Top Ten Annoying Things Frozen Fans Say

Know not everyone says this so don't say how you don't say these things.

The Top Ten

1 If you don't like Frozen you're a hater

Not all people who don't like Frozen are haters. - Lucy1402

I see a lot of that - panda21

2 If you don't think Frozen is the best movie ever you are gay

I am a Frozen fan and I will never say this to a Frozen hater! >:( - Lucy1402

That is a complete insult, I'd kick that person on the balls.

I guess that means I'm gay now. - AnonymousChick


3 If you don't like let it go you're gay

Ironically I've heard that the word let it go is a gay term. - Lucy1402

4 If you hate Frozen I will hate you
5 If you hate Frozen you don't deserve to live

If they say this then they can burn in hell

Many of them say this. - Minecraftcrazy530

Say Frozen is not god. It is just a stupid movie.

6 Frozen isn't overrated

Yes it is overrated

Yes it is! - Neonco31

7 Frozen is the best movie ever

Lot of them say that - panda21

No it's not - Neonco31

8 You better like Frozen

Never! - Neonco31

9 Do you wanna build a snowman?

Frozen Fan:Do you want to build a sno-
Me:No - MLPFan

10 You're so mean to Anna and Elsa

Who cares? They're not even real! - Croy987

Saw this like a thousunds of times.

The Contenders

11 If you hate Frozen you can't be my friend
12 Frozen is way better than that movie

Well, which movie is no better than Frozen? Huh?

13 You better love Elsa, Anna, or Olaf

What Myrtle "Edmonds" Jones from Hotel Transylvania - AniMat's Reviews (to overhate it as much as half the people who votrd on the like/dislike bar of the video because apparently, "if you like other films than Frozen and Hotel Transylvania, you are a hater that deserves to die in any way", SHUT THE F'IN HELL UP YA PRISSY RACIST WHINERS! ) would say to people who think most other Walt Disney Animation Studios films are much greater and that excludes a another Hans Christian-Andersen adapted Disney animation The Little Mermaid and includes another one by the same author but modernist for the absolute greatest which is The Emperor's New Groove, which bonbed thanks to those f'in Frozen fanbrats, and even far before that when The Emperor's New Groove was even released!


I get it! And if I agree to help you build a snowman will you leave me ALONE?!

Blame Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck for shattering Anna and Elsa's special sisterly bond please.

Some kid always used to sing let it go on the bus and it didn't help that all the second graders were asking him like "SING LET IT GO"


More like LET IT DIE! - Neonco31

15 If you disrespect Elsa, I will give you a black eye!

Sounds like something Jacob Stolz would say because he is just so irritating and obnoxious for farting on people's faces if they don't like Modern Nickelodeon! >8O

She actually said that.

16 I will protect Anna and Elsa from all the insults you're throwing at them
17 You Ungrateful Frozen Haters!

Thiti2000 and their fanbrats' death threats as dictators in a nutshell. >:O

18 You HAVE to watch Frozen!


19 Anna and Elsa are the best, prettiest, sweetest royal orphaned sisters ever

Iris and Eleen are hotter than Anna and Elsa, Have you seen their profile pictures?! - AaronCoolness

I almost threw up when I read this...

AaronCoolness, did you know Eleen and Iris are friends with Anna and Elsa now?

AaronCoolness, I hope you accept the friendship between the sisters of Sorborba and the sisters of Arendelle.

Eleen's and Iris's apologies to Anna and Elsa I don't like Frozen so I am just gonna be nice. The sisters of

Sorborba are friends with the sisters of Arendelle now because the sisters of Sorborba apologized to the sisters of Arendelle. I entirely like the friendship between the royal sisters of Sorborba and the royal sisters of Arendelle a lot better than hatred between them. The two pairs of royal sisters are both, equally entirely hot in their own many different ways and many other many different ways. Who cares which pairs of royal sisters are hotter anyway? Huh? I don't.

Iris: Hello... Elsa? Where are you?

Eleen: Hello... Anna? Where are you?

Elsa: What do you want?

Anna: Yeah, what do you want? You embarrassed us enough.

Eleen and Iris: We're sorry...

Anna and Elsa: What?

Iris: We're sorry for the pain we ...more

20 Nobody Insults Anna and Elsa like that
21 OMG Elsa and Katniss are so alike I think we will get along

I hate it when frozen fans say that Katniss and Elsa are alike because there not and they never will be Katniss is awesome and Elsa is crap!

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