Most Annoying Things In DeviantArt

DeviantART is a really awesome website about pictures and so on. But there's also a dark side of the. Let's take a look at it.

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1 Inflation fanart

If you're searching for your favourite female video game character, you'll find some disturbing inflation pictures of her. Really awkward. And not only inflation pictures. But also pregnant, giant feets, the REALLY horny snake Kaa hypnotizing her, vore and so on. Disgusting. - AtomicLugia

Seriously, what is attractive about an overly fat person? I can understand liking characters chubbier than usual (better for hugs, cuddles, etc.), but morbidly obese? Why?

This is just confusing...I mean, there is some decent fanart out there-I'll admit. but WHAT is the inflation fanart about?! - Garythesnail

What's so sexy about Diabetes anyways? - BubblePops

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2 Finding pictures that don't match your search

Search for "gardevoir underwater" and you find a lot of stupid trainer cards that has absolutely nothing to do with that, what you are searching for. Quite ridiculous. - AtomicLugia

So true! I tried looking up some cool pics of Geometry Dash, and guess what I got? NASTY PORN PICS OF RAINBOW DASH! - ForeverGirl

Yes, this can be so annoying at times...

Yes! Finally someone pointed that out! Once I tried looking up "Welcome To The Wayne" and only about 3% of the whole search results are the ones I wanted too see. The rest of them are bad artworks of Nickelodeon shows (mostly Loudcest) and fanarts if Batman (because of the word "Wayne" maybe? ).

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3 You can't delete a comment

You can't delete, but you can hide them.

Yeah, I wish you can delete comments. I hope they add that feature soon.

That is so annoying. I wish we could. - Powerfulgirl10

At least we can hide them. - AinezoChan

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4 The dumb search error

Instead of showing results I got this incredibly stupid error! Seriously, is this a dumb bug or is this meant to piss us of? - AtomicLugia

I got Error 404 after clicking on Tundran Territories fan art, and the site's creator(s) don't seem to be willing to remove it, what!?

5 Full view

May be a new feature but it's really annoying because the switches sometimes automatic to this mode. If you'll find a disgusting picture like inflation fanart, this 'cool' feature will show you this with FULL RESOLUTION. - AtomicLugia

6 People thanking you for the fave

This is called being nice.

Why is this here? This is just other users rightfully being kind. If it wasn't for some decent artists treating others the way they would want to be treated, Deviantart's issues with trolling and cyberbullying would have plagued the site enough for its whole community to eventually implode long ago. - Entranced98

This is actually nice for me. Besides, that is a way to make friends on the Internet. - AinezoChan

This actually deserves to be on this list. I got really irritaded (don't know what other word to use) when people constantly spammed me these comments like if I did it personally. At first I hide their comments and un-fave what I faved from them, but then I just ignored it.
I don't collect fanarts just to make the art creator happy. I just fave them because I think it's an amazing artwork I'd love to save in my collection of entertaining fanart that I don't wanna forget or needing a research to find the artwork again. I do NOT always I care about who drew the artwork, all I care is that I love the picture. It's complicated and kinda hard to understand, but yeah I'm smart just like that! I'm so... Shut Up!

If you're fine with people thanking you over favouring their stuff, that's great, but not everyone will be tolerant with these kind of reasons to be thankful, (not) sorry to say this, but the favers are honestly not even obligated to allow *Thanks for the Fave* comments in ...more

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7 Images that has everything in their keywords

I searched for Peach, I found a picture of some hedgehog. I searched for Daisy, I found a picture of some hedgehog again. I searched for Rosalina, and I STILL found a picture of some hedgehog. - AtomicLugia

I want an art of ___, but then a picture of a potato appears...

That is so outrageous. - AinezoChan

Ah yes, the Sonic fandom is nuts. It's like they name their OCs after every fictional character you can think of.

8 Not having a PM

There is a PM. It's called Notes.

That is literally frustrating. Many people rudely say "NO" when I kindly ask them to give me Core. And make me open commissions which I can't stand at all. - AinezoChan

It's within someone's rights to not spend money on giving you a Core. If you want a Core that bad, earn points through commissions. - AlestAL357

9 Almost all fanart is anime bishies

I don't have a thing against people who draw anime but most of the time, a western cartoon character is drawn in a bishie style just for the sake of eye candy. In this style, there is nothing unique about them as they all look the same.

I hate it when they turn manly characters into bishies. It makes them out of character for no reason. Why not accept them the way they are?

Even though I'm not against anime, it just takes over DeviantArt and makes anime overrated. - AinezoChan

Some anime art is actually mindblowing, but it seems that drawing in this kind of style is a shortcut to getting popular. - InSaneMinds

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10 Blocking users doesn't make them invisible to you

This would be better

It has changed after so many years - Getovait

blow me

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11 The Loud House "Memes"

Ya it's annoying now - TinyToonsGirl45

This should be the most annoying thing in deviantart

How can you call these "memes"? All you do is copy-paste two pictures into MS Paint. - ItsPisces

They've probably had watched Nickelodeon. (AKA the meme channel! )

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12 Fan girls who ship characters with themselves in their art.

Jiminycricketfan007 is a major example of this. Not only she ships herself with a fictional character, but also a deceased voice actor who played said character as well. Ouch. Her unhealthy obsession has gone way too far to the point of attracting so many trolls. This is not a person to look up to or see as a role model to be honest. I hope she grows out of her nasty obsessions soon and start facing reality. It's fine to like an actor, actress or fictional character, but treating them as your lovers is not good behavior at all.

It crushes dreams and annoys people out of their minds.

This is just...creepy. If you're honestly desperate enough to ship yourself with Mario or something, you may have a problem! - Garythesnail

These people really need to seek a therapist - BubblePops

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13 Rule 34

Crossover Rule 34 is one of the worst of it.

When you search for something without the tags "porn" or "rule34", you ALWAYS get porn instead of good fanart. - pootisgumball256

Also... Making rule 34 of real people will not be tolerated.

Rule 34 artists are so desperate to jerk off - BubblePops

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14 You cannot disable comments on your profile

Yeah, and this just sucks. I wish this feature will be added soon, along with deleting negative comments.

At least you can report and hide - BorisRule

15 "Please reply to this comment I need to keep my profile clean, so don't leave a new comment above"
16 Llamas

I don't really get the point of the Llama Badge.

YEAH It's SO TRUE - LeafpoolLover

17 Friendly users who block you for stupid reasons

If you offend someone you'll not only get blocked, but all their friends will clique up against you as well. A lot snarky infancy on that site.

Makes me so glad I'm not on DeviantArt.

One user blocked me because apparently I swore in a comment. - ItsPisces

These users must be hypocrites. They are friendly yet they block innocent people for stupid reasons? I don't get the logic here. -_- - AinezoChan

18 Fetish artwork

This seriously should be first - Neonco31

Can fetish art just get banned already

Fetish art is disgusting. - Lunala

There is way too much fetish art - Mranonymously

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19 Vore

It sucks that this and other fetish art show up when you're looking for something totally unrelated.

They make me feel discomfort. Espeically if it has internal shots of the stomach - YourWaifuSucks

If this is supposed to be romantic or sexy it's not how eating a person and now he/she is turning into that person's poop
How's that romantic

Came - Ilovestephanie

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20 People who claim you're stalking simply because you visited their profile

God, this is just so mean spirited. - AinezoChan

21 Being a user who gets banned

I used to be banned. - AinezoChan

22 People who think they are always right

Anyone who disagrees with them is seen as a moron. They act as if they are intellectually superior to people with different beliefs. Instead of being open to beliefs which are different from their own, they act like close-minded and shallow brats who are not capable of looking at something from someone else's perspective. And don't get me started on the rabid anti-theists and pro-choice fanatics. They think they are smart, but they are actually whiny, intolerant, and shallow.

The-Man-Of-Tomorrow is a perfect example.

This happens everywhere. Once I tried to explain to a guy on youtube that every fandom is cancer to some degree since he outright called a certain one cancer, and he would'nt listen to me or my opinion. Unfortunately you just have to deal with these people the best you can. - TheAlbinoWolf

*cough*psychoswordlady*cough* (Thank God she deactivated and left this site now)

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23 Sonic fanbase

Infinite (Sonic Forces) is also getting an awful fanbase due to himself being an edgy villain, a stereotype I despise. It also doesn't help that he's a jackal, which happens to be one of the most misunderstood animals in the world because of how many times they've been villains in fiction.

Shadow, Rouge, Cream, Silver and Blaze have the worst fandoms of any Sonic character. Sally, too.

That fanbase is horrible. - Powerfulgirl10

Jake Paul: We are the #1 Fanbase.
Logan Paul: Shush, Jake.

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24 Naked drawings

I personally think this should be higher than the mature content.

Hope I don't see a Miley Cyrus Joke in the drawings... - bugger

Most Of These Are In Mature Content

(See drawing)

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25 Child porn fan art

What is wrong with these people who are creating these - jbella9000

True... just take a look at the South Park and Loud House fanbase

Loud House is a perfect example. - AinezoChan

Yep, DA is full of Pedophiles - Lunala

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26 People making fanart of killing the character they hate

They're especially hypocritical about it, too. How come it's okay for them to kill Johnny Test, yet it's not okay for me to kill any character from Kingdom Hearts?

*cough* Johnny Test hatedom. Those guys are absolute bonkers and will devour your soul if you disagree with them. Their hate art consists of things like Steven Universe ripping Johnny in half, Rainbow Dash kicking Johnny Test, someone stabbing Johnny with a knife, minions shooting Johnny, etc, all crudely drawn in Ms paint - Lunala

Please, its just a fictional character, its okay if you hate it, but making fanart of killing them? Isn't that too much?

Hating a character is ok, but killing a character that you hate is making yourself the word called "Hypocritical", also you cannot kills-off a character unless if it is your, and it made me remembered that like hypocrite goanimater killing Caillou or Dora or others character that they hate.
(My grammar suck anyways lol)

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27 Crossover shipping

This is one of the biggest annoyances on not only the, but also the entire Internet. Crossover shipping is like kissing a random stranger for no reason, and that's not a good moral to teach your kids. (Same-series ships all the way! ) Here are two of the worst crossover ships that anyone can think of:

Sonic the Hedgehog x Fuli the Cheetah from The Lion Guard: People think they should be together because they're both fast. What? TLG sucks and Sonic is already torn in a same-series shipping war between Amy Rose and Sally Acorn, although some ship him with Rouge, Blaze and even *gasp* Elise. We just don't want to make this war worse.

Fox McCloud x Cream the Rabbit: A horrible idea for shipping because Fox is already with Krystal, or in the old comics, Fara Phoenix, and that Cream is not suited for romance and never had a romantic interest in Tails or anyone else in Sonic. Disney's Zootopia has made a fox and rabbit (Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps) to be a couple despite the fact ...more

Anyone who prefers to ship crossover ships over same-series ships are a bunch of idiots.

Link X Peach is a terrible ship to me - ParkerFang

And Mga VOVO pang himo

Except Sadiko X pennywise is a good example but penny is IT.

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28 Mature filter

I'm actually glad this exists. Without it, you would see many naked drawings.

I also SERIOUSLY agree. Without it, your life on this site will never be the same. - Powerfulgirl10

Actually, this is a good thing. There's a reason we don't want to see rude things... - Swellow

Actually is a good thing they have this cause some stuff on here that many eyes don't need to see.

Mature filter is good, because that means you don’t see as much gross stuff. But the bad thing is that some gross drawings don’t have the filter on. - Lunala

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29 Fart fetishes

Kinda childish if you ask me... - mayamanga

Tackofetish Is The Worst Of This

Call it "deviantFART" hahaaha. nah just kidding. - Getovait

30 Incest fanart

Shipping Lincoln and Lynn JUST GROSS! - TinyToonsGirl45

Incest cross all the lines! It's just a big no no even in art - Getovait

This problem has The Loud House written all over it. - bugger

31 Deviantart staff/admins don't care what's going on
32 Pony and Sonic OCs

Good luck finding a search results page in deviantART without ponies or sonic recolors.

Haha I hate the they annoy me - LeafpoolLover

Pony OCs are OK but Sonic OCs are horrible. - AinezoChan

Paw Patrol OCs suck too. Yep, an unironic Paw Patrol fandom EXISTS and it’s basically a mini Sonic Fandom because they draw porn and their OCs are either badly drawn circle tool in MS Paint or recolours - Lunala

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33 Cartoon porn

Most of it's not even sexy. It's just really gross!

I wish that Deviantart removed 'What's hot' and add a moderation rule when The people on Deviantart draws an art with cartoon porn things on it. That's my idea because THERE ARE TOO MANY ARTS ON THESE DEVIANTART STUFF! (Sorry caps) - bugger

Sonic Fanbase

Well said. - AinezoChan

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34 Overdoing all of their fetishes

That is annoying. - AinezoChan

35 The Dora fan club

The Dora fan club?! This makes Dora look like the president! But she is the president of deluded fruitcakes anonymous! Gimme a break!

This Better Not Exist

People are allowed to have their opinion - RB-Number1-fan


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36 Religious people

Why are they there? And no, I do not care what you believe in. The worst part is there are art full of them.

AND they ALWAYS get away with EVERYTHING. Wanting/wishing that non-Christians would die/be killed. I mean, COME ON. Is not that going a LITTLE TO FAR WITH YOUR RELIGION!? My these people are horrible...

Those Sonic Bible pictures get me every time. - Drewman1211

37 Shipping wars Shipping wars Shipping Wars is a reality television series that aired on A&E from January 10, 2012 to April 29, 2015. The show follows various independent shippers who have discovered that money can be made transporting large items that traditional carriers either cannot or will not haul.

Especially the whole shipping war involving Dusty from Balto III: Wings of Change. Dusty's official mate in the film is Ralph, the big sled dog of the team, yet fans want her to be with Kodi for some reason.

38 Promise breakers

That's so cruel! - HunterBrony101

Yeah that's not nice at all - Getovait

Promise breakers are the third worst things to trolls

39 BiliahTheSegaGamer
40 Shipping pictures

As long as they don't pair Fox McCloud up with Cream the Rabbit... That is the worst idea for a shipping ever.

Especially crossover shipping.

Well, I've already given you some examples of annoying things on deviantart in my comment about adventure time fans in "most annoying fan bases":those drawings are all about finnceline (the "artist" with that weird nickname even drew some scenes from the fanfic I hate the most! ) apart from the last one which is about bubbline. How dared those people ruin the funniest, cuddliest and most tearjerking vampire sweetie ever?!?

Absolutely-Delish is a perfect example of the Shadow x Shrek crap. - Powerfulgirl10

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41 Frozen fangirls

Not as bad as The Lion King butt-kissers out there.

One time, I searched up NinPeachLover on Deviantart, I saw a picture of Elsa made by her, also... I don't have deviantart, all I see is pictures. Well back to NinPeachLover and Elsa, I clicked the Elsa Picture, and all I see in the comments is Elsa Fans and not a Single Elsa Hater in it. Speaking of NinPeachLover's Elsa Drawing. The Elsa drawing looks... kind of shocking. So... I know NinPeachLover only draws female characters in universes. This is what I hate about Deviantart, Frozen took over Deviantart, just wow. - bugger

Seriously, they need to stop. - AinezoChan

42 Perverts

This Is What Most Of The Sonic Fanbase Is

Why isn't this higher. They comprise a cancerous majority of DeviantArt nowadays - Neonco31

Yep. There's way too many of them. - Powerfulgirl10

A large portion of the Lion King/Lion Guard fanbase is this. Especially the Shenzi, Banzai and Ed fans. God...

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43 Clopping

Poor Ponies

Cloppers... they won't... ruin me - Neonco31

44 Terrible MS paint work

Rather do this than make fetish - BorisRule

I don't use MS Paint anymore, I'm now using - GenoKenneth

Heh, I use an app on my phone called Sketchbook. - Lunala

I do use MS paint to make complex images. - AinezoChan

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45 Fanservice

This is very bad when it comes to a character that's underage. This is why I'm starting to not like Cream the Rabbit because of how other people see her from their perspectives. They horribly sexualize her when she is only six, and to be honest with you all; She never shown any romantic interaction with Tails nor especially Fox McCloud so stop shipping her with one of those two.

Don't you just hate it when you see a really developed female character in a show or game who's personality is better than looks, and you see the internet draws the character in the most explicit ways?

I've seen a hundred good artists changing to do this, and it just bothers me. Remember personality > looks. - Swellow

Personality is always > looks.
Same with quality > quantity. - BorisRule

46 Shadow x Shrek

One of the most messed up Sonic shippings next to Sonic x Fuli.

Shrek is killing the internet.

Why the heck do people ship this abomination? Shrek is married to Fiona for heaven's sake, he shouldn't be with the edge'hog. And as far as Shadow shippings go, why not ship Shadow/Rouge? (Or if you like platonic, non-romantic ships, Shadow/Maria or Shadow/Omega)

Stupid crack shipping and disturbing crossovers are why it is difficult to find good Shadow pictures, lately.

47 Fat art

For example, if you're looking for a picture of Wonder Woman, you'll come across a fat image of her that's very disturbing.

It just makes me want to starve myself, as I said on other lists. But if that was a typo and you meant Fan Art, I have no problem with fan art. - mayamanga

48 Weeaboos

They suck in general, always bragging wildly about how cool Japanese culture is in sharp contrast to their own culture - Neonco31

Like who? - mayamanga

707fangirl is a perfect example of being a weeaboo. But she is a horrible weeaboo overall. Guilt trips, pedophidically shipping herself with older characters not to mention wanting to have sex with them, its sickening. She even said she sees Hau and Gladion from the Pokemon series having sex together, when they're young children! This person is just repulsive, and I'm suprised she isn't banned, especially when she made death threats to other users for stupid reasons. And she says she's 15 years old claiming she has autism. Please, more like a bratty attention seeker in my opinion.

49 Death battles

This is one of the most annoying things on the and another excuse for fans to compare different characters from different franchises together if shipping is not acceptable. Every time someone makes a Death Battle, it's about two characters that they think are similar such as Fox McCloud vs. Nick Wilde, rather than two characters that are rivals or enemies in their series such as, for instance, Mario vs. Bowser. Seriously, Fox is not like Nick. The Zootopia fandom should leave Star Fox alone if they can't understand the differences. I am especially worried if they would make a death battle that pits Nikki, Kaltag and Star from Balto against Shenzi, Banzai and Ed from The Lion King, people would root for Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, which are horrible characters and deserve to lose. The dogs in Balto are not ripoffs of the hyenas in TLK, their similarities are purely coincidental and the hyenas don't reform and help the protagonist like the dogs did in their film. Eating Scar doesn't mean ...more

Every one of these things looks like an awful MS Paint Job were you Copy Paste two images on a background - YourWaifuSucks

50 People who hate autism

Pinocchiofan4ever is an example of this. He/she hates autism and likes "normal" people better, he/she bullies autistic people for no reason. (I saw a Pro-Autism stamp on the once, and his/her comments were not nice at all, he/she bullied an autistic user (GuarganRamb) while he/she was there) Pinocchiofan4ever also has a diaper fetish and a scat fetish (gross! ), wears tattoos of his/her favorite characters and ships Sonic characters with classic cartoon characters. This is why I hate this user so much. As the name suggests, he/she should go to Pleasure Island and be turned into a donkey for the rest of his/her life as a punishment for everything he/she did.
As someone with autism myself, we are just as human as everyone else. There is no reason to hate or bully anyone with autism.

I was also bullied for having Autism as well...

Oh my god, I wish there was a website on the internet without offensive autism jokes! - Lunala

I have HFA aka aspergers - XYZeed

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