Most Annoying Things In DeviantArt

DeviantART is a really awesome website about pictures and so on. But there's also a dark side of the. Let's take a look at it.

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1 Inflation fanart

If you're searching for your favourite female video game character, you'll find some disturbing inflation pictures of her. Really awkward. And not only inflation pictures. But also pregnant, giant feets, the REALLY horny snake Kaa hypnotizing her, vore and so on. Disgusting. - AtomicLugia

Seriously, what is attractive about an overly fat person? I can understand liking characters chubbier than usual (better for hugs, cuddles, etc.), but morbidly obese? Why?

This is just confusing...I mean, there is some decent fanart out there-I'll admit. but WHAT is the inflation fanart about?! - Garythesnail

Boobs and butts I get, but what's so sexy about fat people?

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2 The dumb search error

Instead of showing results I got this incredibly stupid error! Seriously, is this a dumb bug or is this meant to piss us of? - AtomicLugia

3 Finding pictures that don't match your search

Search for "gardevoir underwater" and you find a lot of stupid trainer cards that has absolutely nothing to do with that, what you are searching for. Quite ridiculous. - AtomicLugia

So true! I tried looking up some cool pics of Geometry Dash, and guess what I got? NASTY PORN PICS OF RAINBOW DASH! - ForeverGirl

Yes, this can be so annoying at times...

Also happens on search engines.

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4 You can't delete a comment

You can't delete, but you can hide them.

That is so annoying. I wish we could. - Powerfulgirl10

Yeah, I wish you can delete comments. I hope they add that feature soon.

At least we can hide them. - AinezoChan

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5 Full view

May be a new feature but it's really annoying because the switches sometimes automatic to this mode. If you'll find a disgusting picture like inflation fanart, this 'cool' feature will show you this with FULL RESOLUTION. - AtomicLugia

6 People thanking you for the fave

This is called being nice.

Why is this here? This is just other users rightfully being kind. If it wasn't for some decent artists treating others the way they would want to be treated, Deviantart's issues with trolling and cyberbullying would have plagued the site enough for its whole community to eventually implode long ago. - Entranced98

This is actually nice for me. Besides, that is a way to make friends on the Internet. - AinezoChan

It's polite to thank sure. But I would be annoyed at it sooner or later - Getovait

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7 Images that has everything in their keywords

I searched for Peach, I found a picture of some hedgehog. I searched for Daisy, I found a picture of some hedgehog again. I searched for Rosalina, and I STILL found a picture of some hedgehog. - AtomicLugia

I want an art of ___, but then a picture of a potato appears...

That is so outrageous. - AinezoChan

Ah yes, the Sonic fandom is nuts. It's like they name their OCs after every fictional character you can think of.

8 Almost all fanart is anime bishies

I don't have a thing against people who draw anime but most of the time, a western cartoon character is drawn in a bishie style just for the sake of eye candy. In this style, there is nothing unique about them as they all look the same.

I hate it when they turn manly characters into bishies. It makes them out of character for no reason. Why not accept them the way they are?

Even though I'm not against anime, it just takes over DeviantArt and makes anime overrated. - AinezoChan

Some anime art is actually mindblowing, but it seems that drawing in this kind of style is a shortcut to getting popular. - InSaneMinds

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9 Not having a PM

There is a PM. It's called Notes.

That is literally frustrating. Many people rudely say "NO" when I kindly ask them to give me Core. And make me open commissions which I can't stand at all. - AinezoChan

10 Blocking users doesn't make them invisible to you

This would be better

It has changed after so many years - Getovait

Thankfully this changed now - NintendoFan380

The Newcomers

? Satan worshipers
? Deviantart staff/admins don't care what's going on

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11 The Loud House "Memes"

Ya it's annoying now - TinyToonsGirl45

I saw some of that with Sing! pictures

What? This show is a meme now? - ForeverGirl

12 Fan girls who ship characters with themselves in their art.

Jiminycricketfan007 is a major example of this. Not only she ships herself with a fictional character, but also a deceased voice actor who played said character as well. Ouch. Her unhealthy obsession has gone way too far to the point of attracting so many trolls. This is not a person to look up to or see as a role model to be honest. I hope she grows out of her nasty obsessions soon and start facing reality. It's fine to like an actor, actress or fictional character, but treating them as your lovers is not good behavior at all.

It crushes dreams and annoys people out of their minds.

This is just...creepy. If you're honestly desperate enough to ship yourself with Mario or something, you may have a problem! - Garythesnail

That is ridiculous. This also happened in the GoAnimate community. - AinezoChan

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13 Rule 34

Crossover Rule 34 is one of the worst of it.

When you search for something without the tags "porn" or "rule34", you ALWAYS get porn instead of good fanart. - pootisgumball256

Also... Making rule 34 of real people will not be tolerated.

The Loud House is well known for it. - AinezoChan

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14 "Please reply to this comment I need to keep my profile clean, so don't leave a new comment above"
15 Llamas

I don't really get the point of the Llama Badge.

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16 People who think they are always right

Anyone who disagrees with them is seen as a moron. They act as if they are intellectually superior to people with different beliefs. Instead of being open to beliefs which are different from their own, they act like close-minded and shallow brats who are not capable of looking at something from someone else's perspective. And don't get me started on the rabid anti-theists and pro-choice fanatics. They think they are smart, but they are actually whiny, intolerant, and shallow.

The-Man-Of-Tomorrow is a perfect example.

This happens everywhere. Once I tried to explain to a guy on youtube that every fandom is cancer to some degree since he outright called a certain one cancer, and he would'nt listen to me or my opinion. Unfortunately you just have to deal with these people the best you can. - TheAlbinoWolf

This is so annoying, there is a difference between thinking you're right and actually being right. if I'm wrong then I don't mind if someone politely corrects me. I did it once and that person started whining and bitching saying I don't know what I'm talking about.

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17 You cannot disable comments on your profile

Yeah, and this just sucks. I wish this feature will be added soon, along with deleting negative comments.

At least you can report and hide - BorisRule

18 Friendly users who block you for stupid reasons

These users must be hypocrites. They are friendly yet they block innocent people for stupid reasons? I don't get the logic here. -_- - AinezoChan

19 People who claim you're stalking simply because you visited their profile

God, this is just so mean spirited. - AinezoChan

20 Being a user who gets banned

I used to be banned. - AinezoChan

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1. Blocking users doesn't make them invisible to you
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3. People who claim you're stalking simply because you visited their profile
1. The dumb search error
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1. You can't delete a comment
2. Finding pictures that don't match your search
3. The dumb search error

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