Most Annoying Things in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Ok, I love this game. I think it's a masterpiece and SO much fun to play. But at some point, every game is gonna have something in it that's annoying.

The Top Ten Most Annoying Things in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

1 Climbing in the rain

I often do something important to a quest only for it to start raining, so I have to wait for it to stop.

Personally I hate climbing in the rain because it wastes your stamina even with climbing gear

You just can’t go to where you want to go, and have to wait for ages for it to stop.

Let me climb up to the top of this mountain so I can get the tower, I saw. The rain says how bout no.

2 Weapons always breaking

If I have a really good sword, and breaks in two hits, I have to use a rubbish club against a Lynel or a Guardian. Bam. Dead.

There's just no way around it. Weapons breaking in the middle of a fight is irritating. And don't you hate it when a weapon you really like finally gives out? On the bright side, this mechanic does make finding new weapons more rewarding & exciting, because you really need them!

I don't dislike the weapon durability system its just that the weapons break ALL THE TIME! Like you can't even go one monster without breaking a weapon! So annoying.

What's the glory in new weapons if all of them would break?

3 The Yiga Clan

Th Yiga Clan members use to only appear when you talk to someone disguised as clan member. But after you raid their base to get back the thunder helm, they will appear out of nowhere to kill you. I cannot tell you how many times I missed an event, just because of the Yiga Clan.

I don't know how many times I've gone guardian hunting to get guardian pieces for guardian armour, when suddenly one of these guys show up and use up daruks protection on their crappy arrows or I got shot by a guardian because my shield only protected me from the yiga clan member

But free bananas...

I hate the yiga clan!

4 Octoroks

They don't miss. Ever. Even when you're at full sprint, they nail you. So annoying.

They just pop out and shoot you.

Yes they miss. I never get hit by them. You have to trick them by making them think where you will be by the time their shot gets to you. Basically just run or walk and then right when he’s about to shoot, just stop. It’ll land where you would have been if you had kept running or walking.

5 Something Almost Kills Link, and then He Dies by Just Rolling on the Ground



6 The Crazy Flower Lady

This woman cracked me up SO many can you not understand...I will make you understand...THE FLOWERS RAGE!

This lady is creepy, she gives me nightmares

Harder then thunderblight

Lol this was elite

7 "Your inventory is full!"

THE HYLIAN SHIELD! AND THEN I have to get rid of a lynel sheild. I'm starting to like the korok seeds. HESTU! MORE INVENTORY PLEEEAZE

This sucks when this happens hard to know what to drop

8 Guardians

They shoot you from a long range, and are even in the great plateau.

You know what’s more annoying than regular guardian? GUARDIAN SKYWATCHERS! You can never escape from them. They spot you no matter what, and at least for parrying guardian lasers on regular guardians, it only takes three hits. But for skywatchers it takes like almost 15! God I want them to just burn.

They're only annoying until you get the right weapon. Then they're so much fun to take down.

These things are annoying to come across. They show up randomly and will massive damage if you can’t avoid them. Everything else about this game is awesome so far, though!

9 Link Noises

Most Annoying thing ever

Ha heh ho heh ho himun himun, SOOO DANG ANNOYING!

10 Motion Control Shrines

This sure take awhile to figure out some are too hard, on wii u I have to switch to the gamepad every time

It is so annoying how sensitive the motion controls are for these puzzles.

To be honest, most of these were pretty fun in my opinion. With the exception of Myahm Agana. But Toto Sah, Katosa Aug, Ze Kasho, and Joloo Nah were tolerable.

Myahm Agana and Katosa Aug - TERRIBLE

Toto Sah, Ze Kasho, Joloo Nah - Meh

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11 Korok Seeds

What's your prize for getting all the korok seeds? A BIG KOROK SEED THAT SMELLS TERRIBLE AND HAS PRACTICALLY NO USE. That is *SUCH* a great reward!

Why do so many people hate these? Oh, it’s because of the Hestu’s Gift. Can you just be quiet and be happy with the fact that you can expand your inventory and do fun puzzles? Besides, why would you want to collect all 900 in the first place?

12 The Blood Moon

My 4th blood moon occurred during the boss fight against the Yiga Clan leader. The 1st was in Hateno Village. If the scientist at the duelling peaks stable says that there was some event coming up but he can't remember what it is, a blood moon will happen.

I actually enjoy the blood moon. There is this ruin where the bomb trial shrine is with like six stationary guardians that I always farm for ancient materials after a blood moon

Revived my lynel.

13 Sailing

Wind Waker's legacy *cough* *cough*.

Why do we have to use Korok leaves constantly? Can the wind that allows us to paraglide not apply to a boat sail too? That's pretty stupid if you ask me.

14 Lynels

LOL Lynels are easy, except maybe early game. If you can't kill them, you must be awful

They're so tough. I just use ancient arrows to get them out of my hair. I really don't care about properly defeating one.

They are just TOO TOUGH!


This game's Lynels? Yeah, f--- them. I want to rip their head off of their spine. They're cheap difficulty because you can't do sh-- to kill them without an upgraded Stasis.

15 Revali

He's such a SHOWOFF! These are his words that go in my head every time someone mentions him:
"Unless you can prove me wrong? " and "You must pardon me! " and that ever popular "Hpmph. Don't preen yourself for doing your job."
HONESTLY, go on youtube and watch all parts of "If Link could talk", what Link said to Revali was so halarious and SO worth it.

LITERALLY my head went nuts when I met him on medoh. He is so booossy.

I hate him he is such a show off he acted s. Like he is better then link hate him so much and his sassy vose and he calls link little he should give some respect to link like every one else


16 No Reward for Finding All the Captured Memories

You also get the Champion's Tunic. It's cool, I guess.

Why? It took me 2-3 days and it was painful.

Really, there is the added cutscenes that you get. One, after you talk to Impa again, and two, after you complete the game. So there really is a reward, get it right! (I only voted for this because I wanted to, In Top Tens words, "Share my Opinion".

17 Dyeing clothes

This just really irritated me. I wasted I don't know how much time & a butt-load of rupees trying out colors, for what? There's not much selection and the colors are garish. I gave myself time to get used to them too. Now every time I pass the dye shop I'm like, "You're a crock."

Anna Wintour would not be happy

18 Horseback archery minigame

It's so inferior to the one in OoT. I did not enjoy it one bit. I would never have played it again, if I didn't want that new tack. Even the music is super lame and annoying. I actually got angry playing this one.

It's hard, but you can get some good horse armor that looks pretty cool.

Most the other things here aren't so bad. Rain climbing becomes no problem later on. The Yiga clan can be ignored. But this... I wasted so much time for such a stupid reward.

19 Link showing almost no emotion

So annoying. I know the developers made him like this so that players could project their own thoughts/emotions onto him. But I personally find it a little detracting to the impact of the story. Makes it less interesting, in my opinion, because everything feels one-sided. And really, it breaks the immersion too (kinda ironic, huh? ). There ends up being an in-game explanation for his seriousness, but that's not till the very end and it still doesn't excuse his almost eternally blank expression. Just a little bit more emotion would have made the story better, in my opinion.

He just looks soulless.

20 Kass

Whoever thinks that Kass is annoying, fight me. Seriously. Why is he on this list, along with Mipha and Sidon?

Music is kinda annoying

21 Cooking

It was fun the first couple of times, then it got kinda tedious.

22 Horse getting stuck

Hi-yah. Horse says "neiighhh". Then I have to back up.

23 Princess Mipha

She’s so sweet and I love her she is so cute. I love that she has healing powers.she is my favorite champion not Uborsa.

24 Zelda Princess Zelda is a fictional character in Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda video game series, created by Shigeru Miyamoto and introduced in its original entry in 1986.
25 Objects randomly de-spawning

I tried storing my weapons in a Kakariko house. When I came back from Hateno, I was in for a nasty suprise.

26 Oaki

This took weeks. *step on a twig* AH A GHOST hey Link stop following me I want to be independent now I have to start all over again. Seriously I ended up wasting all my arrows on him

Lost Pilgrimage
enough said.

27 Stamina Wheel

You’re swimming, and drown.

28 Extremely limited arrow supply

Not true. But I understand the sentiment. I am GREEDY when it comes to arrows. I'll run around after a fight picking up any arrows that missed. Sometimes I'll farm arrows from bokoblin archers. They're also one of the main ways I spend my rupees. Anytime I find someone who sells them, I buy their whole stock.

I did not add this entry. Did you not catch the disagreement in my comment?

29 That one "stranded on remote island" side quest

The moblins on top of the mountain are armed with soldiers broadswords, and just destroy you.

Half of this is optional so its not like it's a valid reason to whine about when its not needed lol

Eventide Island was fun lol. I remember the Hinox chased me throughout the whole island, and I had to hide from it. I’ll never forget that experience 😅

30 Overworld is literally too big

I don't think so. It's not empty, it's full of stuff to do. You never feel lost or alone either. You never know who or what you'll run into. And you know, sometimes it is fun to get lost.

It's because the game wants you to explore.

The fact that the overworld’s big is my absolute favorite part of the game! Without it it would just be a meh Zelda game.

31 Voice Acting

Voice acting is terrible and she really annoyed me in some of the scenes.

The voice acting in Zelda just threw the whole feeling off for me. Zelda never had voice acters, so it doesn't need them. Before, when we just read, we were able to give everyone their own voice and their own way talking so it suited us. It allowed the player to put themselves in the game more. I admit, they're not bad voice actors (except Zelda's) and they did well, but just not in Zelda people, please.

They were ok except for Zelda and Yunobo. Yunobo’s voice was very annoying

32 Lizalfos
33 Exploding yourself with a bomb

I do this constantly. Time to stock up on more bananas.

34 You cannot explore the Great Sea, Termina, or the rest of the Gerudo Desert.


35 Ridgeland Tower

The most annoying tower. It is guarded by tough enemies and annoying enemies. The central tower was a rush between cover as guardians surround it. The akkala tower was almost a stealth quest. I ended up shooting some enimies from afar and blowing up the ones that tried to attack me.

There were a lot of annoying towers to climb, such as Akkala and Central. But this one was surrounded by annoying electric enemies and you had to keep swimming around in the water until you found a comfortable fighting spot.


36 Mipha's crush on link

Yeah, how is this annoying? I think it’s so cute. Many people were crying during that one cutscene for a reason, you know.

She's a fish. I mean, Princess Ruto having a crush on him in OoT didn't bother me at all because it was just played for laughs and his reaction was appropriate. But Mipha's romantic subplot is all serious. "We should spend some time together." I wanna vomit. I just found the whole thing very off-putting. I liked her as a character though.

It isn't a subplot. Which would mean another plot with a different story that also happens regarding the main plot. But the crush was just a remark on a memory. So what if she had a crush on Link, she is dead (trying to find a way to say that in a nicer way) and it doesn't affect any part of this beautiful game.

Shut up, it’s adorable

37 Your shield breaking while you're shield surfing

This really annoys the crap out of me. You go to shield surf down an awesome slope, but when you're halfway down, your shield breaks and you are sent tumbling down the hill, and maybe even falling to your death.

38 Prince Sidon

No. Just no... So weird and chipper. I swear he's a stoner.

Get him and Mipha off the list.


39 Calamity Ganon

To easy to beat, but he does lots of damage

40 The Gerudo

They are sexist and they are on crack.

The Legend of Zelda breath of the wild is meant to be more realistic then past Zelda titles. To get into gerudo town you half to wear the clothes even if you use revalues gale and try getting in, you will freeze in mid air. It is SOOO annoying to always half to wear those clothes to get in to a town that’s not even that interesting. Don’t judge me I love breath of the wild it’s my Favorite game, but I just don’t like the gerudo. Their sexist as well.

41 Thunderblight Ganon

He is super speedy, you have to time flurrying perfectly, and then starts raining down pillars, before electrocuting them and everything.

Literally took me a week to beat this bastard because I did Naboris second

42 It is hard for kids to play

No it isn’t

43 Bad rewards for super elaborate quests

I have two words: Tarrey Town.

44 Clothes

I think they could've done a better job with the clothes.

45 Mirro Shaz Shrine (Tempered Power)
46 The Blupee

You know that glowing rabbit that appears in the forest and you can shoot it for a handsome reward? Yeah, I only get like 6 rupees and a lot of wasted arrows.

47 When bokoblins set their weapons on fire

They make them a LOT tougher than they should be.

This annoys me so much. It’s already annoying enough when they hit you, but when they set their weapons on fire, it hurts even more and you’ll catch on fire.

48 That Voice of the Lady that Takes a Picture of the Ex Memory 5 for the Update

Wow why did they make the voice so annoying in english

That was Purah, bro. You think she’s annoying? -_-

49 The Goron

What do you have against Gorons?

50 When you are boss but a red bokoblin hits you of a cliff with a bokoblin club

I hate it

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