Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Younger Siblings

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101 They fake laugh at your jokes

Drax can do better

102 They steal stuff and ignore you if you ask them to give it back
103 They don't respect opinions
104 They pretend they are in a game

My bro. He makes up his own bosses. It gets pretty old and annoying

105 They like teen titans go

My little brothers both hate TTG, thanks to my intervention.

106 They always like something you hate and hate something you like

My little brothers hate undertale or actually hard games so when I play it they say stuff like. oh that game looks so easy I bet I can bet sans first try or that games so gay. so when I commint something about there terrible music like hit the quan they get all offended and start punching me.

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107 They always blame you

EXACTLY! Like tf did I do?

108 They don't realize that you are busy

My brother bothers me when I do homework - Bubblegumrage456

I hate this, especially with exams

When I do my homework she comes out of nowhere and constently asks me to play on the slide in our backyard

They do realize you're busy. - madoog

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109 They can embarrass you

I was sick one day and couldn't go to school, and my sister went and told this kid in my class I thought he was annoying. She knew that wasn't true and that she was being a turd, but she did it anyway, and later I got an email from the kid saying "Hi. Sorry to here you have the flu. Do you think I'm annoying? Your sister said so."

Just be glad it wasn't your bff or getting to know a new friend

If I had your little sibling I would die

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110 They steal your snack

One time,at a public swimming pool,After a swim,Me and my brother bought some fries.In my country,most French fries booths added some seasonings.My brother ordered one with cheese seasoning and I ordered a Spicy mixed with BBQ one.After ordering my mom said that I have to take a shower first.So I showered.And after that,i saw the orders already at the patio where me and my parents are at.I was about to have one,and my brother snatched some of mine.Didbi snatch his? No! - MLPFan

My brother actually eats my food if I don't want it. After he has double the amount I already had.

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111 They get tired of you making fun of them

Oh no! This has to be written backwards because it's my brother that annoys me, makes fun of me and tries to get my attention the wrong way. When I bug HIM, my parents come up because my brother cries and tell me to stop even though I tell them he bugs me "because I'm supposed to be 'the older, more responsible one'" and he gets away with it while I don't.

I am pretty sure it is the other way around.

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112 They're smart alecs

My brother always says that to me! But in reality he's the smart ass.

My sister is a smart Alec she tricked me so many times into giving her my

113 They just call you names

I am the fourth biggest and strongest kid in the school, and my younger brother, who goes to the same school as me, calls me a little wimp.

Yes that is absolutely true. My sister (who is younger than me) calls me a moose, fatty, dumb, stupid, etc. She calls me a name then tells my mom I called her a name. I get in trouble. WHY?!?!?!

I'm short and skinny, and my younger sister is as tall as I am and weighs more. So I'm basically defenseless when it comes to her violence. I like peace and quiet, and watching Steven Universe on my iPad. Whenever she catches me watching it, she says I'm a baby for watching children's cartoons. When I counter her by saying she watches Sophia the First, she says, "Are you calling me a baby? " And punches me. My body is literally bruised up because of her. Every time I wear a sleeveless shirt, my friends ask me what happened to my arms.

And she doesn't even have an excuse for being immature. She's not five. She's nine and I'm twelve.

114 They are stupid

They're bastards, they won't stop making you annoyed unless you hurt them. If you hurt them they'll cry and your parents would just blame and give you a painful lesson!

Yeah, my bro is 11 and can't name where Tennessee is.

I think my brother is retarded.

Parents are stupid!

115 They whine the heck out of you
116 They eat grossly

While at a friends birthday party my stepbrother, in public, ate a steak with his hands and brushed the grease all over his shirt. My stepmom saw and just turned a blind eye and kept on talking with the birthday friend, who mentioned it OUT LOUD to my brother that "we have forks use'em, boy". My dad agreed and my stepmom was pissed the rest of the night because she was embarrassed...dude your kid was eating a steak with his hands! A 14 year old boy!

My sis chews Loudly with her mouth closed and disgustingly with her mouth open. I'll tell her to stop and my parents say leave her alone when we're all gagging with disgust

My little cousins eat like that

Whenever whe eat, it's my little sister that does it the mos disgusting.
She eats her food with her hands, making them all stained and then she rubs the sauce on her chair to clean it when there is a paper right in front of her. She also holds her food very weirdly and whenever she takes a bite, there is always a bit of her saliva showing up, making me hurl. - HakPlayer7

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117 Eat the last of things

They eat the last of everything because they know that you want it,then say sorry...Like shut up you are not sorry.

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118 They fake sick all the time and get to stay home
119 They always whine
120 They like bad TV shows
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