They're cry babies


So true. My brother turns 11 next month and he still won't stop crying about the stupidest and he claims he has depression when literally the biggest problem in his life is that he has to go to school, even though he does terrible on purpose and pretends he's stupid (probably not pretending, lol) and he has a ton of friends. When he cries he stays in his room for like hours and pounds on stuff and screams. That's literally worse than when he was a baby because he would only cry when he was hungry. I miss when he was tiny and couldn't talk.

Exactly last night my sister said she wanted my craft supplies and I told her no. Then she flipped out and threw an hour long tantrum. And a week ago, I wanted to go to sleep early because I had had drama rehearsal that day and I was tired, so I turned off the light and she started screaming at me that the boogeyman was going to get her if the light was off. (We share a room and it's like hell) I really could care less if the boogeyman got her.

This is not always true since it really depends on the personality of the child. I am the youngest out of my family, but I'm probably the one who is the least comforted. I rarely cry in front of people, if I do it's mainly because it's a hard subject to talk about, or I injured myself. I do cry because everyone is human but if I do it's alone and not in public or in front of my family so not every younger siblings a cry baby. However one of my older sibling cries a lot.

My brother gets upset and cries about EVERY little thing you could possibly think of. Sometimes he is being annoying or selfish or just plain ridiculous to me and then I get mad and yell at him. Then HE cries and gets upset because I'm "making him feel guilty/bad." He pretends that he's the victim! - SammySpore

My 7 year old younger brother always pokes me and calls me names, I tell him to stop and of course he doesn't so then I shove him. Not hard enough to hurt him or anything but to tell him enough is enough, then he falls on the floor and starts fake crying and screaming that his wrist hurts or something and then my mom takes my phone for being a bully to my younger brother

Yes, My little sister no name ( I don't want to share it) cries after every thing I do. One time I was playing my team online and it was a heated game. My sister asks if she play and I said no not now. THIS TURNED HER OFF. She took my controller and chunked it across the room. It was so bad. Needless to say I lost. Will you help me?

Yasss! My brother (I love him don't get me wrong) is like 8 years old and he cries about ANYTHING! If your just like hey don't touch that, he'll start bawling! My mom will be like leave him alone...UMM WHAT? I was not yelling I very calmly said not to touch that...He cries if it's time for bed, if you call him weird, if you borrow his things, if you do anything! He acts so innocent...Little siblings are annoying! I should know I have two!

Oh my gosh this my section I love this website this will be in my favourites God bless u creator of this I can totally express my feelings. My sister will cry forever just because she can't answer a question. I will answer it or win a game And she'll cry even more. She will keep saying I can't do anything like her! She's so much better than me but those statements couldn't be even more true lol.

My mom or dad can get on to my brother and he'll just start crying. We can play with him and say something to him and he'll get mad and cry. At school, kids in his grade come up to me and say that my brother is a big cry baby, that he cries when a teacher or friend gets mad at him. He's 13 years old, only had k-4 grade friends, and is so immature.

Yes they are! My brother always plays this stupid video game and he wanted me to play it with him, and I said that I would in a few minutes, but he started bawling and then my other brother starts "being mean to him" and he starts crying even more!

Dude who said about his 3 year old cousin who likes dragon ball he shouldn't be watching that it has violence and some sexual perverted parts (Bulma lifting her dress with her panties off, it shows bulma's boobs, etc. )

Oh my god my brother is such a wimpy cry baby. He doesn't get the exact color he wanted for his Subway kids meal bag, and he throws a fit, but refuses to go ask for a different one

My little sister always gets upset and cries about almost every single word that comes out of my mouth, then I get in trouble, even if I didn't do anything wrong.

None of my siblings are crybabies, but my little cousin is so overdramatic. She literally screams her head off for stupid reasons. - Powerfulgirl10

My little brother starts crying for no reason at all. Mom and Dad ask him what's wrong. My little brother tells on me for something I didn't do and I end up in trouble!

My brother cries if he doesn't get what he wants. It is so annoying. He gets what he wants from that. When he hits me and I Evan tap hi me back he cries his eyes out!

Oh gosh yes I push my brother ON THE BED and he acts like someone threw a brick at him then he tells my dad that I threw my phone at him AND MY DAD BELIEVES HIM

My little brother cries at the drop of the hat and my parents do nothing to stop him. None of my other siblings ever did this and we had all agreed that he wil get bullied for it. I will say something and then he will run crying to my mom and she will cuddle him and telll to calm down and that its okay. He's turning 9 in 2 weeks and going into 3rd grade. He already gets bullied on the bus and when he comes home crying about it I really just want to say I told you so

Whenever I argue with Daisy, she cries all the time and when I am in trouble, she leaves the room with a HUGE smirk on her face! - IcetailofWishClan

Whenever I yell at her or point she cries to my big sister and makes painful physical contact with me

When you just punch them a little bit, they start crying like crazy and get ready for 1 month of nothing. - MinecraftHater

Just the other day I was watching we bare bears and my sister wanted to watch pepa pig and I said no, so she did the only thing she knows how to, she cries her butt off.When I yell at her I get in trouble. When I was three I did not do this kind of crap.

I have cried a couple times in arguments with my sister, but not intentionally to get her in trouble - Flowersocks2137

My little sister always cries for stupid stuff

Whenever anything happens that doesn't benefit him happens, he cries and blames me. SO ANNOYING