Top Ten Annoying Things Girlfriends Do

Based on my own personal experiences. Add your own if you want

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1 Force you to talk on the phone

This is exactly why I don't have a plan to date any time soon. - Turkeyasylum

It is really annoying - bobbythebrony

Someone must have never had one to begin with.

This would be messed up. If I get a boyfriend, I wouldn’t force him to talk to me. I hope he wouldn’t do the same to me

2 Try to get you to go to a country music concert

Ew god no. I would never make him go to a country concert

If I had a boyfriend and he did this to me I would break up with him. And yes I hate country music. - RiverClanRocks

This only sucks if you hate country, but even then, it's only like one night - JAE29

I don't have a girlfriend but I know someone with a girlfriend who HATES country music - venomouskillingmachine

3 Go on and on about stuff you don't care about

Depends on what it is. - RoseWeasley

Ah well... I do this to everyone. Curse my obsessive personality! - keycha1n

If you don't care about her problems then go find some mindless bimbo then.

Number 1 gives a damn!

4 Force you to sit on her couch and watch her sing Hannah Montana songs into a hairbrush

This is so random that I bet the creator of this list had it happen to them. - MarioMaster101

Whoever added this on the list might be bringing up a personal experience of his own...

Umm, no

This might actually be very amusing. X D - JAE29

5 Take your virginity, tell you that she loves you, then break up with you

Still a better love story than twilight.

I'm sorry. I had to. - keycha1n

That's what you get when you decide to go ahead and have sex at 14. - RockFashionista

What? That happened to me! Well f#%k her now. At least we had a good time! :))

Get married to the person first, don’t take their virginity before marriage. It’s a bad idea to do this when you’re not sure if you’ll break up with the person or not. Be ready for commitment first, not virginity

6 Won't stop touching your penis during a work meeting

If I was the victim, I'd give her a good slap in the face. - RoseWeasley

Wow. Just WOW! Women don't like to be touched (especially by certain areas) by their own boyfriends' and look, they are doing the same thing themselves. What a big hypocrite! No respect for their own boyfriends! I feel very sorry for any man that has a girlfriend like that. I'm a woman myself and I do not like that at all.

Um I don't really relate because it isn't a problem - PatrickStar3

This is the most disturbing thing I've heard in a long time. - RockFashionista

7 Cry if you don't say hi to her

Don't you mean the other way? She'd probably rather talk to someone else other than you.

In my case, I wouldn’t do this. If they’re tired or busy, then that’s fine. It would probably be me the one wanting to say hi first

I always try my best to make her keep grinning. She has a heart melting smile. - Aardin

8 Tries to get your attention and throws a tantrum if you don't give it to you

A girl wants a man to listen, if he doesn't want to listen to her; she could surely find some other guy that will.

This does get annoying. - Therandom

Yes. Yes this is the one - EvilAngel

If she has a problem and needs your attention, then that’s the boyfriend’s fault. If she’s doing it to be annoying and clingy, then she needs to give you some space

9 Try to make out with you in front of coworkers

As a best friend of someone with this experience, I managed to save his sorry ass and have a..."talk" with that crazy wench.

In my case, I’d feel awkward kissing in front of other people. It’s just something that makes me uncomfortable and probably makes others uncomfortable too

10 Asks you, out of nowhere, to marry her

I thought the boyfriend was supposed to ask that? - nintendofan126

This is one of the biggest problems about romantic relationships. One of them (mainly guys obviously) always propose to the other in surprise. I mean, there are even compilations on YouTube about boys getting dumped on their surprise proposals to their girlfriends! Talk about it first, never do surprises. Also, don’t do it in public in front of strangers. It puts the person under lots of pressure to say yes, which is very messed up. It also makes the guy seem like he’s too desperate, so he uses the crowd to pressure the girl to say yes. Guys, never do this without permission. Talk to your girls about marriage first, then do a surprise if they’re okay with it

The Contenders

11 Force you to go to a Justin Bieber concert

I'd dump her. - MarioMaster101

If she does, I would definitely dump her

A lot of people will agree with this one.

People still like this douche? - DapperPickle

12 Complain about how fat she is

That is very annoying. They should be proud and happy with themselves for who they are. No man would want to date a girlfriend like that (I'm not being rude or anything like that).

Complain about her being fat when she's really shinny? OPEN YOUR EYES!

This is annoying only because it's not true! - JAE29

13 Force you to watch Twilight

My mommy used to watch this.

If I had a boyfriend and he made me watch this disgusting abomination that some people actually like for some reason I would break up with him. Nobody makes me watch this trash! - RiverClanRocks

Twilight? How about a real movie like Star Wars, Lord of The Rings or Planet of the Apes?

Book or movie, twilight sucks

14 Nag you over everything

I do that

15 Cheat on you
16 Make you listen to Taylor Swift

This is not a torture I mean she is amazing singer my favourite

17 Accuse you of cheating

This happens and is bad - LoboMaloso

18 Talks during sex

All the time I mean jesus just shut up and let me have sex

Hmm, well I wouldn't know : p - JAE29

19 Talk about her ex

Women are such a hypocrite. They don't want to hear their new boyfriend's exes and they are doing the same thing themselves.

20 Dump you

That's why I don't have a girlfriend yet. I'm afraid that she will dump me. - Userguy44

21 Being mean to his boyfriend's friends
22 Brag about you to her friends
23 The girlfriend tells her friends to back off

This shows that a woman cares about her boyfriend way more than a man caring about his girlfriend.

24 Call you embarrassing nicknames
25 Not let you watch porn
26 Be overly possessive
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1. Force you to talk on the phone
2. Try to get you to go to a country music concert
3. Go on and on about stuff you don't care about
1. Force you to talk on the phone
2. Force you to sit on her couch and watch her sing Hannah Montana songs into a hairbrush
3. Try to get you to go to a country music concert
1. Force you to talk on the phone
2. Try to get you to go to a country music concert
3. Force you to sit on her couch and watch her sing Hannah Montana songs into a hairbrush

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