Top Ten Most Annoying Things Beauty Gurus On YouTube Do

I love watching beauty videos, I really do. But the members could use some criticism. Since YouTube is such a fan-content creator relationship, its understandable that I would tell them how to make their videos more pleasant to watch. I've seen the same formula for every big beauty vlogger and I do not want to hate. But I'm simply tired of some of these trends.

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1 Overdo the cutesy

I don't mind a naturally bubbly personality, but there is something very off about people who just overdo the teeny-bopper, cutesy thing. I find it thoroughly impossible that 70% of beauty vloggers happen to have the same personality. A lot of YouTubers are difficult to watch because they just seem so false. Truth be told, it puts up a wall between the content creator and the fan. Be yourself in the videos, I'd really embrace the diversity. - keycha1n

It is the same with anything. You need a genuine, relatable personality. - gemcloben

All they ever is try to be cute. Well, they aren't cute at all. - EpicJake

Tired of the forced high pitched perky voices all of the time. Just be yourself!

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2 Talk for five minutes before giving you the information the video promised

I just skip the intros. They're usually rambles of them being overly ditsy. I'm not saying you can't interact with fans by talking to them, but these are wholly unnecessary. Especially considering they spend five or more minutes explaining what they're going to do in the video despite knowing you just read the title and know exactly what they're going to be doing in the video. - keycha1n

I HATE long intros. "Follow my social media, subscribe to my vlog channel..." Some intros are fine and short, but 5 minutes of self-promo? Really? - Ku

I skip the talking in the begining. I'm not going to waist 2 mins of u talking about what u did today.

Youtuber: "How to get laid and still look pretty and not fat from it"
5 minutes later ", this protein shake is so good, like, it's made from cauliflower and butt juice. I just got my weave done and colored and I got these starbucks nutella ugg boots iphone 7 from shamazon, yay! So fun! Should I cut my hairrr or naw, post your opinions in the comment section below" - KianaLexi

3 Make too many sponsored videos

I know I know, you have to get paid. I really get that. After all, its your job. But NEVER try to hide sponsors or deceive us. Because it will not work. Ever. And please only endorse products you truly like. I remember I used to be able to watch a video or review without having to scroll through the description to see if it was sponsored. I miss reliable opinions, basically. - keycha1n

It's annoying that Best Fiends is sponsoring almost every beauty guru. I'm not going to download the app just because I see it everywhere. - Ku

Its great that you're so great of a YouTuber that big corporations want to advertise with you, but please just know that we don't want you to just be another advert.

4 Not put effort into their videos

Either by uploading once a month or having bland and quickly thrown together videos. I think that the continued spark is essential if you wish to draw in viewers because they will be subconsciously attracted to that. - keycha1n

Gaming videos are of much higher quality. People laugh at YouTube gamers but they all work so hard on their videos, but beauty gurus see not to. Concidence?

5 Have the same, generic outfits

Some of them consider themselves beauty gurus but they make videos that hardly relate to beauty. They use the same songs that only occur on the iTunes most downloaded list and have the same style like crop tops high waisted shorts sneakers, drink Starbucks and try to be awkward and quirky. - HappyFlower

My main problem with the beauty community on YouTube is that fact that so many of them are just carbon clones of the trends going on and of each other. It's why I appreciate YouTubers like iamkareno; they don't wear outfits, they style them. Have your own unique tastes because there's nothing more valuable you can offer to the public. Trust me. I want to see YOU when I see what you wear. - keycha1n

They all dress exactly the same! It's just some Brandy Melville crap, white converse, and 400 bracelets

6 Try too hard to be "dorky" or "nerdy"

I get pretty annoyed when they're like, "I'm such a nerd! Lol." - theevilsquiddancer

Straight up annoying. You can easily sort the fake fans from the people that genuinly enjoy certain "nerdy" stuff. Most beauty gurus fake it to the point that they look awkward.

And this is why I watch genuine nerds *cough cough dan and phil

Oh I am so tired of this. I just... Agh. Its annoying. I'm sorry. It just comes off awkward and forced. - keycha1n

7 Use and wear only wildly expensive brands

As a student with no income it's hard to afford these products, but I'm still into fashion and make up and all things pink. It's extremely disappointing when you think you've found someone honest you can look up to who can give you real advice with affordable products. It seems to me that they aren't trying to sell anything because they know a lot of these products are expensive, but rather advertise with a hidden agenda.

I really hate when they do that.

I despise how they pimp out a glamous expensive lifestyle knowing their fans are usually poor or cannot afford to buy those products

Brandy Melville, Cottonon, Vs pink, Nasty gal etc. All of those clothing stores are highly expensive, most middle class people can't afford it.

8 Come off as extremely shallow

Its simply true; a good portion come off really basic. I get it, the bubbly personality sells and looks good, but I know there's something below the surface and I'm sure your viewers would respect you if you spoke more intimately. - keycha1n

That's because they are shallow. It boggles the mind how much people can blabber over so little. - PositronWildhawk

9 Wear too much makeup and call it 'natural'

Most beauty gurus

how to do an effortless, everyday, messy, lazy bun in 75 steps

How to poop in 48383 steps.
Step 1: Die
Step 2:... - AlphaQ

10 Repeat the same video ideas

You know.. The "morning routine"'s and the "everyday makeup"'s. I'd like to see something fresh and original-maybe it'll click!

This is not to say I don't enjoy those videos-I do-but just that those are not the confines. Think outside the box!, - keycha1n

This is like the most accurate one. Most of them even have more than 1 million subs or at least 300k subs. That doesn't make sense.

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11 Make their videos really bright

They all have the same bright, pastel/popping colour and lighting scheme. I'm getting headaches from it

12 Use unprofessional background music

I swear the playlist for every video is stuff on the top 40's hit charts. I don't mind particularly since it fits the traditional format of flashy, energetic videos, but its just that it makes it seem unprofessional. A classy, subdued soundtrack (electronic songs tend to be the best for background music) would be very pleasant every now and again. - keycha1n

I can definitely relate to this. I actually despise modern pop music, so listening to something else would be preferable. And really loud music too...I don't want to have to turn down the volume every two seconds because loud music blasts from the video. - Ku

Yes, agreed. The background music that they use in their videos just makes me cringe. I'm like: "Wow. Is THAT music? "

Play something like Panda or 679 or 2016 rap songs. - AlphaQ

13 Think they are so attractive when they aren't

IKR? There's a beauty guru that I really hate. She's so egoist and thinks her style is the best. She talks bad about people who doesn't like her. She thinks she's so special.

I totally agree. I have 1 in mind 2

14 Act spoiled

Yeah, it's really annoying. I want to slap them when they do that.

Yes, I also see 'spolit-behaviour' amongst these grown ADULT people! And just *so much make-up! *

15 Expectation vs. reality videos

These videos get on my nerves. Almost every beauty guru does this, especially the ones about high school like most these girls are in their twenties. Grow Up!

16 Beg for subscribers

And sadly, that's what they get. Subscribers that they don't need! - kaitlynrad11

17 Copy other videos

Some of them also steal ideas. Ugh, hate that.

Yeah. Their collabs are the same

18 Put on way too much makeup!

A lot of the time these girls are crazy pretty, and they spoil their faces with tons of makeup piled on to their poor faces.

19 Talk too fast
20 Look at themselves in the view finder all the time

Yes! They get so caught up looking at themselves, that they stop speaking for some time.

I find it so annoying that you're watching a video of this person on YouTube and they just can't stop looking in their view finder, common now, who are you adressing

Why are they always messing around with their “hair”, oops what I really mean’t was their hair extensions? Some of these girls forget what they were talking about, because they were distracted by their hair. Is it insecurity?

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