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81 Buffed-up muscle art

Jose-Ramiro makes Shenzi look muscular, which is very out of character. TheHyenasSBE does the same with Banzai and Ed. As we all know, Shenzi, Banzai and Ed deserve to die cause they are one of the lowest scum of all fictional characters.

Seriously, even Renamon is more muscular than this trio will ever be!

82 Bloatoons
83 Blaze the Cat haters

Her haters are bad but that doesn't stop her from also having a bad fandom as well. I wish she was better received than she usually is.

84 Giantess worshipers

I kinda can understand macrophila, but most art of giantesses are just weird and odd as a lot of the time they're half naked/in bikinis! - SailorSedna

SBE made Shenzi a Giantess, which is so wrong.

85 Too many spoiled brats
86 Animated atrocities and 1001 animations

I understand that movies and such have been reviewed many times, and I know people have every right to review whatever the heck they want, but this whole meme of 1001 animations you must see before you die and "animated atrocities" is repetitive and treats popular opinions like they're a religion that no one has a right to express unpopular opinions anymore. It also doesn't help that these people steal images they find on Google Image Search instead of drawing an image of their own to go with their reviews. (It would be more creative and less copyright problematic if they drew their own title cards instead of finding poor quality screenshots from elsewhere) Seriously, not everyone is going to treat The Lion King like it's God and praise it over everything else, not everyone is going to hate on some other Disney film or non-Disney flick and call it a ripoff of something or inferior to TLK, and not everyone is going to agree with each other when it comes to every movie, T.V. show, book ...more

I'd still say Titanic The Animated Movie is worse because it insults the 1503 people who died on it and the 705 who survived, Lion King didn't insult any dead people. - SailorSedna

I mostly just do Admirable Animations now instead, I've stopped with the Atrocities (I'd use the "Print Screen" button to get images myself). - SailorSedna

87 Kingdom hearts crossover and yaoi art

This especially reeks because Kingdom Hearts is a crossover itself between JUST Disney and Square-Enix, there is no need to add other companies' characters in there. And KH is not even in the yaoi genre, yet there are so many yaoi art and fanfics that the fanbase just poos out every once in a while.

88 Turning every character into a lion king character

This really sucks and I personally blame the Pride Lands world in Kingdom Hearts II for this. Fans of The Lion King would take every character from every movie, game, book, show you can think of and turn them into a TLK-styled lion, meerkat, hyena, et cetera depending on the role or character. It annoys me quick.

89 Sonic drawn in the old, rubber hose style of cartoon

Sonic the Hedgehog was made to be, and originated as, A VIDEO GAME FRANCHISE. It doesn't fit with the old cartoons. While it may had cartoon adaptions, so do other video games.

It especially makes me cringe when people ship Sonic characters with classic cartoon characters. Mickey can't marry Rouge or Amy, he's married to Minnie! Felix the Cat isn't Blaze's soul mate, he's Kitty's! Geez, people.

90 Villains getting the Draco in Leather Pants treatment

There is one weirdo who portrays Adolf Wolf (from Blitz Wolf) and Von Vulture (from Daffy the Commando) as this. They're supposed to be antagonists of WW2 propaganda animated shorts to "Boo! " at, not sexy boy toys for fangirls to fawn over, but let's face it, they're not the only villains who succumbed to this horrible trope though, it's a long list, but to be honest with you all... Villains were made to be cruel, horrible and as a plot device for the good guys to kill off at the end, and let's keep them that way, shall we.

91 Heroes and allies who get the Ron the Death Eater treatment

I really hate this trope. They want to change a character that's a hero or good guy into a villain, just because they either remind them of a villain from another series, or because they do it for the sake of the plot in their fanfics. Examples of good characters who often get the Ron the Death Eater treatment are Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony, Karel from Fire Emblem and the most famous example (and trope namer), Ron Weasley from Harry Potter. Why can't you accept the way they are, and not what you want them to be?

Now, if you are writing a crossover fanfic and really want to give a non-villainous fictional character the Ron the Death Eater treatment so badly, then why not do it to every protagonist (a.k.a. Pride Landers) in The Lion King and The Lion Guard in your fanfics? Why? Because Mufasa told Simba to respect all creatures, yet whenever a certain species is mentioned entering the 'Pride Lands', Mufasa acts like a bigoted dictator and runs off to keep said animals away from entering the lands and forcing them back into the Outlands where they're forced to starve to death. His son Simba and grandson Kion seem to have inherited a lot of his traits. Bunga the honey badger acts like a big jerk to others, such as farting on gazelles and baboons for no reason other than having to save a loved one, yet he didn't decide to use other ways to do so, and also bullied a cobra for no reason which led the cobra to become a villain in the show's second season. It also doesn't help the fact that the Pride ...more

92 Turning a manly character into a bishonen

This bugs me no end. Look what some fans do to Wolf O'Donnell from Star Fox. Wolf is supposed to be masculine yet these fanbutts make him a bishie by giving him long hair or a more slender build which is nothing like the character he is in the game. His hair is similar to Fox McCloud's and he is even more muscular than both Fox and Falco. Just because he is the rival or evil counterpart to a main character doesn't make him a bishie.

93 Diaper fetish

This is one of the most disgusting fetishes of all time. It makes me sick and want to throw up.

It's kinda disrespectful to incontinent people - Getovait

Prentis-65 in the nutshell. - ChatNoirFan18

94 Close-minded people

They're such brats and some of the biggest lolcows on the Internet. Two examples were Weaselbear and Psychoswordlady, at least they deactivated now, but man, they were close-minded and mean-spirited with their opinions and they kept rubbing their noses into other peoples' faces. People like these are what attracts hate and trolls into fandoms, so stay away from them as much as you can.

95 The Lion King fans

I know everyone has their likes and dislikes, but TLK is one of, if not, the worst fandom of all time. It is especially bad when they make crossovers of it with other fandoms.

96 Balto crossover art with The Lion King

And shipping the characters makes it even worse.

97 Chris-chan and Sonichu

Gives autistic people a bad reputation. Seriously, I'm autistic and I am NOTHING like Chris-Chan.

98 Recast memes
99 Shipping real people

Unless the two people are married, shipping two random real people together is not right. It's especially bad (and impossible) if you ship a real person with a fictional character.

I know, shippers are idiots these days. AVGN is already married and has a kid. Elise likes Sonic. What the heck is this deviant artist thinking?! Fandumbs keep getting worse and worse...

100 Fetish art of real people

Fictional characters is one thing, but fetish art of real people is going too far to the point of being not acceptable.

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