They tell your parents lies about you


Insert all meanings for "yes" here. One time we were switching beds because we moved our room but at 8 pm he didn't want the top bunk even though he was clear on it earlier so he gets all pouty and says he wants to sleep on the bottom so my mom says I need to be on the top bunk so my little brother is a really heavy sleeper so I take his blankets and a pillow and try to sleep on the ground but it was uncomfy so I rolled him right off the bed on to the makeshift bed I made and he woke up and I guess he drifts off real easy so he dozes off on the makeshift bed and the next day he got up early and made sure he told MOM so I woke up with my robes and some POM juice and Mom tells me this crazy twist of what happened like his legs hurt and all that junk so I get in trouble like I always do when something happens with my little brother. Finished my POM juice now.

WHY DO YOUNGER SIBLINGS GET AWAY WITH EVERYTHING?! It's so unfair! Somehow my younger sister will say something in front of my mom that is rude, and then I'll ask her why she always says that? That's not rude, right? Then my mom will say, "Hannah, stop it. Don't say that." In my head, I'm secretly exploding. Also, my sister is somehow the saintly one.

Damn! This is so true! My younger brother always behaves in the most bad ways with me, sometimes even hits me with no reason! But, when it comes to mom, he becomes the most talented and the best liar or the world and tells the right story, but, makes me the villain. And the worst thing is that, my parents always believe him instead of me!

I think that's the same about older and younger. My older sister always used to say that I kicked her when I didn't, and my Dad would spank me until I told him the truth. I had to say that I DID kick her so I would get out of the punishment, and my sister would just be watching us with a nasty grin! I hated it! - Flowersocks2137

My brother went sledding with me and ran into a fence the other day and got a cut on it making a mark on his face. Of course I was with him so he came running home crying claiming that I hit him in the face making that mark. I was so furious! brothers are crazy!

My little brothers are always making up lies and telling my parents. For instance, when my little brother broke my dad's glasses and then blamed me for it. I don't get it! And I got yelled at and my electronics got taken away.

My sister the other day was trying to pull one over my parents and I could see right through her. It's a good thing my dad could too, checkmate

My brother is so annoying. He tells my parents and everyone that I have a crush on lots of guys and that I search up images of hot guys while I'm actually just sitting in my room listening to music.

On Christmas 2016, everyone saw my cousin taking blanket form another cousin's room. My sister told my parents that I did it when I really didn't do anything. Guess what happened next: I got in DEAD MEAT with my parents.

I absolutely HATE it when my little brother does this he always gets away with literally EVERYTHING! He breaks something "Oh she did it I wasn't even in the room! "

My brother told me I hurt him but I only tapped his back and as soon as I tapped his back he screamed and cried and yelled and screamed and he told my dad and I got in trouble for NOTHING.

Once my brother said I punched him when he kicked me and started running on tile with my phone (it doesn't have a screen protecter) and whereing socks so he nearly slipped. Then he pulled my hair. Another time he threw a large butter knife at me and my friends head but we're fine. My mom didn't believe me when I told her. Then he threw scissors at me. The only time she beloved something I say is if I do something mean back to my brother. He's just bothersome most of the time. Oh, did I meantion HE STEALS THINGS AND NEVER GIVES THEM BACK? I have to twist his pinkie to make him give it back. But he's still my northern and I love him. Even if he's really annoying

If my cousin is kicking me and throwing stuff at me he'll go inside and tell his parents I started it and I was throwing stuff at him. Ugh. So sick of him. I just want to get him out of my life

Also true! Watch my brother try to change the subject and try to blame things on me when I didn't even do them!

My brother is only 7 so I know since I'm older I should be a role model. He just bugs me. The knife thing was when he was extremely young, so he didn't know better

My sister constantly does this and my parents know about how much of a sly fox she is now. She always cries wolf and turns things around to make me and my brother look bad. - LemonComputer

Most younger siblings think they can get away stuff just because they're younger. They need to respect their older sibling; they were in this world before them. - madoog

I've had a sister for 3 years. The little bastard has been telling lies about me since the day her brain gained the functions to do so. - Mai_sentry

Not sibling but cousins. They do bad stuff like hit me with a random object and then they say that I hit them and then my relatives get mad at me.

Yep, every time he does something bad to me I tell hi I'm going to tell my mom then he runs up to her a say it was me doing all the horrible stuff.

I always get in trouble and my parents never trust me because of my little sister she ALWAYS says lies about me

I no how to play my cards... there are some things I no to stay out of because I no his argument is really convincing and ill just get in more trouble. But a few days later ill fabricate smthg that my parents no he would do and get my revenge. It's a cycle that I always get the upper hand in - slytherinforever

I have a brother in year seven and he hurts himself and then he blames it on me.

My little brother tell my mum that I don't love her when I do; the annoying thing is that my mum believes him more than me.

My little sister always do that I go to the same school has her and she tells my mom that I talk back to the teacher