Most Annoying Things Artists Do On Stage

A compilation of annoying things singers and musicians do on stage - they think it looks cool...but it's just not!

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The Top Ten

1 Talking Too Much Between Songs

Oh God this is the worst of all! Its especially bad when they are talking polotics, aaarrrrgggg! Just get on with the show! - fireinside96

We go to concerts for music not to know how the artists life is going or how they're feeling

just say what the song is for and play it

Everybody sing about this lovely song...

2 Lip Sync

I want people so sing, not fake it

When I heard the word lip sync.I think about no one but SELENA GOMEZ

And to believe the mindless judges on X-Factor said it was OK for the contestants to lip sync because it's 'good practice'. THEY ARE ENCOURAGING LIP SYNCING. What the hell?

3 Criticizing the Band That Played Before Them

80% of the time the other band was better, but people will like me more than them if I make them look bad. 22.2% of people obiously disagree. there are a lot of bad stuff on here though. they all describe justin beaber

Great way to be invited to future gigs! -

4 Ignoring the Audience

Yeah, you're a star... in this small club with an audience of... 250? Don't act so arrogant! -

5 Wearing Sunglasses On Stage

You're not Bono guys and it's not even sunny. Take off those damn shades!

hey guys! the sun is not shining anymore - TopTen10

they're probably 2 high 2 see

Unless you are Bono, take those damn shades off! -

6 Gyrate
7 Keep Mentioning the Town They're In
8 Spitting Into the Audience
9 Insulting the Audience
10 Stupid Outfit Choices

fingerless leather gloves? with a floral dress? -

My eyes! It burns, oh it burns!

The Contenders

11 Saying "We'll Play You Another Song Now" and It Sounds the Same As the Previous Ones
12 Storm Off the Stage
13 Stretching Out and Limbering Up On Stage

please do this before you come up. -

14 Sitting Down
15 Singing Playback All the Time

We could stay at home and listen to a CD. There is no difference between playback and CD. We payed for the expensive ticket.

16 Tarty Behavior
17 Using Worn Out Phrases In Their Banter
18 Dance
19 They Let the Audience Sing, Because They Forgot the Lyrics
20 Jumping Around

They act like they cannot just sit down and quite jumping around like a little kid who had way too much candy.

21 Wear Skimpy Clothing
22 That Annoying Gaspy Noise

When they take a breath - LEARN BREATHE CONTROL - seriously that's what vocal coaches are for!

23 Male artists taking their shirts off
24 Show Up Late
25 Demand that the audience stand up.

If you rock hard enough, the audience will stand up on their own. Demanding that people stand up or come closer to the stage is just lame.

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