Top Ten Most Annoying Things to Do to Your Friends


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1 Enter the Wrong Password On Their iPhone Over and Over So They Have to Wait to Go On It.

Yes I did this my best friends iPad because kept annoying worked like a charm

Once I disabled my friends phone for an hour and she got... Pretty mad. - Minecraftcrazy530

My friend changed my password once so id stop going on it! The sad part is, she changed it to 1234. The sadder part is, it took me a lonnng time to figure out... - keycha1n

I do this to my friend and she can't do it to me because I am an android user MWAHAHAA - AzaleanGirl

2 Text Them 'spam' 190 Times

Monty Python time! It doesn't have much spam in it. - PositronWildhawk

3 Call Them When You Know They Are Busy
4 Yell Bee (If They Don't Like Bees)
5 Start Saying Their Pet Cobra Is Sick In Front of Their Crush

He (or she) will probably run. Well, if it is a girl. A boy would probably be like," YAAASSS I WANNA SEE I WANNA SEE! " - AzaleanGirl

6 Start Talking to Them In Ancient Greece

Yeah. I left you a message thousands of years ago while I was fighting the Trojans. I'm sure you find it if you join that archaeology team. - PositronWildhawk

If you are genius and can SPEAK ancient Greece. probaboy can't. Idiotai - AzaleanGirl

7 Call Them the Name of Their Least Favorite Character from a TV Show

I'd be called Alejandro (total drama world tour) - AzaleanGirl

8 Steal Their Food

Food tastes better when you steal it from someone else. - AzaleanGirl

9 Repeat What They Say

In my opinion that sucks and yh byee

10 Have a Sleepover With Them Then When They Go to Sleep Draw On Their Face

I would do this. I'd write "(my real name) WAS HERE" on their forehead and do the hand in a bowl of warm water trick - Lunala

I always try to do this but I'm always the first one to sleep. - AzaleanGirl

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11 Tell Their Crush that They Like Them
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