Most Annoying Things About Winter


The Top Ten

1 Snow

I never get snow where I live... - Minecraftcrazy530

2 Coldness
3 The shoveling

Yeah it sucks to shovel - trains45

It hurts my arms!

4 The noise of plows

Agreed I used to live by a parking lot and every big snow fall around 1am or so you hear beep beep beep beep for half the night and them draging on the snow, drove me nuts when I was trying to sleep one year it was right when I went to bed for school night 20 minutes later beep beep beep beep beep drag

5 Windy
6 Need to buy more heat
7 Have to wear a lot of coats

I only have to wear one. Just move to the south.

8 Icy/Slippery

Especially black ice

9 Having to go to school longer
10 Hard to get around

The Contenders

11 Always feel kinda sick

BOO! I HATE Winter and I can't stand the cold weather.

I hate this so much - Randomator

I always catch a cold during the winter most of the time, and it’s not fun. My entire body hurts to the point that it feels like you’re going to die, I’m freezing my butt off and sweating at the same time, and sometimes I lose my voice as well.

12 Freezing rain
13 Short days
14 Chapped lips/hands
15 Can’t do anything

Winter is boring because it’s cold as hell and you are stuck at home doing nothing - Randomator

16 The Flu
17 Takes forever to end
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