Top Ten Most Annoying Things That Could Happen to You In Super Smash Bros. 3ds Smash Run

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1 Other Players Have More Stats Than You

I hate it when this happen! This happen to me countless times but I still can beat them! I get mad for jealously! - Danteem

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2 You Touch Orne and Die and Lose Tons of Your Stats

I am afraid of ornes! I want them to be removed!

3 You Were Trying to Kill an Hard Enemy But You Got Knocked Out by That Enemy

I hate it when it happens! It happens a ton of times! I keep playing it over and over again to be perfect! - Danteem

4 You Got Knocked Out by a Large Group of Enemies

One time I had three, yes, THREE Mimicuties chasing me around. - aarond9010

They aren't even TRYING to wait to kill you! They just pile on you alltogether!

5 You Were Trying to Get to the Treasure Room But a Random Hard Enemy Shows Up and Knocks You Out

This happen to me a few time! I got so pissed! But then I try to get there again I got the treasure because there's time left! - Danteem

6 The Time Goes Up When You Are Trying to Get the Treasure at the Treasure Room

This happens to me one time! I got so F###ing angry! I yelled at my game! That was my angriest movement at playing Super Smash Bros! - Danteem

7 You Killed an Enemy that Contains Tons of Treasure and You Were Trying to Get the Treasure But another Enemy Shows Up and Knocks You Out

This happen to me about a dozen times! I was so pissed when I didn't get my gold! - Danteem

8 You Opened a Treasure Chest But an Enemy Shows Up and Knocks You Out!

This happens to me about a dozen times too! I got very angry when S### like that happens! - Danteem

9 You Got Beat by a Character You Hate

I get mad when that happens! I yell off my head at the game! But I'm lucky that I didn't get beat by Princess Peach! That will never happen to me! Thumbs up if this didn't happen to you! - Danteem

10 There's Too Many Enemies Who are Trying To Kill You

I hate it when there's too many enemies that were trying to kill me! - Danteem

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11 You Have Many "All" Stats. Then You Get Knocked Out.

That is messed uped:(

12 Players Who Always Spam The Same Move
13 Losing As Your Favorite Character
14 You find a treasure chest but it turns out to be a mimicutie
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