Top Ten Annoying Things that Can Spoil the Joy of a Newly Bought Great Music Album

There is little more enjoyable than just having bought a new album by an artist you love and it turns out to be great. But there are some circumstances that can spoil some of the fun, even if it's just a bit.

The Top Ten

1 A Terrible Cover Artwork

For me music is more important than covers and bad cover artworks don't bother me much. I appreciate good cover artworks but they are like a bonus to me. What happens is that bad covers don't disappoint me while good ones make me happy. I think I just control my expectations by keeping them realistic. - Metal_Treasure

It's highly unlikely that more people are gonna listen to Type O Negative's Origin of the Feces just because it has a sphincter on the front cover (Google sphincter and you'll see what I mean).

Man do I love "Kollegah" by Kollegah, it's one of the most entertaining albums by my favorite and the most talented German rapper... and how much do I hate it when I get the CD out of the shelf and look at a dude with a car having been badly photoshopped into an animated city. I can only imagine what tourits visiting German speaking countries must think when they see this album in stores, not knowing he is huge, acclaimed and successful over here. - Martin_Canine

2 A Short Overall Duration

I somehow don't get why I should pay the same amount of money for a 35 minute album when I could get a 70 minute record at the same price. Sure, it's quality over quantity but... it still bothers me. - Martin_Canine

Not a problem for me if I like the music. Also, duration is usually announced in advance. - Metal_Treasure

What I meant with this list is not that it completely destroys the joy of the music, but just that it spoils the joyous moment of just having bought THE masterpiece a bit. You know for me the music always comes first. - Martin_Canine

Good example of this would be Prima Donna by Vince Staples. It's a good album but it's only like 7 tracks long. I don't know how it passes off as an album with that many tracks. It would be better as an EP or something. - Mcgillacuddy

3 One Single Bad Song

One single bad song won't ruin an entire album. Several bad songs would though. - NuMetalManiak

I always expect at least one not-that-great song so this isn't a problem for me. - Metal_Treasure

The overall is so great you think heaven has touched your heart... and then there is this one song. Where the artist tries out something weird and totally fails. Or where the production is terrible. Or the lyrics are garbage. Whatever. You know it's only one song out of e.g. 15, so it shouldn't bother you that much, but that near-perfectness just hurts. - Martin_Canine

4 A Limited Edition with Bonus Tracks is Announced After You Buy the Standard Edition

For me this is probably the most annoying thing on this list. - Metal_Treasure

This is why I wait a while to buy albums. Until then, I just illegally download them (everyone does it, shut up) - Mcgillacuddy

I actually prefer rewarding the musician for their work by buying it. - Martin_Canine

So... many... times.
In the meantime I also use iTunes so I can download most of those extra songs, but I'm a CD buyer, and for a long time I had to consider re-buying the same album for a handful of new tracks. - Martin_Canine

5 A Digipak that Rips Easily When You Pull Out the CD

Jewel cases aren't perfect but they at least are easy to access. I prefer when CDs are put in those booklet cases. Makes it seem classy in a way. - cjWriter1997

I much prefer jewel cases anyway.
But really: the CD seems to be stuck in the Digipak often.
I have a box with three Tarja albums, and the CD is much too large for the space provided. All of them instantly ripped on the inside no matter how careful I was. - Martin_Canine

6 You See the Exact Same Album is Much Cheaper Somewhere Other Than Where You Bought It

That's why most of my CDs are used. I'll only buy it brand new if it's by someone I really like. - cjWriter1997

I bought "Witness" (yes, I like Katy Perry. Don't judge me. A few years ago she was considered good.) for 16,99€. Now in the same mall another shop that offers much less music had the album for 13,99€. It's just 3 euros (3,30 dollars) but nevertheless it makes one angry. - Martin_Canine

7 A Sticker on the Case that You Can't Get Off

Used CDs are sometimes worse. Two CDs of mine still have the gunk of the sticker glue stuck on the case, no matter how hard I try to rub it off.

"Includes the smash hits XY and YZ plus three bonus remixes".
Yes, I know. I read the tracklist.

Now, if you try to remove it, it either rips or creases. You won't get it off. So better don't try and leave it unharmed.

8 The Case Has Cracks

It's not a problem for regular jewel cases, you can easily exchange them. But super jewel cases... at least over here they are hard to get. - Martin_Canine

9 Bad Audio Quality

Won't happen all too often though. Only with independent releases.
Kollegah's debut album was recorded at home by himself, but he was so talented as a rapper that he was immediately offered by a label to give it a wide physical release. Now he's a nationwide superstar and the album a classic retrospectively, but the audio quality of course isn't top notch. - Martin_Canine

10 There is No Proper Booklet, Just One Page with the Credits

Even if the booklet only consists of pictures, it makes you feel like you got something in your hands someone put effort into. It feels good, and even better when lyrics are in there. It rewards you for the wait for the album. Now, if there is only one page - on one side the cover, on the other side the credits - it just looks cheap. You feel like they have thrown this out as soon as possible to make a quick buck. - Martin_Canine

This is the worst. I like to read lyrics so buying a CD straight from a store is a good method for me. A lot of CDs I have will usually have good arrangements of lyrics in a booklet or something (Nonpoint's Miracle was very artistic in how it was done). But if the lyrics are hard to read (like in Smashing Pumpkin's Siamese Dream), or not even there (Gish), then it means I have to look up lyrics online which takes me some time. - NuMetalManiak

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