They annoy you on purpose


Yes my younger brother always stomps on the floor very hard every minute! It gets ANNOYING! I mean you can even hear the stomps from upstairs! I tell him to stop, but he keeps stomping on purpose so that I can get mad. I tell my parents that he is annoying me but they tell me that I'm crazy, that he is just a little boy. Like it gets on my nerves if I start talking he starts stomping. That's how annoying he is!

He always tries to annoy me on purpose. It's like he wants me to hurt him. I am minding my own business when comes and screams you are stupid, you are ugly, no one like you... He would try to fight with me all the time and I try to be nice sometimes but he call me names, and when I try to talk to him he tells me to shut up. Also the funny part is that he is nine. He would wine to me non stop when he does not get what he wants and then when he does, he laughs. When I fight with him I get in trouble not him because I'm order than him, I should not be fighting with, him or be responsible, well he starts it. HE WONT LEAVE ME ALONE.

I love my little brother to death, but he is really annoying, once he went in my room and dropped on my back ( it hurt for a few seconds) So it went like this.

Me: Ouch! Why the heck did you feel the need to do that?

Brother: Well why did you punch me!

Me: What?! I never punched you! You're lying!

Brother: No, YOU'RE LYING!

Me: Then get out of my room if you're gonna bring this up!

Brother: No, you get out my room!

Me: Ok first of all this is not your room, second of all, you don't order me out of my room, so I can do whatever I want there! Out!

So we went on and on until I ignored my younger brother until he got out. But the fights still happen from time to time.

If a parent is in his older child's room, and the son and parent are talking, a younger sibling comes in his room to try to piss him off. The younger sibling knows his older brother can't say anything about it because their parent is there, so the older brother patiently waits for them to leave. Just because a parent is in their child's room and is talking to him, doesn't mean you can come in. Nosy sibling. Younger siblings be nosy and like to go in their older sibling's room when their older sibling and parent are in there talking. - madoog

YES! I have 2 younger siblings and they always knock on my door and then I tell them to LEAVE ME ALONE! They never do so I open the door and they scream and run away! 2 or 3 minutes later they come with a broom and pretend to hit me with it and then end up hitting me in the head! They don't understand privacy! Then when they ask to borrow something and I say no because they never ever return it and because they were literally just so rude to me before, they go and tell my parents and say "she's not sharing! " Or "she won't play with me" or "she's kicking me out of her room" like GET OFF MY BACK ALREADY! you're SO ANNOYING AND I can't SAY THAT OR YOU WILL START CRYING AND I WILL GET BLAMED FOR EVERYTHING!

I tell them not to annoy me and don't they try hard not to keep that smile off their face! I can see your smile! Sometimes they annoy me so much I blow my top and just yell and scream and it scares them to hell! Try to keep my anger under control all the time. It no... You have to make me blow my top! And I can't believe you like to get scared like that! And yes I'm taking about the one that peed their pants! I know... I'm a monster... But I can be nice if you stop annoying me which will never hap

I'm always trying to work and I can never get ANYTHING done because right when I'm about to sit down and start typing the essay due next week, he breaks out into a solo and won't shut up. At all. When he gets bored of doing that, he proceeds to crunch bottles, scrape foam, bounce things around the house, yell across the room...anything to get a reaction out of me. When I finally blow my top, I get in trouble for it and he gets off the hook. I don't know what to do, but this HAS to stop.

I hurt my foot and I was on crutches and my sister knew I was hurt and she still said I was faking. I've found her iPod by my door or in my room recording me. I tell my dad and he says "It's fine. It's not like she is doing anything bad." Like what?! I always answer. "She's invading my privacy and it's creepy. She's stalking me." They still do nothing. No matter what she still believes I'm faking when I'm not for every injury I have

That's so true. My sister keeps on saying I love you and trying to hug me which she does on purpose to annoy me and make my parents think I don't love her. I shove her out of the way and she starts whining and my parents get mad at me. She also annoys me when I'm in my room and just starts saying random nonsense and always sings the worst she can thinking its good on purpose, it's so annoying,

Without a doubt! My biggest regret is my parents deciding to have a second child. As much as I love my brother, I miss being the only child. Enough said.

My brother is 14 but has the maturity level of a 6 year old. He constantly hits, kicks, and occasionally spits at me. He also loves to scream and make annoying noises on purpose. It's beyond me that my parents haven't had him tested for mental disabilities.

My name is Gavin and my little sister used to always call me "Gabby" when she was younger. She started when she was about 3 and did it until she was 5. When the was about 4 and a half she said "Gabby" with a big grin on her face." My parents said it was cute no matter how much I hated it.

My brother keeps making these "OOO" sounds and randomly screams "burrito" in this the same voice. He also keeps saying "oh my god" in this stupid Russian accent which is claims is from team fortress 2's heavy. And as a bonus, he hits me or his cupboard with a pair of socks sometimes. He is doing all of these together just as I am typing this.

Only today my sister was annoying me as usual. She kept throwing stuff at me for no reason other than she was bored and was saying horrible stuff to me. And when I told mum, she kept saying 'No I didn't do that'. Lucky my mum knows about the sly fox my sister is. - LemonComputer

I have an 8 year old brother who likes to annoy me for no good reason. It's like, hmm, I'm bored. I think I'll take my sisters books and draw stick people ninjas in them. And my parents say that he doesn't know any better even though he's 8 like I said before

My little sister she always tries to mumble stuff to try to make it like she talking about me and she always tries to act like she is older then me like I am 4 years older then her but she always tries to act like the older one

My little sister has the worst singing voice in the entire world, and she knows that it bothers me. She always sings when I'm around, just to bug me. My mom thinks she just enjoys singing, so she never gets in trouble for it.

YES this is the worst for me. It's like they can't live without doing that. I swear it makes their day to know they've ruined yours by annoying you

Little kids like to annoy you because they are immature and they learn things from older siblings but it 75 percent on the older sibling and 25 percent on the younger sibling but, here is the thing it is super annoying!

My little brother is such a turd. I want to drop him off to the zoo and keep him their. My mom thinks it's all my fault. He purposely says mean hateful things about me and my mom says it's because of my bad attitude. By the way his name is Elijah if you ever see a short little basterd that has brown curly hair and light orange ass looking skin make sure to kick his ass

My brother is the biggest brat in the whole world he is 2 years younger than me and is also the youngest person in my family I stay home with him all the time and did I mention he is also the only boy in my family at night I sleep with my dog Dharma and she hates him so in the middle of the night he comes in My room and botherst me when I try to get some sleep.

This is so true whenever I tell my older sister like a crush or something my brother would listen and in the morning but he would tell that person that I like him and say that he's my boyfriend.

11 year-olds are the most annoying in my opinion. They're at the stage where they think they're old enough to make their own decisions, and challenging people's patience. She acts all sweet and nice in front of out parents, and then she just starts breathing over my shoulder. Like, dang girl, hop off, find your own entertainment.

I just got a Lil brother and he is very very annoying, he sings Pokemon, he says jirachi in a high voice, makes baby sounds, he tells everyone something they already know, and that's about it

I hate how a younger sibling always go in their older sibling's room just because their parent is in there talking to them. - madoog