Most Annoying Things On Animal Jam

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1 Login World Error

Ugh I got a beta trade in my friends den and it ruined my chances

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2 Lag
3 When people want girlfriends and boyfriends
4 When people force you to over-trade for an item you really want

I traded a phantom set for a flower crown which was already an over trade then he kept saying add add add he's just so greedy I left.

5 Rares

Not annoying idiot - Officialpen

6 Jammers only trading rares

I was just looking for nutcracker boots (on Christmas) and this dude with the set said "TRADE ME! PLEASE! BE FAIR! " and they had betas! Seriously they're doing this to hoard attention and show-off how rare they are

7 Scammers

This morning my black long was scammed. I am so sad! Please trade me I am Gymleadermisty!

This scammer threatend to scam me

My forest gauntlet got scammed...

My buddy was so nice that she gave me her spare, AND cross traded me a black long for my wind-up key. - Puppytart

8 When a person's den is full

I just want to go to Aparri's den and its full! Ugh!

9 Hackers

The user Brielleup is a hacker. She hacked me and stole all my rares and sold them in a store, and she hacked her friend and recycled everything she had. Report that b*t ch!

10 Spammers

People spam "a a a a a a" just to annoy people, just block them. They literally just want attention and to get people angry. They'll realize that no one is listening and they'll just STOP lol - Puppytart

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11 You are looking forward for the new animal but it costs diamonds
12 Attacks NN
13 Annoying people

Happens everyday... - allara43aj

14 Whenever you attack someone and they say it's just a game
15 Bullies
16 Members Only
17 Animal Jam blocks an innocent message
18 When you work so hard on something but then nobody comes
19 Full Server
20 Somebody clones you and say you copied their outfit
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