Top Ten Annoying Things About Tall People

Things tall people do that are annoying no offense tall people.

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1 When they complain about being tall

Especially tall women because sometimes they get objectified by their looks.

We have a lot to complain about. Imagine what it's like for you if you hit your head on everything, if you cannot fit in planes or cars, or if people yell at you continuously in cinemas. All of these are more of a problem for me than you might think. So shut it. - PositronWildhawk

Life is hard when you're tall. Especially if you have those lockers that have top lockers and lower lockers and you're the tallest girl in the school but you have the lower locker. - AnonymousChick

I'm taller than a lot of people at my school and they always ask me why I'm so tall...

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2 When they call you little man

Your not little, they're tall.

Its just their point of view - Super64Mario

3 When they call you little buddy
4 When they call you little guy
5 When they pick me up
6 When the put their hand over my head and laugh

I am not tall but I'm not short either this is just annoying.

7 When a tall girl picks me up

This is just embarrassing and they give me piggy back rides but their the ones to laugh at I get a free ride a strong tall girl comes in handy laugh out loud.

8 They complain about clothes

I'm size 15 UK and I have to order all my pairs of chuck taylor shoes. :/

I'm sorry nothing fits. - AnonymousChick

9 That they get hated on by short people like in this list

It depends.

I'm tall, deal with it bro!

10 When they complain about being asked if they play basketball

They are lucky while their up there and amaze people. I'm down here while they hold me like a baby.

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11 When they take something from you and they raise it out of your reach

I used to do that to my younger cousins, but it's because she was being annoying to me first.

That's bullying.

12 When they call your parents short
13 Covers your way in movies

It's also annoying when constantly being told to move away - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Yup its hard to see when the tall guy is there - Super64Mario

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