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41 Art theft or identity theft V 1 Comment
42 Shipping pictures

As long as they don't pair Fox McCloud up with Cream the Rabbit... That is the worst idea for a shipping ever.

Especially crossover shipping.

Well, I've already given you some examples of annoying things on deviantart in my comment about adventure time fans in "most annoying fan bases":those drawings are all about finnceline (the "artist" with that weird nickname even drew some scenes from the fanfic I hate the most! ) apart from the last one which is about bubbline. How dared those people ruin the funniest, cuddliest and most tearjerking vampire sweetie ever?!?

Absolutely-Delish is a perfect example of the Shadow x Shrek crap. - Powerfulgirl10

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43 Overdoing the foot fetish

Although I like feet too much of anything on deviantart is bad

I like shoes and feet but this is just trash. - AinezoChan

RichardDawson in a nutshell.-Vestalis

44 People who give good things a bad name

I hate it when a few people make us true Sonic fans look horrible!

Lion King fans give everything good a bad name, because TLK is the lowest scum movie of the world!

45 Sonic fan girls

Some of them are a bit crazy... And by a bit I mean super duper crazy. I am a girl who plays the game and Deviniantart gives me a bad name.

46 Perverts

This Is What Most Of The Sonic Fanbase Is

Why isn't this higher. They comprise a cancerous majority of DeviantArt nowadays - Neonco31

Yep. There's way too many of them. - Powerfulgirl10

A large portion of the Lion King/Lion Guard fanbase is this. Especially the Shenzi, Banzai and Ed fans. God...

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47 The Dora fan club

The Dora fan club?! This makes Dora look like the president! But she is the president of deluded fruitcakes anonymous! Gimme a break!

This Better Not Exist

People are allowed to have their opinion - RB-Number1-fan

48 Hate art
49 Fanservice

This is very bad when it comes to a character that's underage. This is why I'm starting to not like Cream the Rabbit because of how other people see her from their perspectives. They horribly sexualize her when she is only six, and to be honest with you all; She never shown any romantic interaction with Tails nor especially Fox McCloud so stop shipping her with one of those two.

Don't you just hate it when you see a really developed female character in a show or game who's personality is better than looks, and you see the internet draws the character in the most explicit ways?

I've seen a hundred good artists changing to do this, and it just bothers me. Remember personality > looks. - Swellow

50 People constantly posting images from kisekae

I do like the game and I use It for character imagery sometimes(I even tried to use It on some of my OCs), But people keep posting them on DeviantArt and claiming that they drew It. It's practically cheating - MLPFan

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51 Stock photos

Deviant art is for ART, not photos. - FluffyBanana

52 Shadow x Shrek

One of the most messed up Sonic shippings next to Sonic x Fuli.

53 "The Mask" art
54 Pedophiles Pedophiles

These sickos are bad and don't deserve to live.

That picture though... - Neonco31

Mistystuffer in a nutshell. Mistystuffer is a veteran PEDOPHILE who draws anime girls as HORRIFYING blobs of fat (HELL HE EVEN RUINED LUCINA FROM FIRE EMBLEM, YUNO GASAI FROM MIRAI NIKKI, AND MAMI TOMOE FROM MADOKA MAGICA )-Vestalis

55 Mary sues

I hate mary sues

56 People who hate autism

Pinocchiofan4ever is an example of this. He/she hates autism and likes "normal" people better, he/she bullies autistic people for no reason. (I saw a Pro-Autism stamp on the once, and his/her comments were not nice at all, he/she bullied an autistic user (GuarganRamb) while he/she was there) Pinocchiofan4ever also has a diaper fetish and a scat fetish (gross! ), wears tattoos of his/her favorite characters and ships Sonic characters with classic cartoon characters. This is why I hate this user so much. As the name suggests, he/she should go to Pleasure Island and be turned into a donkey for the rest of his/her life as a punishment for everything he/she did.
As someone with autism myself, we are just as human as everyone else. There is no reason to hate or bully anyone with autism.

I was also bullied for having Autism as well...

57 Incest fanart

Shipping Lincoln and Lynn JUST GROSS! - TinyToonsGirl45

58 Promise breakers

That's so cruel! - HunterBrony101

Promise breakers are the third worst things to trolls

59 BiliahTheSegaGamer

This should instead go on the list "Worst Artists on DeviantART" - NintendoFan380

60 People shove their interests down your throat

Yeah, this gets quite annoying.

I hate how RedheadXilamGuy always shoving his obsession to Modifyers down my throat and he always hoping exaggerately that Modifyers would got a T.V. show one day. Modifyers WOULDN'T go to Disney Channel because Disney Channel already pick Danger Mouse reboot in some countries. - ChatNoirFan18

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