Most Annoying Things About Teenagers

These are just stereotypes! I am NOT saying all teenagers are like this. Just some!

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1 They listen to rap and hip-hop music about drugs and gang-banging

And sex. And specifically contemporary rap/hip hop. - anonygirl

2 They don't care if they get in trouble
3 They roast each other too much


4 They have horrible music taste

I'm a teen and I swear I'm the only one in my school that actually likes good music! - Slipperyjack40

Modern pop and rap music! - Userguy44

5 They back talk their parents

Parents these days need to toughen up, and discipline their kids, not saying all are not assertive but some r

Only if the parents let them. If there's no discipline from them, what do they expect? - Britgirl

I’m so glad my parents taught me well. I’ve never back talked an adult and I’m proud of it too. It actually looks rly cringey when other teenagers do it to their elders

Some parents r afraid of their kids. they need toughen up and learn not to take crap from them.

6 They cuss

Cussing is so immature and only people under 5 would cuss. They try to seem cool, but they're just dumbos who say the f word all the time for no reason! This is one of the worst things about teenagers, so next time you hear a teen cuss, tell them to grow up!

7 They disrespect other people's favorite sports teams
8 They use stereotypes too much
9 They follow bad fads

So true, but at least I would never do that. Thank the gods.

10 They care only for themselves

The Contenders

11 Their brains are not fully developed yet

Yeah, and neither is YOUR DICK.

12 They judge the opposite gender by their looks and not their personalities

Actually, that’s not true. And the only feminist I know is male.

This is meana

13 They lie
14 They're half asleep most of the time
15 They're overly obsessed with social media

This should be first. I see a lot of teenagers playing with their phones. And they use it for social media! - Userguy44

16 They hate anything that isn't 100% contemporary
17 They hate kids even if they are mature
18 They think that they can do everything by themselves
19 They always talk about feeling old when they're only 13-19
20 They say they miss their childhood when you're still a child until 20
21 They always cause drama or are in the middle of it

I’m a teenager myself but I don't act like this and HATE IT when other teenagers do it! It’s so annoying!

22 They choose who they want as friends and enemies
23 They judge other people over opinions
24 They are reckless
25 They vape
26 They eat too much
27 They like to act depressed
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1. They listen to rap and hip-hop music about drugs and gang-banging
2. They don't care if they get in trouble
3. They roast each other too much


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