Top 10 Most Annoying Things On Club Penguin

When I was much younger, I used to be obsessed with Club Penguin (also referred to as CP). Over the years, I've grown out of it, because many people or things were annoying. So, remembering all the things that annoyed me, I decided to make this list! If you have an account, you can add new items to this list as you wish! You can also vote on pre-existing items you agree with!

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1 Lack of stuff for Non-Members

This should be number 1! It's so unfair, even though I'm a member. If you're a non-member all you do is get crap and you get made fun of. Disney JUST WANTS MONEY!

If you're on Club Penguin, and you don't have a membership, you can have a free t-shirt, a drill hat, and an accessory! But if you're a member, you can buy ANYTHING you want! I feel like membership seems to be 99.9% mandatory to have on Club penguin. But, they need to make more stuff available for non-members! - kaitlynrad11

Non members are now starting to type in codes in order to get clothing then buying them because non members get nothing

True my penguin is so ugly with nothing on him and I can only get 3 bad shirts

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2 Having a "family"

On Christmas, I was taking a picture of me saying "Happy Holidays! " and Someone called me a Pookie and I was all like "No thanks! " And they start to cry. They also hog a bed in the pet shop and say "Mumu! " Like, what in Tarnation.

In CP, a lot of little girls and boys dress up as babies, go to the pet shop, and beg for a mommy. But, for some reason, almost every baby liked the "rich mummies" and chose what mummy they wanted. Personally, I've found this very annoying, because you have to have a membership, be rich, and make a dramatic entrance into the pet shop. - kaitlynrad11

You shouldn't have a family on an online Disney game. - EpicJake

3 Rockhopper hasn't come for a while

When I used to go on a lot, I used to be so excited for Rockhopper to come! But, now, I feel he hasn't come for a long time, probably since I stopped using CP (about 2-3 years ago)! - kaitlynrad11

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4 The parties

I HATE when there's this HUGE PARTY on the island! It's when the give the members the rarest items, and non-members useless crap. - kaitlynrad11

The parties these days are SO BORING.

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5 When the characters visit

I feel like its super annoying when the stupid characters are on one server, and everybody won't shut up about it! Someone could be like "ROCKHOPPER IS ON SERVER Alaska! " and then I go to server Alaska, and its full! - kaitlynrad11

Everyone's literally crowding me when I tried meeting rockhopper one time, and all I get is the "be in the same room as rockhopper" stamp

Wanna go to the clothes shop to buy new clothes? No it's full :/ - spodermanfan1000

Yes make them vist more servers

6 Being the mummy in the family

What's horrible about being the Mommy, is the babies are so needy! They're just like "I don't want another sister/brother! " And apparently, ALL of the mommies have to be rich, famous, popular, and wear fancy clothing! It's so stupid, and it's mainly the babies! - kaitlynrad11

7 Getting banned for saying words such as "fart" and "poop"

Do you really?

8 No numbers or punctuation
9 CP Armies
10 Justin Bieber Fans
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1. Lack of stuff for Non-Members
2. Having a "family"
3. The parties
1. Having a "family"
2. Lack of stuff for Non-Members
3. Rockhopper hasn't come for a while



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