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101 Balto crossover art with The Lion King

And shipping the characters makes it even worse.

I think that Nightrizer, DJ88, NostalgicChills, Soraheartsforme, Madarao123, Nutty-Nutzis, Weaselbear, MockingjayBases, CunningJanja, Timon-Berkowitz and so on are awful. Well, any gallery with TLK fanart is awful, but TheHyenasSBE is the worst of all these users.

Heck, just look at the "Top 10 Worst Cyberbullies on Deviantart" list on this site. Everyone whose fans think makes the "greatest TLK fanart" is listed here. Maybe not bullies, but their fanart are all terrible.

Even though they might be different as people IRL, it's the idea of crossovering anything they want with TLK (not just with Balto) that is horrible.

102 Chris-chan and Sonichu

Gives autistic people a bad reputation. Seriously, I'm autistic and I am NOTHING like Chris-Chan.

What's Chris chan's username? - Getovait

I think his username is ChrisChanSonichu but I am not quite sure.

103 Recast memes
104 Shipping real people

Unless the two people are married, shipping two random real people together is not right. It's especially bad (and impossible) if you ship a real person with a fictional character.

I know, shippers are idiots these days. AVGN is already married and has a kid. Elise likes Sonic. What the heck is this deviant artist thinking?! Fandumbs keep getting worse and worse...

105 Fetish art of real people

Fictional characters is one thing, but fetish art of real people is going too far to the point of being not acceptable.

106 Posting copyrighted images from Google image search and treating it like it's photobucket or tumblr

The is an ART site, okay. You shouldn't be posting images that don't belong to you in your gallery.

I thought they don't do this but I saw this :(

107 Traced images and bases

Whatever happened to "drawing on your own" or "being original"?

108 Sonic the hedgehog and Fuli the Cheetah together

There are a few fans who did this, and I'm not happy with it.

109 Furries

Just gross - TinyToonsGirl45

110 People who make opinionated/political stamps

The reason I stopped viewing stamps on this site. I have no problem with political content and opinions, but it constantly stretches out way too far to the point these people don't even know the meaning of "freedom of speech" (it ain't racism, for sure).

Yeah, they can go overboard. If they really want to express their opinions, then they would have to just say it on their profile or a journal entry, otherwise.

111 False reporters

Ugh, the religious psycho Christians are the ones whom usually do this horrid thing to people I've noticed...absolutely drives me and my online friends insane and up the wall.

112 Gore/Violence Arts

Perfectly fine if it's fanart based on a game, show or film of the horror genre or is violent in canon, but to see gory or violent art of children's media is just sickening.

There are several TLK fanart that are gory and violent, and you see why TLK is the worst franchise with the worst fanbase and reputation out of any movie, game, or show ever made.

113 Off Topic Search Results
114 People that have an annoying hatred on Johnny Test
115 Wolfaboos
116 Rabbid Furries
117 Spyro Porn

Let me guess. Cynder's adult/villainous form is subject to this. Yes? No?

What's even worse are the crossover ships. I saw poor Spyro paired with Simba. So wrong!

118 Offensive Fanart
119 Five Nights at Freddy's Fanatics
120 Breadwinners fanart
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