Most Annoying Things on Call of Duty 4 Online

It is a game that has one numerous awards and continues to be popular to this day. The most addictive thing about this game is the online it is insanely fun and rewarding. But there are some things that just piss you off.

The Top Ten

1 Racist People On Xbox Live
2 Helicopters

Hard to take down because the RPG sucks, and they just ruin every gunfight you're in.

3 Campers

It's not camping with snipers, it's using them the way they were made to be used...

Campers are the biggest wimps ever they completly ruin the game

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4 Random Grenades

Especially on Wetworks or shipment! - metallicaholic95

5 Martydom

when you knife someone you always die from the grenade

6 ACOGed Snipers
7 Glitches
8 Grenade Launcher
9 Voice Chat In Lobby
10 No Scoping

The Contenders

11 Juggernaut
12 Last Stand

HATE IT especially when I die when I am on a killstreak

13 Little Kids
14 Hackers

How is this not #1? Seriously, "Racist People on Xbox Live? " I wouldn't know because I don't play on Xbox but hackers are terrible. - Lasvegasxavier

15 Raging People Who Swear All the Time
16 People Stealing Kills
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