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21 People Making Ways to Kill Lists

It's not about taking the joke, it's about the joke being played out.

The annoying people are the ones who can't take jokes like these.

22 When the Item You Add Doesn't Get Any Votes and is In Last Place
23 Not Having Your Item On the List When He/she/it Is Your Favorite

For example, P! Nk wasn't even on the list of favorite musical artists of all time when I first checked the list.

24 The Users Who Should Date Lists

Why would we date lists? Lists are not humans.

Don't take this comment seriously.

25 People Who Add Princess Peach in Every Negative List
26 Useless Comments
27 Your Profile Doesn't Update Immediately After You Change It.
28 People Who Add Rosalina in Every Negative List
29 People Who Vote More Than Once
30 People Who Call People Haters
31 Too Much Hated for Nicki Minaj
32 The Same Item Added on a List Multiple Times
33 When They Don't Add Your Comment or Thing On the List
34 You Can Only Vote for One Thing

I can't choose between Mint and Cookies and Cream and Chocolate, okay?!?! I love 'em all equally! Why can't I vote for both? I know there can only be one number one, and that's fine, but why not let people vote for more than one?!?!

35 Saying Things Like "How Can You Guys Vote for..."

It's one of those mildly infuriating things when people vote on something and start dissing out other things like " so-and-so is so terrible, how can you vote for so-and-so, blah blah blah".

36 Only Being Able to Make One Comment

Which mostly happens if you are logged off. Which is one of the reasons why I came back as a user. (I actually wanted to retire and occasionally come back as a visitor but NOPE) - Rue

Sometimes, you really want to comment on more than one thing, like if you wanted both to be higher up a list.

37 Lack of a "Reply" Feature

There actually is one, but only logged in members can use it. You have to make an account to reply to comments and to comment on blogs. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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38 Jackie Evancho In Every Positive and Negative List

Jackie Evancho haters who are incredibly bad at math, and think that being on 1 out of every 200 lists constitutes "every".

39 People Who Constantly Complain
40 Once Your List is Merged You Can't Request Them to Give It Back to You
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