game for 3 year olds only? Please remove it or make it optional.

20 Not many game themes

New Super Mario Bros. Wii would be cool, then we can move the Propeller there and give NSMBU the acorn. I also want USA Super Mario Bros. 2, and All-Stars themes for SMB and SMB3. - TheYoshiOverlord

Um...that would be too many themes. But yes, this game could seriously use more themes.

I beleave they need more

true - YOSHIA2121

21 Not many blocks

What happened to meltable ice? Or throwable ice? Point of Advice blocks from SMW? Try harder Nintendo, there's a reason why everyone still prefers SMBX and Mario Builder.

22 Having to play the NWC levels to unlock skinny Mario

Those levels are so terrible and hard and tedious! Why Nintendo why?!

It is not worth it don't try it is a waste of time

We need challenges plus they aren't hard - YOSHIA2121

They are so easy if you can't win you suck

23 White Bone Rafts fall after a certain amount of time, regardless if it's on tracks or not.

Wanting some sort of slow rollercoaster? Too bad. In fact, now I want to do it. No offense to Nintendo, just saying. I'm fine with it not on tracks. But who came up with the falling bone raft on tracks?! Again, no offense.

To answer your question: Yes, they actually did. I'm just saying; it's kind of annoying the way Nintendo recreated the bone raft falling.

Correct Me If I'm Wrong, But Didn't They Fall In The Game They Originated From?

Yeah if they are on tracks they shouldn't fall - YOSHIA2121

24 Shadows

Makes the game look like garbage. Completely ruins the retro look THAT YOU EXPECT WHEN MAKING RETRO LEVELS.

I don't know why this bugs me. Every single object in Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario World have shadows behind them. Making it seem less and less like an actual Mario level, even the creator really tried to create a cool level that looks like Nintendo made it.

25 Being able to carry switches

@TheYoshiOverlord True, but it would be nice if it was a feature that you could turn on/off. It would just make certain levels more challenging if you couldn't pick them up, but you could still have an option to be able to carry them when making a puzzle level.

To whoever submitted this: I don't find this annoying. Everyone uses this in their puzzle levels. Besides, occasionally I can cheese the level by carrying a switch and using Kaizo tactics :P - TheYoshiOverlord

So, you can make great puzzle levels now - YOSHIA2121

26 Nintendo added "Super Expert" mode to 100 Mario Torture.

If you don't like it don't play it, however for those who do play it anyways, it could definitely be improved - YOSHIA2121

Personally, I have no problem with this in the game. I just love the hilarious complaint. "100 Mario Torture"

I love a good challenge so if its to hard for you don't play it and if you still do you suck

As if standard expert wasn't BS enough, here's this mode! - TheYoshiOverlord

27 Nintendo changed the P Switch hitbox

The P Switch hitbox is changed, making it harder to P Switch jump. Thanks a lot, Nintendo, now Kaizo is much harder for us. - TheYoshiOverlord

28 3 Bowser limit per area

I think it should be 2, one bowser and one bowser jr - YOSHIA2121

I think this is a good thing. Hell, I think it should be lowered to 2 per area. I'm sick of seeing 3 big Bowsers stacked on each other. - TheYoshiOverlord

We should be able to place 5 Bowsers per area.

29 Limited level building space

I have a cool game called Mario Builder on PC it has infinite space!

30 Skewers only interact with blocks.

It's a shame that skewers don't trigger P Switches or POW Blocks. Hell, they don't even interact with Bill Blasters; they just go through them, even though they're solid! I believe they even go through Firebars, but I'll have to check. - TheYoshiOverlord

31 100 Course Limit

As with the Super Expert on 100 Mario Challenge, I have no problem with this. Infact, rarely, this could be a good thing. Opinions.

32 Bad Enemy And Object Sprites

Dry Bones doesn't lose his head when he dies, literally nobody has turning around sprites and some of the semi solid platform sprites are terrible.

33 Main Course Overview

Why Nintendo? Why? If you want secrets in your level, then its best to put them in the sub-level, because if you try to hide anything in the main level, people can look at the icon and automatically know where the secrets are!

34 Skewed physics

In the Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. U themes, Mario cannot spin jump on Grinders like he could in the original games.

35 3DS version Course Viewing and Others

Nintendo, why didn't you just port all the features from the Wii U onto the 3DS? It's easy enough just to add a few extra features...
Like what happened to the 10 Mario challenge and Course ID and Maker searches?
Get up to speed, Nintendo. Get on our level.

36 It has some stuff we've seen before
37 Skewers have limited drill time

I think this is a good thing - YOSHIA2121

38 Kaizo Levels

I personally love these, but if you don't like them, don't play them, its that simple - YOSHIA2121

39 Spike Hitboxes
40 No exploration

Exploration is what makes a game good.

41 Failure points

Why do does even exist For example when you fail a popular course you see a bunch of Failure Points on the screen IT'S SO ANNOYING!

42 The laughing sound effects

It's so annoying and obnoxious! Nintendo scrap it!

43 Too many stars to unlock more than a ten level limit

That's small for me since I make a lot of levels I would LIKE to upload if I didn't have to get FIFTY STARS to boost it by what like only ten more levels?

44 Time extension of 500 seconds

I really want EXTENDED TIME! Heck, Doesn't anyone want a time of 999? Seriously?

45 Need to Play Super Mario Challenge to Unlock Items

I not good a mario levels I just want the items easier like on wii u and switch - trains45

46 Unlocking Items Can Take 9 Days If You Don't Spam Items
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