Top Ten Most Annoying Things About YouTube Ads

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1 When you can't skip them

I hate hate HATE YouTube ads. Why does YouTube always have to get it's way? Every time there's something I want to watch, this unskipable ad comes on and I have to refresh, refresh, refresh because they won't let me watch a video without playing.

Every time on every video it's the unskippable Power Rangers trailer OR something promoting Nickelodeon. This really makes me want to upgrade to YT Red

I used to get this ad for the movie Monster Trucks made by Nickelodeon and Paramount. It was gross and unskippable.

The anti smoking ads and the horror movie trailers are unskippable. And they're repetitive. Did I mention the 6 second ads that Google made?

2 They're inappropriate

I keep seeing condom ads and they really shouldn't be allowed on social media or on YouTube in general. It pisses me off that they do it anyway. They need to fix this bs

I watched a kid friendly video and it had an ad with a movie trailer and they said the f word in the trailer.

I keep seeing ads starring that road safety guy in a tutu whilst watching memes

Maybe ads on youtube should just get banned

3 We are trying to watch the video not annoying ads

I tried to watch a basketball video but an ad kept buffering. I tried again. Same thing.

I agree with this. I'm here to watch my favorite things, not crap that I hate.

I will be half way through a video and then it stops to show me an ad

YouTube is dumb. Now every time in the middle of a video. It's always dumb makeup. I don't need that!

4 There are app store links on the bottom of the video

I scroll down to find more videos, and lo and behold, a banner ad to download some strategy game or shopping app.

5 The same ads appear 50 times

When I click on a video, it's always the same Nintendo Switch ad. I exit out and click on the video, then it shows me the same Nintendo Switch ad again. I repeat exiting out and clicking again for 50 times, but I still get the same Nintendo Switch ad. So annoying!

A few years ago I was watching many videos on my tablet on a airplane and a Ford car ad featuring Sailor Moon kept appearing. Annoying as heck

Every time when I click on a video it always shows me this ad and its really annoying

That happened to me once while watching Buzzfeed stuff and Rough Night kept coming up every 67394 times. ANNOYING!

6 It's inappropriate for the age group

Watching Jimmy Fallon clips, and before every single one is an ad for either Henry Danger or The Loud House. And of course, scary and R-rated movie trailers on stuff like Sesame Street.

I once got an ad for kids nursery rhymes on a Game Grumps video, and I keep getting UNSKIPPABLE scary movie ads on non-scary videos.

Children go on YouTube nowadays - what if they end up getting suggestive ads?

Insidious. That is all.

7 They appear a lot on video games
8 When you're listening to a song to sleep and then ads wake you up

Yes! I hate it when I put on a Three Days Grace playlist, and they play an advertisement before every single song! It's so annoying! No, I do not want to be woken up by some lady and listen to her talk about how good Pampers diapers are, I wanna listen to music. So that's why I use the music app now!

9 YouTube does nothing about it.

An ad popped up under this...

10 We still don't buy their stuff.

Yep. I'm not buying anything that I see, especially Culturelle Kids probiotics which to me is only for kids and not teens because I'm a teenager and not a kid.

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11 Waste of time watching ads.

Especially the unstoppable ones

I get 1 hour on a computer and I click on a video then AN AD

12 Appears a lot on websites.
13 The ads are louder than the videos

It's true try it out

PS I didn't add this

14 YouTube actually promote ads.

That's why those stupid good-for-nothing gaming youtubers are getting income!

15 The same ad appears on every video you click
16 Some of them are in Spanish.

Recently YouTube decided to play the Joker Movie Trailer in Spanish and also a Boost Mobile Ad in Spanish along with a bunch of other advertisements in Spanish. Which pisses me off! I want to find the person who decided to do that and ram those ads up where the sun don't shine! Because it's really starting to piss me off!

Luckily I've never got one of those.

I got an ad for Moana in Spanish.

I've gotten an Axe Cologne and Body Wash ad in Spanish, and I use Axe mind you, I don't know why they would play an ad in Spanish, it's annoying

17 Ads with swear words in it.

Some ads with swearing:
Movie trailers
The Game of War app ad
The opera soup for men app
I can go on lol

18 The ad buffers
19 I am not Interested in the Type of Ad They're Showing
20 They're Irrelevant to the Actual Video

I hate that the Nickelodeon ads are on EVERY VIDEO, including videos that are strictly for adults/older audiences.

And unskippable scary movie trailers on stuff like Sesame Street and school related videos.

In other words, they're completely off-topic to video they're showing. For example, when the video is an episode of a children's cartoon, the ad they show is a trailer to an R-rated movie.

21 Tik Tok ads
22 Skippable ads when it’s 5 seconds long

Some 5 second ads are UNSKIPPABLE

23 We Could Always Spend Money to Watch Popular YouTube Videos

This would be a billion times worse than ads for viewers, YouTubers and even the site itself. With nearly every YouTube video being free to watch for such a long time, viewers would obviously be feeling a bit ripped off and some wouldn't watch the videos you need to pay for. Less clicks = less money for YouTubers and massive losses for Google!

Even if we didn't want to.

24 Strategy games are everywhere

I am tired of all the Clash of War Kings games and their ads! They are everywhere!

25 The Android Pay one has a crying baby
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