Somehow I feel like my parents love them more


My mom is definitely favouring my little brother. When ever I want a toy, she will just say "No, I bought you so many toys and you don't even play with them! " She only bought one stuffed animal that costs $5 and I still play with it and that's all she has ever bought me. And when My brother asks for things, they will always give him what he wants. I got an iPad 1 when I was 7 years old. And my brother got one when he was TWO YEARS OLD! He always acts like he a good child and makes me look like the bad one everyday. He takes my stuff all the time without my permission. And when ever I go to my mom and tell her that he is being mean to me, she will always say, "I don't care, solve your own problem. Now go away! You always ask me! " And that makes me cry. And when my brother tells on me, my mom says to me," WHY ARE YOU BEING SUCH A BAD SISTER?! don't YOU LIKE YOUR BROTHER? " And then I have to say yes because if I say no, she will most likely break the house down.

When I asked for an expensive gift for my birthday, I didn't get it until Christmas, and then when I got it, my sister decided she wanted one, so she asked for it and got it the next day. And when she throws a tantrum, she gets several counts to three, and when I so much as raise my voice at my parents, I just get slapped or grounded. For Christmas last year, she got an iPod. She was 10. What kind of a 10 year old needs an iPod. I'm 12! We got iPods the same year, and when I asked for an iPod when I was 10, my parents made me wait until I was at least 12. And when I used to have posters up, she would rip them down, and throw them on the floor. I'd get mad at her and tell mom, then mom would say "I'll get you new ones." No, it'll just waste your money, because your destructive daughter that you somehow love more than me will just rip them down over and over again.

Just this morning me and my 7 year old sister (I'm 10 by the way.) we're picking up a deck of cards we were playing with. After we're done I am in my room just minding my own business and then she comes in blaming me for I don't know what and then she throws the deck of cards everywhere. Who is forced to clean them up? Me. She is such a spoiled annoying princess.

For almost all problems, in fact even the ones my brother started, I always get yelled at the most. My brother would get yelled at, but only for a few times, after that he can go scot off free and I have to face the punishments and get 75% of the scolding and yelling, regardless that I started It or not - MLPFan

YES my brother hits my grandma AT CHURCH and calls her stupid and a witch and all my parents do is make him say he won't do it again. I don't wanna go outside cause I'm reading a book and I get all my electronics taken away

If I get bad scored test at school, I will be grounded to not touch my handphone for a week, but my brother only just a day! I ask my mom and she said "Your brother is still small" but he is already 11 years old and my mom said he is a cute little baby

Lol. This one isn't at all true for me. I have a 9 yr old brother, but my parents actually see that I'm less obnoxious, demanding, or immature. I'm smarter than him, and don't CONSTANTLY go on temper tantrums. The only instance that I felt less loved than my little brother was when my mom ordered pictures online and he had way more than I did.

That is why I keep on mentally asking my parents why could've kept me as an only child

Parents tend to like their younger children better than their older children because they're newer. - madoog

This is just because they're younger and parents are more protective of younger siblings.

Yes so true my little brother is always saying that my mom likes him out of all three of us.

It is very obvious that my mother favors my siblings over me

I agree with the guy that said his dad favored his little sister. Same with me!

I don't have a younger sibling, but my bff has one. That day in the hotel room, I asked my dad for his IPAD password and he said "NO" we then sent her sister out on that mission, and GUESS WHAT?!?!?! she came back with an UNLOCKED ipad

My mom loves him more, my dad loves me more. It's that simple.

Every time my brother goes shopping and so I want some time with her but my little brother once they walk my little brother looks back at me and middle fingers me. I like YOU'RE SO DONE BRO. YOU'RE TOAST. DIEEE

I feel like this 70 percent of the time

Ikr? Like it can be really irritating when your younger siblings would get things that you have earlier than when you actually get it... even though they're younger than us do sent mean their punishment should be lighter than what our punishment is...

I feel that way cause my 8 yr brat yells at our mom in her house he hits,pushes our 4yr 1yr all the time and breaks stuff and he gets all this stuff so I thought since he can get stuff any time he wants and acting up then I can I ask for stuff mom say no and in my mind I am like are you blind am I the only one the see's what he doe and you still buy him stuff $100 dollar stuff even my grandpa

Same my little brother get himself in trouble for example hitting himself with a book and tell me that I hit him hard with a book. I didn't even do it I was on the computer and I get grounded. what did I **** do anyway

My broter always tells my prentd that they love me more but that isn't true.They always turn their attenion to him and I am invisible.