Top Ten Most Annoying Things Kids Do While Shopping

Here are the things you would never want to happen.
The Top Ten
1 Run around like the shop is a playground

all this is my sis

Oh no, its true

2 Throw tantrums when you don't get them something they want

There was this whiny annoying brat at Aldi. He was in the checkout and he wanted candy but his mom wouldn't let him. Then he started screaming and screaming until his voice got hoarse, and then he started again. Unfortunately, the mom got sooo much stuff and the entire time me and my family were shopping we could hear the screams..

Why does candy even matter? It's gonna be gone in like 1 second.

I heard a kid screaming at Family Dollar once

literally my sis

3 Stare at you the whole shopping trip

Whenever there are six year olds around they STARE into your eyes.. They stare into your soul and look like they're possessed by demons.

This literally happens to me all the time. Why do kids even look at me?

4 Turn your average shopping day to never ending screaming

I heard a kid screaming for about 10-20 minutes nonstop at a Family Dollar once

ikr, in the food court, I see 2 kids screaming at their moms for maccas!
So annoying!

5 Block the whole shop
6 Do things that aren't allowed in the shop and get away with it
7 Cry

Not getting what they wany
No candy
No toys
Not getting on their mums phone
When their siblings get something...

I heard a kid cry in the register while in an aisle at Kroger
I wanted to get out of it

I saw a kid throwing a tantrum at Walmart once

8 Laugh if their mother parks in your parking space

Yeah, so retarded and its like they're looking at me like an idiot but actually, its reverse, its them who r idiots

9 Automatically want something when they see someone buying it

We were at Target, and we walked past the toy aisle. My bratty sister threw a fit because she wanted a Fur-Real Friends Cat. Since it was the beginning of December, my dad told her we could get it for Christmas. But no! She wanted that thing NOW. She started whining and people were looking at us. I told her to shut up, and then she loudly yelled in my face.

My mums friends kid does that

NOO that's not for u kid

10 Go to the toy section to get Jojo Siwa stuff

Mostly girls around 6-11 years old!

The Contenders
11 Don’t leave you alone

And babies and kids do that a lot, I block my ears.
When I went to psychologist person, I was near a kid screaming and crying at his mum and omg: everyone looked at them and his mum was so embarrassed, she was putting her baby in the crib, then he screamed and yeah, he kept screaming. Me and my sister were like: WHAT DID WE JUST WITNESSSS/ SAW!?

I know right it’s so annoying when a baby is crying I just can’t take it😩

12 Take a bite of a fruit of vegetable and put it back on display

I would like to see if a kid tries to take a bite of a grouchy talking Rotten Tomatoe from King's Quest 6 game and he'll say "Hey Kid! Try to bite me and I'll juice your face! "

13 Throws candies and other items at you

That's an honest brat

14 Look at you funny
15 Steal
16 Go to the slime section
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