Most Annoying Things About Women

Not trying to hate on women but there are a lot of annoying things that some and I do mean some not all women do that most guys hate, so please no hate comments about the list.

The Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Women

1 They Never Tell You What They Want

Everything on this list is a stupid stereotype. Saying that all women are obsessed with shopping or talk too much is just disrespectful to women everywhere. Every woman is unique and the same goes for every man. It's incredibly rude to judge people based on their sex. I myself am female and while some of the things on this list are true for me, just as many are not. And no, I'm not a "tomboy" who hates shopping and the color pink. Some women do hate shopping and the color pink. Some love it. It's not like all men love sports. This list is just another example of the toxicity of stereotyping. All women are unique and beautiful in their own ways and it's unfair to group us all into one category based on false stereotypes or personal experiences with a couple of women.

Zip it I am a female

This is the one thing I hate the most why can't woman ever just tell us men what they want like were suppose to be psychic or something just tell us what you want and we will do it don't play mind games with us. - egnomac

Women don't know what they want but expect us to give it too them right away - Danielsun182

2 They Take Too Long to Get Ready

I just put on close and tie my hair into a pony tail in like 3 minutes cause I'm a tomboy unlike those girly asses who hog the bathroom just to apply lipstick!

It doesn't take long for men to get ready but for woman it can take hours. - egnomac

What the..?! This list is the most sexist I've seen on here. I'm female. It takes me <10 minutes, maybe even 5, to get ready! Screw whoever made this.

3 They Get Upset Very Easily

I’m a girl but I agree we are annoying. I wish it took more to get me upset.

I am autistic and a girl. Apparently, I "loose my temper easily" and "throw tantrums". (My family's words not mine. I'd never say such cruel things about myself. ) - RockFashionista

Pms or no pms girls are crazy

4 They Complain Too Much
5 They Talk Too Much

It feels like a lot of the girls at my school just love hearing themselves talk. - 3DG20

I agree some girls, like my sister, NEVER shut up! - Ajkloth

I don’t. I’m actually very quiet.

Just like my b**** a** sister, she NEVER shuts up

6 They Cry a Lot

I don't cry that much cause I'm a tomboy but girly girls cry for small things like breaking a nail or getting a small ass stain on their dress.

What can I say. We're emotional creatures. Is this really how you see women? - Britgirl

I don't really cry from sadness anymore. I only cry when I'm angry or in pain. - RockFashionista

7 They Assume That All Men Want From Them Is Sex

But... they are kinda right

It's true on both sides. Men are jerks same with women.

But most men do only want sex?

Not all men but most men. - yunafreya648

8 They Can Be Total Man Haters

Well why the hell do you think?!

Sexist bastard

I don't ever see men cutting women's breasts off. I've seen castration plenty of times. And it's horrifying. - SwagFlicks

9 They're Vindictive

You know the old saying " Hell have no fury like a woman scorned" some woman can stay mad for years and will never let you forget about it. - egnomac

10 They're Too Uptight

The Contenders

11 They Shop Too Much


12 Love Guys for Their Money

Example Anna Nicole Smith - egnomac

They are the reason behind of Sugar Daddies existence. At least they try to keep something alive unlike their regular husbands :D

I disagree. I'd rather be with an attractive poor guy than an ugly rich guy.

That's so true why do you think so many young woman marry old rich guys. - ZZDOORAL

13 They Never Love You as Much

It can go both ways. - 3DG20

Not in all cases and I'm sorry if youve experienced this

14 A Lot of Them Are Feminists

Not even a real feminist, most of them use feminism to put man down so they could feel better about themselves

Apparently sexism is only ever a problem if they’re victims. Hypocrites! - 3DG20

Were just sticking up for our rights

15 They Try to Drag Us to Chick Flicks

I don't even like chick flicks

You're the ones who decide to come how is that our fault

16 They Try to Make Us Do Things We Don't Want to Do

You don't have to do them your responsible for your own actions

17 PMS

Welcome to puberty. - yunafreya648

Whatever man

True lol - SkullKid

18 They're Stupid

Everyone can be stupid - yunafreya648

Ok if so how come the first nurse was a female I rest my case

19 They treat men like pigs

Well you're the one that's been writing all this crap about us don't be a hypocrite man

20 Do volunteer work and not because they care
21 They are bossy
22 They Think That They Love Guys That They Barely Know
23 They Don't Suck Up to What We Want

If you are going to state an opinion
at least try to make sense

24 They Think Childbirth Is More Painful Than Getting Kicked In the Balls

Okay, some women can DIE from childbirth. They can have a C-Section, which could kill them, or they could go the hard way and die. It's risk for reward for risk. - SwagFlicks

Both sounds painful. - yunafreya648



25 Stare and stare at guys or other girls for no reason
26 They are Obsessed with Stupid Stuff

I'm a girl and I don't wear makeup.I hate girls who are obsessed with makeup,celebs,slumber parties and crushes because I'm not that type of person.

27 They are Smug
28 They're Obsessed With Diets

I don’t see how that’s a bad thing. Being overweight or obese is unhealthy. I don’t want to get diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol levels.

29 They Never Stop Nagging
30 They Gossip
31 They are Passive Aggressive
32 They lie so they don't have to hang out with you
33 They cheat on you
34 They block you for nothing
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