Top 10 Most Annoying Things to Come Out of Fandoms

The Top Ten Most Annoying Things to Come Out of Fandoms

1 Pewdiepie Fanbrats - Pewdiepie
2 "Melee rules, Brawl and 4 drool" - Super Smash Bros.
3 Lion King Haters - Disney

You kinda just proved the point.

Hey, TLK haters are good people. Much better than the fans, that's for sure.

Seriously, I'm a TLK hater and proud. I am nice and I don't deserve to be treated bad.

4 "Sans is love, Sans is life" - Undertale
5 Foot Fetishism literally ALL OVER Deviantart - Sonic
6 "Shrek is love, Shrek is life" - Dreamworks

Shrek is love, Shrek is life. Shrek is screwing your wife. - LordDovahkiin

Meh I think Toothless is better in my opinion - ArcticWolf

7 "Durr, Plant" meme - I Hate Everything
8 Shulk Memes - Xenoblade Chronicles and Smash Bros.
9 Frozen Fangirls - Disney
10 "Sephiroth is love, Sephiroth is life" - Final Fantasy

The Contenders

11 Minecraft Fanbrats - Minecraft

Minecraft fans mostly suck. - Lunala

All of them. - LordDovahkiin

12 Bronies - My Little Pony A brony is an adult (typically male) fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.


13 Adventure Time/Regular Show Fantards - Cartoon Network

The first one fell apart(see what happened on cartoon network on november 14th 2015).i can't believe many people still watch and like it.shame on those who appreciated that miniseries!

14 ZaDR shippers - Invader Zim

If you support this crap, you aren't a true fan of Invader Zim. End of discussion.

15 Amourshipping (Pokemon the series XY)
16 Frozen Haters - Disney
17 "Hoenn confirmed" meme - Pokémon

It gets worse, there were "Sinnoh Confirmed" memes.

18 Skeleton Porn - Undertale
19 Comic dubs - Undertale

Don't forget, fnaf, batim, cuphead, and baldi's basics.

20 2016 Feminist Ghostbusters Tumblr Controversy - Ghostbusters
21 Amourshippers - Pokemon
22 Pearlshippers - Pokemon
23 Pokeshippers - Pokemon

Honestly, this is actually worse than Amourshipping. I'm not just saying this as an Amourshipper myself but Pokeshippers don't really ship Ash with Misty cause they think that ASH loves Misty. They only do it because THEY love Misty and want her back.

24 Lion King Fanbrats - Disney
25 Memes In Quantities Beyond Measurable Human Comprehension - Spongebob Squarepants
26 "Half-Life 3 confirmed" meme - Half-Life
27 Animal Porn - Pokémon
28 Captain Falcon memes - Super Smash Bros.
29 Let It Go - Frozen
30 Memes In Quantities Far Beyond Normal Human Tolerance Levels - Pokémon
31 "Super Metroid and Prime 1 rule, all of the other games in the series drool" - Metroid
32 Mario Kart 8 Haters - Mario
33 Memes As Far As The Eye Can See - Sonic The Hedgehog
34 Bowser's Inside Story/Dream Team haters - Mario & Luigi
35 Genwunners - Pokémon
36 "Edward is love, Edward is life" - Twilight
37 "Cory In The House is best anime" meme - Filthy Frank
38 "I Hate Dust" meme - I Hate Everything
39 "Minions are love, minions are life" - Despicable Me
40 1337 Speak - Halo
41 Undertale Haters - Earthbound
42 Modern Sonic Haters - Sonic
43 FNAF Fanbrats - FNAF
44 Toriel the MILF - Undertale
45 Harambe Meme - Filthy Frank

What's so bad about Harambe memes? - LordDovahkiin

46 Sonic Fanbrats - Sonic
47 Weeaboos - Anime
48 Recycling The Same Videos Over and Over Again - Undertale
49 People taking the game way too seriously - Super Smash Bros.
50 Claiming that Another Metroid 2 Remake is "overrated" - Metroid
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