Most Annoying Things About Supernoobs Fans

Can't believe this garbage has an awful fanbase. I hate this show now, i don't hate Danny Phantom anymore. Now, i admit Supernoobs fantards are worse than DP fans. If you are a Supernoobs fans, don't vote on this list or you will get triggered.

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1 They ship Kevin with Tyler
2 They think the show is okay

@ChatNoirFan18 I'm sorry, but some of the items you put on this list criticize people for having an opinion. I'm not a SuperNoobs fan but if I was and I saw this list, I would be upset and most likely wouldn't want to be friends with you. This is the kind of stuff SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy would do and I don't want you to end up like him because you are my friend and I don't want to lose my respect for you. Next time you make a list like this, only put down criticisms that have to do with the way people act rather than think or feel. I understand that you think SuperNoobs is a bad show, but that's no excuse to put down the fans just for finding it okay. - regularponyfan09

Why does this show even have fans!

3 They made a porn fanart of Shope & Amy
4 They are perverted
5 They keep making many horrible fanarts of it
6 They are like The Loud House fans, except, they are much worse
7 They think Shope is cute and hot

Even Sakura from Naruto is cuter - Garoto_Oceano

8 They made many mary sue OCs
9 They think Zen & Mem are hilarious
10 They are cancerous
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