Most Annoying Things On Animal Jam

The Top Ten Most Annoying Things On Animal Jam

1 Login World Error

Yeah true - ArcticWolf

Ugh I got a beta trade in my friends den and it ruined my chances

Someone gifted me a spike for mail time and this happened and I lost it

Stupid and annoying

2 Lag

Amen it's so annoying

Yes, annoying as heck - ArcticWolf

Yes the lag

3 When people want girlfriends and boyfriends

Shut up! Stop worrying about having a boyfriend or girlfriend! - BrendanDaJedi

... *blocks children’s eyes* - ArcticWolf

It’s so annoying, this is a kids game, why the heck do people do this. Half of the people on animal jam now days are pretty much perverted pedophiles.


4 When you want to hang out in the pillow room, but someone screams at you for not adopting them

Uhh... Never seen that before - ArcticWolf

This has happened many times to me.

5 People That Block and Report You for No Reason

Oh yes! I really hate that. - ArcticWolf

Someone reported me because I wouldn't give them my RIM headdress, then they went around pretending I was a scammer. I hate those people - RedTheGremlin

Someone came up to me and said report gukhjgv! And I was like what did I do?

6 When people force you to over-trade for an item you really want

Yeah that’s being a greedy person - ArcticWolf

I traded a phantom set for a flower crown which was already an over trade then he kept saying add add add he's just so greedy I left.

7 Random Buddy Request

It can interrupt something I’m am in the middle of but I accept to make them happy. - ArcticWolf

I'm sorry, but I don't buddy random people! I buddy super nice Jammers that I met online! That's why my list is full now, because of those annoying random Buddy Requests! - Gymleadermisty

8 Power Players

Well someone accused me of being a power player but I was taking a break from the RP. - ArcticWolf

I was role playing with my friends Nyantale and Ashpup123, and someone with a necklace came up and said :kills no nothing no miss no dodge: and we're like um ok? Kinda strange.

9 Rares

At least I don’t brag about it - ArcticWolf

Not annoying idiot - Officialpen

10 Scammers

I almost got scammed but I was safe before I begin trading - ArcticWolf



This morning my black long was scammed. I am so sad! Please trade me I am Gymleadermisty!

The Newcomers

? When people leave before completing the Purple Zone at the Forgotten Desert
? When people beg for your items

I HATE it when people beg for my items. On AJPW (Animal jam play wild) I had these galaxy wings, and this player was like "PLEASE, I NEED THEM! " *sad emote* *Crying emote* "PLEASE, I'll give ANYTHING! " These players will just beg for as long as they can until you trade them the item... So I told them that the item wasn't for trade, but uh... I think you can guess what the player said...
Hope I didn't offend anyone! - Orchidddz (AJPW acc, NOT Normal AJ acc)

The Contenders

11 People Distracting Your Recordings

That can be annoying - ArcticWolf

12 Jammers only trading rares

Yep - ArcticWolf

I was just looking for nutcracker boots (on Christmas) and this dude with the set said "TRADE ME! PLEASE! BE FAIR! " and they had betas! Seriously they're doing this to hoard attention and show-off how rare they are

13 People That Are Rude

Meh I kicked rude people out of my den. - ArcticWolf

I have temper problems. So you rude people have better watch your backs!

There are WAY to many rude people in animal jam.

14 Members Only

Yep! I always wait for a gift card for membership. - ArcticWolf

I completely agree.

Yes! Members deserve less, nonmembers deserve more! We are underappreciated and don't deserve the hate and restrictions that AJ gives us. - RedTheGremlin

15 Hackers

It’s really rare to see a hacker. - ArcticWolf

The user Brielleup is a hacker. She hacked me and stole all my rares and sold them in a store, and she hacked her friend and recycled everything she had. Report that b*t ch!

16 When a person's den is full

I know one den is full which is Aparri’s but sadly Aparri quit. - ArcticWolf

I just want to go to Aparri's den and its full! Ugh!

17 Spammers

I spam but not on Animal Jam - ArcticWolf

People spam "a a a a a a" just to annoy people, just block them. They literally just want attention and to get people angry. They'll realize that no one is listening and they'll just STOP lol - Puppytart

18 You are looking forward for the new animal but it costs diamonds

Doesn’t annoys me - ArcticWolf

19 Bullies

If they don’t leave you alone then yes, if it’s your buddy that’s bullying then unbuddied.

Tips if bully at den
(1: If Buddy unbuddy him/her
(2: Lock them out - ArcticWolf

20 Annoying people

Yep - ArcticWolf

Happens everyday... - allara43aj

21 Ignorers

I hate being ignored. - ArcticWolf

22 Attacks NN

What’s NN? - ArcticWolf

23 Greedy People

Greedy people like Mr. Krabs - ArcticWolf

24 Whenever you attack someone and they say it's just a game

Well guess what for the people who say that, there are Roleplays! - ArcticWolf

25 Animal Jam blocks an innocent message

Mine too!

Yeah l said “The Light Fury” and yet blocked - ArcticWolf

They block my song lyrics :(

26 When you work so hard on something but then nobody comes

Me: *spends an hour decorating a Hogwarts themed den*
Me: "Yay it's finally ready for roleplay! " *goes to jamaa township to advertise*
Other people: "Meh I don't really care" *continues trading*
*another hour passes*
Me: "Ugh! Don't you people even care about my roleplay?! " *gives up and logs off*

Yeah, that’s kinda disrespectful. - ArcticWolf

27 Somebody clones you and say you copied their outfit

I saw penguins that clone themselves and they don’t care but still some people will get annoyed. - ArcticWolf


28 Dating

Never see it before. - ArcticWolf

29 Members

I cannot be my favorite animal if I’m not a member - ArcticWolf

30 People are Mean to Bunnies

Poor bunnies - ArcticWolf

Worst. Yknow, In an RP I get it but like... any other time is like, "Why though" - Inventatron

31 Arctic Wolf The Arctic wolf, also known as the white wolf or polar wolf, is a subspecies of grey wolf native to Canada's Queen Elizabeth Islands

I hate it when people who are arctic wolves go around and brag about how they have an "Arctic wolf" To nonmembers! Of course, being a nonmember myself, I have always wanted an Arctic wolf, but there are so many members saying: "Ew Nonmembers" Or saying all their thoughts out loud. For example: "Yess, I finally got an Arctic wolf! " To me, when they are saying that, I 'm just thinking that the person wants someone to get jealous...
Anyways that's just my opinion, hope I didn't offend anyone!
-Orchidddz (AJPW acc, NOT normal AJ acc)

32 Full Server

Sometimes - ArcticWolf

33 Role Play

If they beg for a role then yes but Roleplays are not annoying. - ArcticWolf

Eh people be rude somtimes


34 People That Repeat Things When You Already Answered Their Question

Example: Gukhjgv: Hi guys, today we are doing roleplay! Blossom: Okay gukhjgv who am I? Gukhjgv: You will be the mom. Blossom: who am I? gukhjgv: The mom... Blossom:who am I? Gukhjgv: Blossom you're the mom! Blossom: who am I? gukhjgv: THE MOM THE MOM THE MOM!

Example: Gukhjgv: We will do roleplay today. Blosson: who am I? gukhjgv: Blossom, you will be the mom. Blossom: who am I? gukhjgv: I said you're the mom. Blossom: Who am I? gukhjgv: the mom! Blossom: who am I? gukhjgv: UGGHH!

Ex: What’s your favorite animal
Me: Snow Leopards and Cheetahs
Ex: What’s your favorite animal
Me: I just said that...
Ex: What’s your favorite animal
Me: uhh I’m leaving *leaves* - ArcticWolf

35 People That Always Decline Trades

I am not a trading jammer - ArcticWolf

36 When people come up to you and say "Would you marry me?"

That’s weird - ArcticWolf

37 "Your comment was blocked because it might not be appropriate"

My sister typed in "beach" and this message popped up. IS ANIMAL JAM BRAINLESS?! BEACH IS NOT INAPPROPRIATE! - Officialpen

I said “The Light Fury” and thought that’s not appropriate. - ArcticWolf

38 Necklaces

That never happens to me. I never get troll and goes in and seeing a necklace. - ArcticWolf

39 The Best Things are for Members

Yeah, that sucks - ArcticWolf

Yeah - RedTheGremlin

40 Magenta Necklace on Trade
41 People who say that's over when they are trading a necklace for spike
42 When you don't know what to put in your den
43 When someone follows you constantly
44 When someone randomly comes into your den and doesn't say anything
45 Getting Locked Out of a Den
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