Top 10 Most Annoying Things Commonly Said by Teachers

This is a list of some annoying things teachers say to us students, and it involves things teachers say repeatedly that annoy us. Not to be confused with the list of worst things teachers say to students, where the teacher's remarks have actually have a negative impact on your grades, etc.

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1 I don't care who started it

This one is downright infuriating, it shows that the teacher really doesn't give a crap about you - kempokid

I'm a kid so this happens at my school all the time it's so annoying! - Scooter

It's like Oh he just beat the crap out of you? Well idc you pushed him back idc who started it go to the office! - Scooter

2 Class, the bell does not dismiss you, I do!

I hated this especially when at the end of the day and I want to go home and my bus driver would have no shame in leaving me. I have had teachers make me stay a few extra minutes making me tardy to another class and that teacher wrote me a tardy and did not care why I was late I am to be there by the bell. However a few teachers would dismiss early which was always nice.

Ah, I remember when the bell rang and I jolted off and everyone in that class was staring at me. - Luckys

In that case, what is the point of the bell? - railfan99

in jianhaotan's class t1t5 his teachers says that

3 I'd expect that kind of behaviour from her, but I'm really surprised at you

That's very insulting for sensitive people.

Or you should know better

4 I'm just gonna wait until the class gets quiet

And when the class is totally silent, she is STILL waiting...

Teacher:I’ll wait
My class:*stops talking for a sec* “OK! ” *goes back to talking*

5 Tell me the truth right now or else

Teachers threaten students all the time!

That sounds like a teacher is unnecessarily threatening a student.

6 If you're so clever, why don't you come up here and take the lesson?

Honestly, I could probably teach the curriculum better than my teacher does. - KN

I would accept that offer - iliekpiez

7 If even one of you doesn't do as I say, all of you will be punished

Collective punishment really sucks. - styLIShT

Any teacher that does this I want imprisoned - iliekpiez

8 Something's obviously very funny, so why don't you share it with the rest of us?

I find your annoying stupidity to be funny. *Gets suspended from school*

9 Honestly, it's like talking to a brick wall sometimes
10 This is your last warning

*gets about 28282828 more - iliekpiez

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11 Go back and walk

Whenever my teachers tell me that, I walk until he or she is gone from my sight, then I RUN.

That can make you late for class - railfan99

Ugh I can’t believe this my teachers says it when I’m not even running stupid teachers

12 You have earned yourself a detention
13 Your behavior is out of control
14 Give me your phone

that's me - Luckys

15 Come on. We're waiting.

That is annoying, especially when you want to take your time.

16 This is for your benefit, so pay attention
17 I've had it with all of you!
18 No, you can’t go to the bathroom!

seriously!?!? teacher are you trying to embarass somebody by making them peeing/pooping themself

19 Would you do that at home?

Yes. I would do that at home.


Most teachers never really care about their students' feelings, anyway...

21 Go to the principal's office now!

@iliekpiez-"Or else I will call security"-almost every single teacher ever

Or what? - iliekpiez

22 We need to talk
23 Don't worry. You're not in trouble

Do worry. You are definitely in trouble. - iliekpiez

They're lying when they say this nine times out of ten.

Which is ALWAYS a lie.

24 You're getting paddled by principal

What about "the principal will whip you with his belt"?

25 Stop acting like you're in kindergarten

Teacher: *get's her/him in trouble for no reason*
Her/Him:*starts crying

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