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61 They get failing grades on their report card and get away with it

Exactly! I'm always getting good marks, 19/20 or 20/20, but if once I dropped to 17/20, my mom gets angry at me for 'not studying'. My little sister on the other hand, is a spoiled brat with horrible marks. And if SHE gets a mark as high as 17/20, she gets rewarded.

"I always take honors classes and do pretty ok in them. On the other hand my brother takes very easy classes and doesn't really apply himself. One bad grade and I get yelled at. His own report card is made up of all these bad grades and no one says a thing. Sometimes I just wanna pick him up and throw him against a wall"

No matter how bad the grades are on Daisy's report card, she gets rewards! - IcetailofWishClan

My brother usually sucks at school - MLPFan

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62 They are happy when you are in trouble

That's the opposite my brother hates it when I'm in trouble

This is very true lol

63 When they invite their friends over

YES! I am the older sister and every year my little brother and about 5 of his friends (both boys and girls) go on a holiday (mainly because the parents are all friends). I never got this opportunity when I was his age, however, I am happy for him that he gets to experience going away with his mates. This year, my brother's best friend gets to sleep in the same cabin as us (in the same bedroom with me! ). It was such a nightmare last year with my brother being super cocky, but now it's gonna be even worse! FUN (wish me luck)

My brother invited his friends and they were being annoying. SO ANNOYING! So, They were already playing games and I just head back from school. And I took a plate of the meal and a glass of orange juice my maid prepared. And they were making fun of me, saying that I'm dating some guy at my class. And now, I'm in the master bedroom of my house, locking myself there. Hoping that they won't come in and make fun of me! - MLPFan

My brother is 10, and he invites over all his friends (34) and they are very noisy. I get in trouble when I can't finish my homework. I am 13, and I am not allowed to even have friends at all.

My sister always bring her nerdy friend at my house. She's so nooy and annoying. She talks like a annoying squeaky mouse and I want to kill her.

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64 They say everyone is your girlfriend

Every time a girl gets within 50 feet of me, my brother tells everyone that she is my girlfriend. My mom even accused me of being pregnant because of this. And how can I be pregnant if I am a boy?

Whenever my sister sees a girl about my age she says "Is she your girlfriend? " with a big grin on her face.

My brother is always like this about my crush "Is he your boyfriend I bet he Is and I'm telling everyone! " - MLPFan

Thank god my brother doesn't know about boyfriend and girlfriend is.

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65 If I'm just minding my own business, they'll come in and bug me

ALL. THE. TIME. - NikBrusk

Aaall the time!

66 They ask too many questions

Don't you know anything!

My little sister always wants to know what I do for the whole day.

She even asks me if I am behaving.

I am behaving.

Seriously? Why does she needs to ask me this? IS IT TO INTERVIEW ME?

I feel like I am in an interview every time she asks me about what am I doing. - Iamnotlazy

67 All they have to do is cry and they get whatever they want

I recently got a sketchbook with my own money and Issac got a new book with HIS own when suddenly Daisy threw a HUGE temper tantrum about why she never gets ANYTHING when she gets EVERYTHING her way. So we HAD to give her our stuff and let HER keep them. This afternoon, I got a huge sketchbook with my own money again, but I am keeping THIS one locked up. - IcetailofWishClan

YES! One time, I didn't get Halloween candy, so we went to shop for some for ME, and then my brother, who HAD gotten candy, cried that he didn't get any thing. So surprise, surprise. He got MORE candy.

My brother used to cry when me and my friend get the swigs. He would tell on me and. I lose the swing. Gosh he's 8 not 2. He always cries

Yep, that is my little brother

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68 They're spoiled brats

My sister has a giant mountain of toys that she never uses. When I want my dad to buy me something like a game or a card that I will actually use, he says that I don't need it and that its money waste and when it's my sister who ask for a new toy, my dad buys her what she wanted and then she just throws it away in the others.

My and my little sister have a fixed weekly allowance, which I use during the week, with some money remaining. My little sister, on the other hand, uses it all up in one day, and my mom's excuse for giving her more, is "She can't go to school without money."

Stepbrother got a iPhone4s for Christmas at the age of 12...he told my stepmom a year later " I need a new phone, this one has a lot of issues ( kid you not he even handed it to be stepmom with a digusted look on his face) Plus sister got a new one, why can't I" I paid for my own thank you! Even pay the phone bill!

I only have a Samsung Galaxy. Meanwhile, Daisy has EVERYTHING. - IcetailofWishClan

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69 They do something bad and blame you

All this stuff is my little sister!

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70 Copy everything you do, to get a reaction

AGAIN, that is my three year old sister. She copies me down EXACTLY. She will do EVERYTHING I do, and say EVERYTHING that I say. Well, news flash, you don't want to be like me. You don't want to be me, it is a stressful life with highschool. There's grades and there is drama.

I'm 13 and my lil bro is 10. I started running in the mornings with my dad and he said afterwards that he was proud of me for excersising. It made me feel very good about myself for doing something different. Well I caught my lil bro listening in, and guess what? What a coincidence, he starts running too! It was just supposed to be father-son time, but no. He always butts in.

OH MY GOD. Even homeowkr! "Look Big Sister, I can do your hoemwork"!

My brother does that. 😡

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71 They force you to play their dumb games with them

I had homework to do. When I refuse, I am grounded for being rude to my brother. When I accept, I am yelled at for not finishing my homework.

When I had homework I refused to play with my brother on the PS4 but my brother get mad and say I changed which I'm cool with when my brother say it but he told my mom I changed and now my mom says I changed all for DOING homework

Yep, that's my brother

One time, I was supposed to go to sleep for school, then my sister came from nowhere and asked me at that moment to play tag. I said ''What the heck are you talking about? Its time to sleep'' My mom then came and yelled why I was not in bed. Then I got punnished, and my sister did not.

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72 They copy what video games you have; they get the same exact video games that you have.

If I would get Grand Theft Auto or a game that is not for him, then What would happen? - MinecraftHater

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73 They lick you

My 11 year old brother will come up to me and lick me. The heck man!

74 They steal your food every time your back is turned
75 They sing and dance in the weirdest way in public

My 5yo sister will shake her butt and go around dancing, she will get on the ground and shake everything. It's really awkward...

My hyper energetic 6 year old sister is always jumping around and never knows how to stay still

When I was at the saint nicolas party, kids under 7 years were running in circles. THAT IS NOT EVEN A DANCE AND ON THE PARTY, THEY WERE damn EVERYWHERE AT EVERY TABLE! Also I had my friend there wich is the only thing that's good. No joke. - MinecraftHater

My sisters friends does the singing parts

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76 They follow you about when your friend comes round

I have about 5-6 friends come over once a year and it's really fun, until lil bro butts in. He's 10 and my friends and I are about all 14. We play Xbox One and lil bro decides to join too. He complains "why not? " Or "what's wrong, afraid I'll beat you in front of your friends? ". Really annoying and a huge invasion of my privacy.

Yes! I can relate to this so well! My sister always goes with me to everywhere I go! She always pull the strings on my parents to make it happen! She'll say "Can I go? " With sweet-little voice, and they always say "She is your sister." Even my friends agree with me she's a total brat!

YES. When I have my one friend from school come over we go upstairs and usually play Xbox. My sister always has to join in. Anytime I tell her to leave us alone I get told off by one Guardian (Mom/Dad) to include her. So annoying

Whenever I have friends over, they follow me around and get their attention and I barely spent anytime with my friends. And whenever I tell my sister to go away, she'll cry and tell my mom. MY SISTER IS THE BIGGEST BITCH EVER

77 They're cocky

My brother will beat a game with my help and say he did then plays a harder game and blames me for making him horrible at it.

My brother always does some easy thing on his game and gets cocky and makes fun of me so I kick him and he says "telling mom" then runs of fake crying! gees!

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78 They ruin your life for fun

.Well my brother always annoys me just for fun and because we just don't get along.
.He hates me.
.thinks he's the best by telling his friends that I suck and they should never ever meet me.

My sister is always watching a stupid show named "Tayo-Tayo" while playing "League of Legends". You know that YouTube gives more pings on your game, it cause me to lose a lot of games so I stop playing rank game and prefer to be provinsional.

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80 They mature and grow up very slowly

My brother is 10, and still laughs about his penis. Also, on his states and capitals test, he was asked what state's capital was Richmond. He WROTE vagina instead of Virginia

Why does your brother sound like an average middle school boy? Seriously - MLPFan

My lil bro is 10 and I'm 13. Whenever anyone says "yes, but" he starts laughing outloud because they said but. He's 10! Grow up!


I play basketball and I had to go buy some basketball gear at Dicks so my brother came with me and our parents but he now laugh every time and say "So you want some more gear at Dicks" and I ask him why he laughing he say because u wear Dicks. I swear I wanna punch but I can't my mom said I couldn't hurt him

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