Most Annoying Things in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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21 Objects randomly de-spawning
22 Princess Mipha Princess Mipha
23 Guardians

They're only annoying until you get the right weapon. Then they're so much fun to take down.

24 Stamina Wheel
25 Mipha's crush on link

She's a fish. I mean, Princess Ruto having a crush on him in OoT didn't bother me at all because it was just played for laughs and his reaction was appropriate. But Mipha's romantic subplot is all serious. "We should spend some time together." I wanna vomit. I just found the whole thing very off-putting. I liked her as a character though.

26 Your shield breaking while you're shield surfing

This really annoys the crap out of me. You go to shield surf down an awesome slope, but when you're halfway down, your shield breaks and you are sent tumbling down the hill, and maybe even falling to your death.

27 Voice Acting

The voice acting in Zelda just threw the whole feeling off for me. Zelda never had voice acters, so it doesn't need them. Before, when we just read, we were able to give everyone their own voice and their own way talking so it suited us. It allowed the player to put themselves in the game more. I admit, they're not bad voice actors (except Zelda's) and they did well, but just not in Zelda people, please.

28 Lizalfos
29 The Blood Moon
30 Prince Sidon Prince Sidon
31 Calamity Ganon

To easy to beat, but he does lots of damage

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