Most Annoying Things Danny Phantom Fangirls Say

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1 I had a crush on Danny when I was a kid!

I also had a crush on Danny when I was a kid (don't judge)!

What? Also, this is not how you you say the sentence. It goes like this: "I had a crush on Danny Phantom when I was a kid! " Do they have bad grammar or something? I admit I accidently make typos, but whoever wrote this does not know how to write sentences.

That's messed up - epictoonsfan1

2 I hate Cat Noir! He trying to ruined Danny Phantom!
3 Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja should get cancelled!

Hm, sounds familiar. The Cunningan thing. Its seriously cute thing with same name, and has only added T1 as well. - P-51IsDaBest

Sady it did bizzardvark should have gotten canceled not randy Cunningham - epictoonsfan1

4 Miraculous Ladybug is an awful and unoriginal show!

What does this have to do with Danny Phantom? I love Miraculous Ladybug, but I also really liked Danny Phantom when I was a kid.

5 I want to marry with Danny Phantom!

God that's messed up I regret liking this show when I was 6 - epictoonsfan1

I want to kill Danny Phantom - Neonco31

That is literally crazy.

That's just both crazy and messed up.-Vestalis

6 I wish Danny Phantom was real!

Sorry to ruin your fantasies, but Danny is not real and no other cartoon character is real.

7 Danny Phantom looks so hot!

Isn't he on top ten hottest cartoon characters or something like that

Hot? Man those girls must be boy obsessed.

8 Cat Noir is awful! Danny Phantom is awesome!
9 Danny Phantom Is Better Than God
10 Dora is the Best Show Ever

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11 Danny Phantom haters are idiots and losers!
12 Whoever hates Danny Phantom should die!

I do now after hearing this - epictoonsfan1

13 Danny phantom is better than George Washington

If someone says this I will die inside - epictoonsfan1

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