Top Ten Most Annoying Things Dads Do

Dads are great and all, but they could be really annoying.
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1 Listen to bad music

Gotta say, my Dad isn't annoying at all. But music is one thing we disagree on. We both love classic rock, but when it comes to my choice of electro or his choice of 80s pop, we don't mix.

My dad likes a lot of heavy metal bands that annoy me (I don't like metal) and some weird bands that grumble, but some of the bands like Queen and The Beatles are good.

My dad listens to lame indie girls with whispery voices who sing about sheep

My dad has the worst taste and he hates everything I listen to

2 Go crazy when you hang out with guys

My father always acted real possessive anytime I developed a crush on a guy,if I talked to a guy on the phone he would be all "WHO ARE YOU?!" and whatnot.

This is so my dad, he thinks the entire male population is a rapist! Other than the boys from pre k, or he knows my parents, he freaks the hell out over!

My dad will call me gay if I do this

3 Snore

My dad snores so loud! I hate it.

It's so loud like why

Yup very loud lol

My dad’s snoring is so loud that I can hear it in the middle of the night

4 Mimic you when you whine

If my voice raises in the slightest, he'll start fake whining and it's so annoying, it's not how I sound!

Omg he does all the time

My dad does this a lot

All the time!

5 Not display compassion

Ok so I saw a mouse in my room and I started out, my dad says the next time I see him throw something at him, but mice are living things that suffer and feel pain, and he doesn't understand WHHHYY I don't want to kill him and he puts in poison to kill them, but I don't want him to die I want to catch him then let it out, patch up the holes he's entering, and we only see him when it rains so he only wants shelter and that's what everyone wants!

6 Obsess over sports

Oh my god, sports is just people running around with a ball and they get paid too much money. Every basket a basket ball player scores, he gets paid the amount of a school teacher's yearly salary. And an athlete makes more than the president. So throwing 3D circles is more important than educating kids to change the world, and running a country?

My dad likes tennis a lot, but so do I

Forcing me to swim

My dad’s obsessed with the NBA, the NFL, and FIFA.

7 Be loud

My dad's singing is horrible

My dad has no inside voice.

My dad yells all the time

He sings and it is annoing

8 Eat all of your food

Says he'll only take a bite but ends up taking a bigass one or eating half of the serving.

He eats everything I save for a special day and eats anything

My dad ate all of my Flaming Hot Cheetos and Halloween candy

I wish I could buy a fridge locker box because of this

9 Walk around in only their underwear

My dad Sleeps with (underwear) And wakes up and easy breakfast after at 12 in the morning he takes a shower...

Yesterday my dad did this and his boxers had a hole in it and I almost saw his privates

My dad does this all the time! It's so annoying I don't need to see him in underwear

Ever morning he comes in the kitchen

10 Sing

My dad turns up the volume on his favorite songs then yells the lyrics at the top of his lungs. Sometimes, he would randomly sing for no reason, and even with earbuds.

My dad sings a lot

It's so annoying

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11 Smoke

It's bad for your health my dad does it all the time

Uhh😡 my dad smokes, when I told him stop smoking, he complains

12 Have total domination over the TV

When I was a kid,my dad would change the channel and watch shows that I didn't want to watch and I would literally complain about it

Omg so right he does all the time

Whenever I’m watching T.V. my dad always changes the channel while I’m in the middle of a show and he gets upset if I want to watch T.V. or won’t let him watch T.V.. He also leaves the T.V. on whenever he’s not even watching it.

13 Spy on your computer

My dad keeps staring at my screen when I'm on YouTube

My Dad does that too.

He always does that to see if I'm playing video games😡

14 Treat you like a maid

He makes fake excuses so I have to sweep the floor

My dad makes me clean the bathrooms

My dad forces me to wash the dishes, EVEN IF MY HANDS ARE DRIED, CRACKED, AND PEELING.

15 Change the channel when you’re watching TV

when I'm waching TV he chnges it and I said I was waching somthing and he say so

16 Talk over the radio

In the car when a cool song comes on my dad just talks over it!

17 Yell when they get angry

My dad yells at me every other week

When I FINALLY get a break, he always ruins it

18 Don't put the toilet seat down after they use the toilet

Once my dad did this when I was a kid and when I sat on the toilet I nearly fell in the bowl

My dad does it

19 Argue with mom

I hate when this happens

20 Act as if they're always right

If you say he's wrong he will fight for his rights and never stop until you give up

21 Fart in public

My dad’s farts sometimes smell horrible

Okay, my dad likes to find out the days my nose is stuffy and when I cannot smell anything,and go to the store with me and Fart in a big crowd inn of people then run,everyone can smell it,but not me. So people back upor even leave, thinking it was me.😣

All the time

22 Emit body odor
23 Force you to eat food you don’t want

Once my mother bought a plate from this local bbq joint(which has since closed down for good) and as soon as I was about to get up from the table my dad put potato salad and coleslaw in my plate and I couldn't get up until I finished it all.

I am on a sweets restricted diet due to history with high blood sugar, so I have to really watch my sugar intake. My dad however constantly keeps offering me desserts EVERY SINGLE DAY even though I told him no several times already!

24 Harass you
25 Dance in public

My dad does this whenever the older adults are dancing during banquets in Chinatown.

He dances in public all the time especially tweaking

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