Most Annoying Things In DeviantArt

DeviantART is a really awesome website about pictures and so on. But there's also a dark side of the. Let's take a look at it.

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41 Weeaboos

They suck in general, always bragging wildly about how cool Japanese culture is in sharp contrast to their own culture - Neonco31

Like who? - mayamanga

707fangirl is a perfect example of being a weeaboo. But she is a horrible weeaboo overall. Guilt trips, pedophidically shipping herself with older characters not to mention wanting to have sex with them, its sickening. She even said she sees Hau and Gladion from the Pokemon series having sex together, when they're young children! This person is just repulsive, and I'm suprised she isn't banned, especially when she made death threats to other users for stupid reasons. And she says she's 15 years old claiming she has autism. Please, more like a bratty attention seeker in my opinion.

42 Death battles

This is one of the most annoying things on the and another excuse for fans to compare different characters from different franchises together if shipping is not acceptable. Every time someone makes a Death Battle, it's about two characters that they think are similar such as Fox McCloud vs. Nick Wilde, rather than two characters that are rivals or enemies in their series such as, for instance, Mario vs. Bowser. Seriously, Fox is not like Nick. The Zootopia fandom should leave Star Fox alone if they can't understand the differences. I am especially worried if they would make a death battle that pits Nikki, Kaltag and Star from Balto against Shenzi, Banzai and Ed from The Lion King, people would root for Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, which are horrible characters and deserve to lose. The dogs in Balto are not ripoffs of the hyenas in TLK, their similarities are purely coincidental and the hyenas don't reform and help the protagonist like the dogs did in their film. Eating Scar doesn't mean ...more

Every one of these things looks like an awful MS Paint Job were you Copy Paste two images on a background - YourWaifuSucks

43 Horrible fan art of lesser known or obscure fandoms

If you thought bad art of the more popular fandoms was awful, then wait until you see creepy fetish garbage based on any unknown or obscure movie, video game, T.V. show or whatnot you can imagine, which is especially overwhelming because you thought it was safe from that crud at first.

Now, I really have nothing against CLEAN art of any obscure media out there. It's just the crossover and/or fetish art of them I cannot stand.

44 Art theft or identity theft

I didn't have to deal with this but it is extremely annoying -_-

45 Sonic the hedgehog and Fuli the Cheetah together

There are a few fans who did this, and I'm not happy with it.

Sonic/Amy, Sonic/Sally, Sonic/Rouge, Sonic/Elise and Sonic/Blaze are much better ships than Sonic/Fuli.

46 Incest fanart

Shipping Lincoln and Lynn JUST GROSS! - TinyToonsGirl45

Incest cross all the lines! It's just a big no no even in art - Getovait

47 Promise breakers

That's so cruel! - HunterBrony101

Yeah that's not nice at all - Getovait

Promise breakers are the third worst things to trolls

48 People shove their interests down your throat

Yeah, this gets quite annoying.

49 Modifyers
50 Rossli


51 Getting called out publicly

Getting called out or calling out on someone is never okay, especially if you or such never mean any harm. This is why I don't have a DeviantArt, so that I don't have to worry about drama or getting called out on anywhere.

52 Shipping pictures

As long as they don't pair Fox McCloud up with Cream the Rabbit... That is the worst idea for a shipping ever.

Especially crossover shipping.

Well, I've already given you some examples of annoying things on deviantart in my comment about adventure time fans in "most annoying fan bases":those drawings are all about finnceline (the "artist" with that weird nickname even drew some scenes from the fanfic I hate the most! ) apart from the last one which is about bubbline. How dared those people ruin the funniest, cuddliest and most tearjerking vampire sweetie ever?!?

Absolutely-Delish is a perfect example of the Shadow x Shrek crap. - Powerfulgirl10

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53 Overdoing the foot fetish

Although I like feet too much of anything on deviantart is bad

I like shoes and feet but this is just trash. - AinezoChan

RichardDawson in a nutshell.-Vestalis

54 People who give good things a bad name

I hate it when a few people make us true Sonic fans look horrible!

Lion King fans give everything good a bad name, because TLK is the lowest scum movie of the world!

55 Sonic fan girls

Some of them are a bit crazy... And by a bit I mean super duper crazy. I am a girl who plays the game and Deviniantart gives me a bad name.

56 The Dora fan club

The Dora fan club?! This makes Dora look like the president! But she is the president of deluded fruitcakes anonymous! Gimme a break!

This Better Not Exist

People are allowed to have their opinion - RB-Number1-fan

57 Hate art
58 Fanservice

This is very bad when it comes to a character that's underage. This is why I'm starting to not like Cream the Rabbit because of how other people see her from their perspectives. They horribly sexualize her when she is only six, and to be honest with you all; She never shown any romantic interaction with Tails nor especially Fox McCloud so stop shipping her with one of those two.

Don't you just hate it when you see a really developed female character in a show or game who's personality is better than looks, and you see the internet draws the character in the most explicit ways?

I've seen a hundred good artists changing to do this, and it just bothers me. Remember personality > looks. - Swellow

59 My Little Pony

I hate My Little Pony. I have no problem with fan art, though. IT CROSSES THE LINE IF IT IS INAPPROPRIATE!

I Constantly Try To Find Good Fan Art So I Have To Agree On This One

Wow, I have a lot of favorite pony artworks there. Ponified ones, don't care, porn? NO, no, no! - Neonco31

I've found a good amount of excellent MLP fanart, but when it's bad...oh Good Lord... - SailorSedna

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60 Barney fanart

This Better Not Exist

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