Top 10 Annoying Things that Can Happen While Playing Through Time Trial Mode in Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy

Here are some of the most frustrating things that can happen while attempting the time trial mode in the Crash N Sane Trilogy game.

The Top Ten Annoying Things that Can Happen While Playing Through Time Trial Mode in Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy

1 Accidentally Performing a Belly Flop During the Middle of a Jump

Happened to me many times I make a jump towards a platform or over a pit and just as I'm about to make it across I accidentally press the button to do a belly flop and end up falling directly to my death. - egnomac

2 Miss Getting the Platinum Relic by 1 Second

This happened to me on so many occasions after I've bitterly struggled making it to the end as fast as possilble only to miss getting the platinum by a mere second. - egnomac

3 Losing an Aku Aku Mask While Trying to Get 3

In some time trial levels its necessary to get the 3 Aku Aku masks in the stage in order to get the gold or platinum relic as it not only allows you invincibility to get past hazards and enemies but it also gives you a nice boost. - egnomac

4 Missing a Jump

I swear the game cheats when it comes to the jump mechanic especially during the time trial's while trying to speed through the level and try to make that important jump only to miss or overshoot it, its especially more frustrating when your literally inches from reaching the end only to miss the platform and having to restart the time trial. - egnomac

5 Missing a Time Crate

Gets really frustrating while speeding through the stage and break a stack of boxes and end up missing one causing you to lose precious time while you try to break the ones you miss. - egnomac

6 Die While Trying to Bounce Off an Enemy
7 Falling Into a Pit
8 Getting Crushed by a Hazard

Especially while trying to run through the level and end up getting crushed by a hazard, while it's a lot smarter to wait for the hazards to raise themselves but if you want those Platinum relics you have to be willing to risk it. - egnomac

9 Get Hit by an Enemy
10 Getting Bumped by an Enemy During the Motorcycle Levels

The key to this one is to wait 10 minutes or so before you speed up to pick the yellow clock. This gives you enough free road space to drive how you want. You don't need to win the race to get the relic in Time Trial mode.

More so in the motorcycle stages in Crash Warped those other riders can be cheap and will try to bump you and really mess up your time. - egnomac

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