Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Swimming Lessons

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1 You have to do as the teacher says

Its called a lesson for a reason. If you just swim on your own you won't learn any new swims. - SammySpore

Can't we just swim on our own? - EpicJake

This is kinda good so if you suck at swimming they would tell you what to do so you wouldn't drown

2 You have to do stuff that isn't comfortable

I had to do a 25 butterfly when I didn't even learn much of it

Like diving! Diving isn’t fun! - mistyglow

3 You may be untalented at swimming

I'm not talented at it at all. - EpicJake

EJ, neither am I…


4 Swimming isn't that fun

I like swimming. - mistyglow

How? Swimming is really fun! I'm perfection at swimming. - cosmo

I love swimming. This is of the stupidest list here in top tens.

I love the sport but, sometimes I hate it because of how hard it can be

5 You have to keep going until you get it
6 They make you use a noodle

My high school used those flat boards instead of noodles.

7 You may have to do it with other people
8 They hang on to you
9 You have to go every week
10 You have to get in the cold water all at once

I always have to go to swimming lessons on saturday because I don't have time during the week. It sucks. I am already a very good swimmer! I have to get my swimsuit on when I just want to relax, go to the pool, and force myself to jump in the cold water. Then I swim hard for 30 minutes until I'm done. - SammySpore

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11 Butterfly is really hard
12 It makes you feel self conscious being watched by all of your classmates with barely any clothes on
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