Top Ten Most Annoying Things to Hear from a Directioner

The Top Ten Most Annoying Things to Hear from a Directioner

1 You're just jealous

Why would I be jealous of a crappy band?

They even spew this one out to girls who dislike them, for crying out loud! The truth is that we hate their music, how many girls are squealing over them is insignificant in the eyes of most guys who don't like 1D, and as for the girls who hate them, it's not a crime to never want to marry one of the members even if they were the last men on Earth. - Entranced98

This is plain stupid. I hate One Direction and I'm not jealous of them. I'm sure some "haters" out there are jealous, though many of them aren't.

Every single damn time. And Damn right am I jealous if I can make millions of dollars singing crappy pop songs and get the ladies sign me up. - MrQuaz680

2 You're a hater, so back off
3 Waaahh, I'm crying because One Direction broke up

Seriously? They're still around and releasing music - these Directioners who love them oh-so-much ought to be grateful they're not dead or anything like that, but then again I ought to realise that sense doesn't exist in a fandom where people act as if their lives are over just because Zayn left the group for reasons that would make him happier in general. - Entranced98

Me: YES! THEY ARE GONE (Hears that Prince and David Bowie just died) what!?!?

4 Haters gonna hate
5 One Direction is so hot

No, they are not. Even in terms of appearance they're just...meh... - Entranced98

6 One Direction is the best thing ever
7 The Beatles are a rip-off of One Direction

Someone actually gets this too?!? Wow, humanity is stupid. - pandagirl

How can they be if they were from the sixties? It's vice-versa, baby.

Get a sense of time, Directioners! The Beatles were active in the 1960s, 1D were (mostly) active in the early/mid 2010s. There's no way The Beatles ripped them off - if anything it's the other way round, what with the cheeks from 1D copying the Abbey Road album cover! - Entranced98

Yeah, The Beatles totally travelled into the future, heard One Direction and decided to rip them off.

Seriously though, One Direction isn't even original at all.

8 One Direction has the best songs, you haters are just jealous
9 Why won't Harry marry me?

99% of the time, celebrities only get in relationships with other celebrities. Plus, 1D couldn't care less about their fans, so stop chasing Harry - he'll never give a toss about the millions of schoolgirls obsessing over him. - Entranced98

10 I don't care, One Direction is amazing

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11 You haters are stupid

I'm stupid then - Neonco31

12 I'm glad Mitch Lucker died

It's never okay to make fun of someone who lost their life. That just makes me feel sad. - Croy987

13 One Direction is way better than Three Days Grace!
14 Blondie ripped off One Direction
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