Top Ten Most Annoying Things to Find on a TheTopTens List

What things are you tired of people adding to top 10 lists?

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1 Duplicates Duplicates

I seen a few duplicate items - trains45

I hate this! It takes away the immersion. - TopTenTed

On the list of top ten best sodas. Coca-Cola is on the list twice - DrayTopTens

There are way too many duplicates out there to report, it's just annoying. - Solacress

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2 Intentional Errors Intentional Errors

I seen errors like it thought the Panthers on an nhl list was the panthers on nfl - trains45

Like, people putting stuff on a list that doesn't fit because they think they're "funny." - Solacress

Adding completely unrelated items is annoying because they usually can't be removed and are added by lame excuses of trolls - Randomator

3 Hater Comments

Just ignore them - Randomator

Yeah seen some angry comments on items they dissagree on, like say caillou on the best T.V. shows list - trains45

I hate it when I see comments opposing something on a "top ten best" list because they don't like it. IT'S CALLED AN OPINION! Don't disrespect mine please. - Solacress

I sometimes see them on my lists. I have fun ignoring them. - Britgirl

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4 Spam Comments

I'm not a fan of these - Peppapigsucks

Spam comments pollute the comment sections. The most annoying thing is when spam comments show up in the visible part of the comment section but my detailed and informative item description is in the hidden section - you have to click "+ Comments" to see my meaningful item description that actually should be on top. - Metal_Treasure

And of course they are in the visible part while the meaningful comments aren't - Randomator

When you see someone trying "UwU" and nothing else, or "areipudfganeroi" - Solacress

5 Items that don't belong in that list

Yeah I seen wrong items on lists - trains45

This is highly irritating. How the hell are these items not removed - Randomator

This REALLY, makes my blood boil.

This happens way too often on my lists. It irks me when people don't read the criteria and add something that doesn't fit. - Gg2000

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6 Items with the Wrong Image

It's annoying but fortunately (from my experience) it doesn't happen very often. - Metal_Treasure

One time, I saw a picture of Darth Vader on the Fanboy and Chum-Chum item - BlazingParasol

*Cough* Geometry Dash *Cough* - Solacress

7 Good Items on Worst Lists

I'll never get used to the fact that pizza is #9 on the worst foods list - Peppapigsucks

Usually trolls do this. Also, Bad items on Good lists. - Metal_Treasure

I forgot to put this on the list. If I remembered, it would probably be in the top 5 - Solacress

This is opinions - B1ueNew

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8 Bad Items on Good Lists

This one would be much more subjective than Good Items on Bad Lists. - Solacress

9 Misspelled Items
10 Memes

Whenever someone puts "Dabbing" on "Top Ten Worst Things Ever" for example - Solacress

The Contenders

11 People Voting on Something Just So They Can Comment on It

Vote on something first, and then you can add comments on whatever you please - Solacress

I see what you’re saying but to be fair you have to vote to comment. It goes both ways - Randomator

No you don't, you can comment on anything after you vote for something. Just press the plus button where the vote button previously went. - Solacress

12 A Message Saying You Can't Vote on This List

I know about objective lists, but it's still annoying - Solacress

13 Someone Posting Their Top Ten List in a Comment

The remix function exists, people! - Solacress

Visitors can't make remixes so they do it but I'm pretty sure that some users also do it - Metal_Treasure

I know. I'm mainly talking about the users that do it. It's fine if visitors do it. - Solacress

14 Comments that have nothing to do with the topic of the list

If you’re going to comment on a list at least make it somewhat related to the topic of the list - Randomator

Yeah. That makes sense. Sometimes, though, I do have no other choice when doing so, especially when I'm trying to let some TTT users know I'm on suspension.- Squidward48/Astro_Boy08

15 People fangirling over fictional characters

A fictional character is attractive and everybody claims him as her boyfriend and all fight over him. The character or characters aren't even real, but even if they were, how would they know if he had the same feelings? I find fictional characters attractive too, but there's nothing like obsessing over them. It kinda drives you crazy.

I hate fangirls

16 Trump Bashing

Trump has been in office for about 2 years and people are still rioting and bashing him, even on Top Tens. I admit, Trump isn't the greatest person in the world and he can be an ass at times, but at least he's thinking about us and trying to make things better, although people are not making it easy for him. Obama didn't do anything for us, and we would be even worse off if Clinton were president. She's already proven, on multiple occasions, that she's not for us. She's for herself, big businesses, and other countries. It really is quite sad that people are still bashing him even after this long. It's pretty pathetic.

17 Someone posting TheTopTens on a "bad websites" list

I've see this a few times. Why visit TheTopTens if you don't like it? - Solacress

18 Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. more.

Some people still think that putting him on lists is cool or funny but it got too old and too annoying. A boring cliche. - Metal_Treasure

I actually did this once, I'm ashamed of myself :'( - Solacress

I can't go anywhere on this site without seeing him on a list and it's starting to get on my nerves. just STOP. I get it, jb sucks, you don't need to remind me every time I click on a list. - tgbhj

I’m getting sick and tired of seeing him on every worst lists. I don’t like him myself, but will you people stop overly reminding us.

19 Troll items

*Sees Tide Pods in the Best Things Ever list. - MrCoolC

This goes in the category of "intentional errors" - Solacress

20 Racist Items

I hate racists.

21 Something you like on a hate list
22 Lion King Haters

Lion King characters are found on a lot of worst or annoying lists. I don't know what everyone's deal is with The Lion King.

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