Most Annoying Things About TheTopTens Visitors


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1 They are immature

Same degree of immaturity as members, since both groups are mainly 10-16 year olds, who are extremely immature by nature.

2 If you say you like something you they hate, they bombard you with dislikes and hate comments
3 They can be bullies


4 Some of them have improper grammar
5 They keep on spamming their hatred or love for something on every single list imaginable

Let's see: The TLK hater who acts like The Lion King is Satan, That one Scarlett Johansson hater who makes up stories just to make her look bad and her other haters, the Captain America: CW haters that add the film to every negative list and consider the worst movie ever, the Force Awakens haters who overreact about their childhood being ruined by J.J Abrams, and many more annoying haters.

*cough cough The Lion King hater cough cough* - PeeledBanana

Some good examples of this are: the person who thinks The Lion King and Kingdom of Hearts are the worst things in existence, the one who thinks Chris Savino is the worst person in history, and the one who adds Zootopia to every worst list.

I'm looking at you Disney1994 hater, Gumball Hater, Frozen Caps Girl, and TLK hater - Cartoonfan202

6 They type in all-caps and bash Frozen haters

Yes really immature with all the caps and- "bash Frozen haters"... people should stop loving or hating this movie so much. - DaisyandRosalina

7 Some of them are trolls

Most of them are, I had a stupid 7 years old Wendy fan stalking me because she hated Peach, Daisy and Rosalina (from Super Mario), she sent stupid comments most of them were really offensive - DaisyandRosalina

Like the one who hates lion king, the one who beauty shames women and many others

Wendy Fans and Peach Haters - ToadF1

*almost all of them.

8 Some visitors are just users hiding themselves

I did this occasionally after I retired, but I realized it was kinda dumb - Cartoonfan202

9 They submit sexual, death, and abuse ideas to episode ideas lists of shows you like

Cough cough loud house season 2 cough cough spongebob season 10 - Cartoonfan202

Like the SpongeBob season 10 list

10 They can't respect opinions

Gee, if gotten quite a number of mean comments all because of my opinions. These guys are jerk. Look at my opinion on LZ, I don't like them at all and my comments get disliked. - AlphaQ

Tails Fans - ToadF1

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11 They talk trash about celebrities

Overrated actorsactresses is filled to top with this crap.

12 They make smart ass comments

I have been getting some smartass comments from some visitors who probally don't even know what the list is about - christangrant

13 They Spam Annoying Hate Comments On The Lion King

The Lion King deserves hate comments, not praise. It is true that TLK is indeed the spawn of Satan.

There's this person on here, who treats The Lion King like a pariah, and thinks that anyone who likes The Lion King, is the spawn of Satan.

14 They send death threats to the user
15 They troll
16 They ruin your lists
17 Hate on Princess Peach for terrible reasons
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