Most Annoying Things the Harry Potter Movies Left Out


The Top Ten

1 Dobby not being in most films
2 Voldemort's Death

Do you mean that he just burst into pieces instead of falling to the ground? If so, I agree. Him just dying like a normal person humanizes him in such a big way.

Harry, I don’t feel so good...

That was in the last movie! who ever wrote thAT CRAZY NOT AN EXPERT

3 Sirius Black's Death

I, personally, wasn't a huge fan of how Sirius was kinda sucked into the veil. I wish they could have done something where it looked more like he was falling through it instead. But hey, that's just me

I know this was in but I mean all the emotion wasn't there like in the book - 201002579

4 The Boggarts and Spiders not in the Maze
5 The Concept of Prefects
6 Peter Pettigrews Death

Where was he the entire time? Wormtail *spoiler alert* STRANGLES himself!

7 Nearly Headless Nicks Deathday Party
8 Nymphadora Tonks barely in the films

She's also barely in the books - Alkadikce

9 Harry's Talk with Dudley

It would of made Dudley seem so much better, like in the books!

It's a deleted scene

10 Ron Became a Useless Comic Relief

Ron is not a Useless Comic Relief the only thing is that the films made him more of a Comic Relief because a lot of times they would give Ron's Heroic moments to Hermione like for example the Devil's Snare in the book When the trio gets trapped by the Devil's Snare Hermione is the one who Panics and forgets the spell Ron's the one who has to remind her what she can do but in the Film Ron's the one who Panics and Hermione is the one who has to save him another time is in Chamber of Secrets Because in the Book Ron's the one who tells Hermione what the term Mudblood meant after Draco called her one Hermione Didn't know what it meant she just knew it wasn't good because the Gryfinndor Quidditch team got angry but in the movie Hermione knew exactly what it meant and in Prisoner of Azkaban Ron's the one who says to Sirius that if you want to kill Harry you'll have to kill us too but in the movie Hermione's the one who says it and Ron limps on the bed but Ron is still a Hero in the Films he ...more

The Newcomers

? S.P.E.W.
? Snape's Protection of the Stone

7 bottles.
Get through a fire to the last place the mirror.
Oh before Snape's protection was another troll bigger and that was after the chess game.

The Contenders

11 Peeves the Poltergeist
12 The Quidditch World Tournament
13 Sirius Black Being the Black Dog Before Hogwarts

This was in the movies... Harry sees Padfoot in the street and accidentally calls the Knight Bus

14 Hermione Became a Mary-Sue

Starting in the second film when she knew what mudblood meant, using Rons line about Parselmouth, Dumbledores line in the first book about fear of a name.

15 Lumos Maxima

But this was a movie spell. Maybe it should say Harry was doing his homework for History of Magic about Witch Burning or getting his first ever birthday cards and presents. (Well he got a toy broom when he was 1 years old)

No... he’s not allowed to use magic... that makes no sense...

16 Harry and Hermione Taking Norbert to Charlies Friends.
17 Peeves

He was supposed to be in the first film played by Rik Mayall but was cut from the film. Never even appeared on any deleted scenes.

Peeves made the series funnier

Peeves is THE BEST CHARACTER! Movie people, why you no add Peevesie?

18 Dumbledore's Death

No funeral.

Um what - ParasN2000

19 Phone Call from Ron in Prisoner of Azkaban
20 Winky

People who only watched the goblet of fire movie and not read the book they probably wouldn't know that Winky exsists she isn't even mentioned that's one of the reasons I like the book better than the movie

The Crouch house-elf, Winky, was completely absent throughout the films, without a mention. - ParasN2000

21 Ginny Became a Candy Wrap
22 Aunt Marge Circling Around a Chimney in Sheffield, When She Just Floated to the Ceiling in Book.
23 St. Mungo's
24 Qudditch World Cup

The match, where the Weasleys, Harry and Hermione sat and only supported Ireland. The Veelas. Winky.
Even the tents.

25 The Wedding
26 Not Returning to Kings Cross in 1-5.

Not mentioned in sixth book. Just ends at Dumbledores funeral.

27 Dumbledore's Funeral

Semi-important one - ParasN2000

28 Cho Becomes Marietta
29 Colin or Dennis Becomes Nigel
30 Mention of the Room of Requirement at the Yule Ball


31 Fluffy

I can't watch the bit with Fluffy slobbering on them when they are going down to the Devils Snare.

32 Neville Becomes Dobby

Can you really see Neville getting the Gillyweed?
Oh and Dobby shown Harry the Room of Requirement

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