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81 They bully other people and blame it on you V 2 Comments
82 They do something bad then twist the truth

My little sister annoys the heck out of me and then when I yell my mom starts yelling at me!

My bro does stuff all the time, but never gets punished! by the way he never respects me even if I make him a grilled cheese sandwich

83 They whine about how hard it is being the youngest
84 They act like 2 year olds

My little brother still watches baby shows, whines and throws fits like a five year old and he's 8

My little brother Riley is such a brat. He throws fits and makes fun of handicap people when he is told to do something he does not want to do. Last month when I was at the store buying some new Boots, a Jacket and a Scarf for winter he opened a copy of the Lego Nexo Knights set known as Axl's Tower Carrier in the store and SUPRISE SUPRISE! I had to pay for it and it costed $140. And when dinner was being made he used my brand new jacket as a paintbrush!

Yeah. they stick to the traditional gender rolls, as well. it's really annoying, and really worrieng. my younger sister's kinda stupid and dopey and she plays with her dolls and wearing pink all the time and putting make up on and going to BALLET classes. I wouldn't of minded if it was break dance or anything, but, ballet? plus, the girls up there are little diva stirrirs.

85 They want everything you own
86 They like rainbows and ponies

My sister in a nutshell.

I wish my sister would stop watching MLP all the time. She knows I hate that show and she watches it anyway.

87 They treat their older siblings like crap

My brother is responsibble for all the abuse I went through at home. And he never respects me at all. I choked on hot fried rice once and It's all because of him framing me, I was nearly hit because of him, I was humiliated at public because of him, I had rumors spread about me because of him and etc. He's a terrible brat who made their older sibling undergo emotional and mental abuse. Enough said. - MLPFan

My brother has anger issues, but when he's not angry, he's almost perfect, I swear. He's intelligent, creative, caring, honest and more.

However, my sister is annoying and the only good thing I can think about her is that she's creative and can SOMETIMES be reasonable. - LemonComputer

This is true because my little sister always made me cry when I was younger.

She is so bossy, a hypocriete person and a pain in the a**. - Iamnotlazy

88 They bother you

I was texting this cute guy from school I had a crush on and then I hear a snicker coming from behind the couch. I turned around and my younger brother was standing right there LOOKING OVER MY SHOULDER THE WHOLE TIME I WAS TEXTING! I hate when he does stuff like that why can't they just mind their own business

Isn't that the point of having the list, you know, in order to describe just that?

*TRUE* because my 7 year old brother BOTHERS ME ALL THE TIME

My twin brother by the way I'm 13 keeps on coming in my room when I'm doing stuff looks over my shoulder and breathes on my neck! he's DOING IT RIGHT NOW!

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89 They can be disgusting

At the age of 13, my brother bites his nail and toe nails, picks his boogers and eats them, (he did that during a church Christmas play) and always picks dead skin off his feet. He says he quit that a month ago every time we say something about it and will deny it when we always see him do it.

I have a 9 years old little sister who might be the most disgusting thing on Earth. every time were eating, she bites in a weird way, eats with her mouth open along with all the wet food sticking out of her mouth. When she's done, she releases a loud burp like it's nothing and my parents don't care. When using a tablet she randomly licks her fingers and when I catch her doing it she screams that she never did it

My stepbrother to spend the weekend with his father, he was gone 4 days. He came back in the same clothes he left in and smelled of road kill...I refused to hug him and got a lecture on how that hurt his feelings and how I should consider his feelings more.

I have a little sister and damn she is disgusting. Whenever she eats, she tells me to look at her and all I see is saliva comming out of her mouth, its damn disgusting. Also my sister does some gross things on my computer. Whenever she plays on it, she yawns in the screen, she rubs her nose or lips and then she touches my stuff.

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90 Sometimes, they sing the same part of a song over and over again, and they won't stop!

He keeps singing "once" repetitively. I hate 7 years, and I don't want to hear the first word repeated infinitely.

He keeps repeating "once I was 7 years old" over and over again.

I am sick of that song my little sister sings it all the time

If your sister sings Let it go over and over, flush her down the toilet

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91 They won't leave you alone

They say just because they like a food that I don't they say that everybody in the world likes that food when that's not true

My brother always ruin my privatcy

92 They spread rumours to their friends behind your back and try to get their friends to beat you up.

Actually my little brother was being annoying at a school event, so he decided to frikin beat me up. I'm a small guy, and at the time I was around 50 lbs. He was around 70. My friends had to PRY HIM OFF MY BACK.

My brother had his friend over and started talking about me, saying really mean and nasty things and most of them werent even true. I don't do that to him

My younger brothers almost got a couple of sevies to beat me up cause I called him stupid.

93 They make you feel worthless

I feel like my mom buys me stuff. to shut me up. She buys my sister stuff. Because she loves her. She'll play the love you card but I don't feel it

94 They want you to play a game with them and if you don't they cry like a baby

My younger sister likes to watch me play Slendeman (don't ask), and when I am playing something else like Team Fortress 2, she will ask me if she can watch me play slenderman. When I say no, she cries like a baby. My parents almost grounded me once because of this. I was forced to play a game I did not want to, all because of my crybaby sister.

Sometimes my dumb brother cries when I say "no" or "go away" and make me wish it as legal to kill him

95 They watch your favourite shows without you.

I was watching YouTube in the other room, and the new Gravity Falls finale comes in in the room next to me. I couldn't hear the theme song cause the doors were shut. After the show ends, he comes in (unannounced) and says the finale just finished. I shove him aside and rewind the entire thing and he gets all defensive. I quote " it wasn't MY fault! " He says that and runs off for mom. what

I know how it feels. My shows are going, and my bros never let me watch them. They never call me up to watch them or let me record them for later. Who do they think they are. I older by 2 and 5 years!

One time there was gonna be a Halloween special on T.V. and my sister purposely didn't call me up when she knew I wanted to see it

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96 They need everything they see

EVERY KID under 8 years in out town want everything they see. No joke. They see a car, they want it. They see a house, they want it. They see a fidget spinner, they want it and scream like hell - MinecraftHater

Whenever my mom gets me something nice, like a perfume or necklace, she tells me to hide it because my little ten year old sister would get jealous and whine.

I always have to tuck something under my shirt when I walk past them.

97 They keep you up all night

Yeah this list is right all 100 of these things she has did to me at least once she does keep me up all night she wakes me up at midnight saying she is thirsty go with me to get a drink I say no she will cry and scream until I go with her

I can't sleep with my brother he snores to hard he's only 7

Whenever aiI try to get my sisters to go to bed the just go HEY! in this annoying voice - Enderninja327

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98 They are afraid of common things
99 They disrespect your opinions

I was listening to a song I like while studying, and my brother asked me to play a song he liked. I tried to reason with him, saying I don't really like that song, and he gets all whiny and cries about It. He even yells "I HATE ANIME" after wards. Guess what, not everyone is supposed to like what you like. And I don't care If he hates anime. But hate it with a smarter and a more rational reason than because someone doesn't have the same opinion as you. And my brother just found me writing this and yes, he doesn't look happy. I kind of wish he would be maturer a person...It's just that whenever I see someone being childish, It irritates me so much - MLPFan

100 They fake laugh at your jokes

Drax can do better

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