Most Annoying Things On the Internet


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1 Viruses

This is why I only get games from either steam or origin.

2 Vine

Ruining, humor, popular music, and time - Quart

I don't find it funny. Dark humor for the win!

It's all the same. They try to be relateable when they're not and zach king is a huge jerk.

It's my way of depicting and describing hell! I don’t even like acknowledging its existence! This should’ve been #1, because it is the worst thing to EVER come out of the internet, hell, it's the worat thing to come out of EXISTENCE! What makes things worse is that YouTube likes to give it attention, and people are just too STUPID and BRAINLESS to realize how terrible Vine really is! People, let go of Vine forever, leave it in the past, let it be permanently forgotten, and NEVER talk about it again!

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3 Trolls

They think they're funny, no one else thinks that they're funny - Quart

Trolls used to be fed all the time, but now everyone knows to keep away and not react. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

4 9 Year Olds Making Minecraft Videos

Well it's not always 9 year olds. People are hating so much on 9 year olds and 12 year olds. Like, not all 12 year olds are idiots. - HyenaLover

They usually get 15 views. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

5 Sam Pepper Sam Pepper

Don't we all hate him? Trick question the answer's yes - Quart

Why does everyone hate him? I really don't know why. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

6 Tumblr "Feminists"

Not really feminists but more like gothic tomboys who crush over skeletons. - Swellow

They're not actually feminists, I'm sorry - Quart

There's no need to apologize. It's your view and opinion, which isn't rude. - Swellow

7 "Random" People

Random does not equal funny, sorry - Quart

8 "Prank" Videos
9 Perverted DeviantART Drawings

Really? You all know there are perverted drawings on every site virtually on the Internet, and you can avoid it, you do know that right? RIGHT? - Quart

THIS! God, these people are messed up!

I hate it when people doing these kinds of things.

These people ruined Adventure Time pictures. >:(

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10 Justin Bieber Fans

And we have the biggest JB hate base on this site!

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? Cuphead

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11 Blood On the Dance Floor YouTube Channel

Can Dahvie just go back to jail or obscurity again? - Swellow

They have another album coming out...they need to go away. - Elina

12 PETA enthusiasts

"They had good reasons to say that Mcdonalds cooks Pokemon! "

Pokemon don't even exist. I mean, I wish they did. But seriously, PETA? - RiverClanRocks

13 Pedophiles

Sure Bronies Piss Some People Off
But Pedophiles Should Be Number 1


14 Harambe memes
15 Pornographic Sonic Character Fanart

Who even wants to look at that stuff

16 Haters
17 Fandoms
18 People hating on Japan for no reason

South Korean trolls( I love both Japan and South Korea) are giving Japan a bad name. Sure they did unspeakable things in ww2 but that was decades ago so let's forgive and forget. - Picklesthekitten45

19 The Paul Brothers

Jake and Logan are the worst YouTubers of ALL TIME. Stupid logangs and Jake Paulers. If you are one of them you should be ashamed.

20 Troll-feeders
21 People who hate the Justin Bieber joke

They get annoyed, they don't hate it. But if they hate it, that means they're too hypersensitive to take jokes.

It's getting old and going too far. I don't really like or hate him, but at least you have to be reasonable. For example: JB is better than getting shot. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

There's a reasonable explanation about why he gets added to the lists. Check my post about it.

22 Hypocrites
23 Creepers
24 Perverts

First: they're not annoying they're creepy and second: they're not just on the Internet - Quart

Sonic Fanbase

They job is to make breast explode and have sex and be horny and make perverted stuff._. so perverted.

25 Bronies

I didn't add them, I respect bronies opinions and tastes even if J don't agree (you should have added creepy bronies, that's freaky that stuff) - Quart

26 My Little Pony

If anyone asks, no I did not add MLP to the list, I don't hate MLP, I don't like it though, it's not my style, but I respect the effort that went into it, it's not really that annoying - Quart

27 90s Fans
28 Pornography

Despicable And Disgusting Kim Kardashian Wannabes

29 Smol
30 Websites That Require Cookies
31 Pop up ads
32 Screamers
33 MLG
34 PETA defenders
35 Selfies
36 Blogs and Accounts that Try to "Expose" Celebrities

Jealous because they're not as popular as them - Picklesthekitten45

37 People who call other people "cuck" when they disagree with their opinion
38 Shippers
39 Iready
40 People who can't accept opinions
41 Horrible Websites
42 PC culture
43 Trump Supporters
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