Top Ten Most Annoying Things Little Kids Do

Things little kids do.. My niece and nephew always wanna bother me when they come over
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1 When a Little Kid Sees You Doing Something Then Asks You to Play With Him/Her

This happened a few minutes ago...
My brother asked me to play with him, and I said no. So he stole my books and hid them! And when he gave them back (After a long time) he said if I would play with him, and I said no, and then he started crying. And my mom had to get involved, of course, and UGH!

older sis : *reads a book* stupid little sis: sissy will you play with me older sis : I'm reading so NOPE stupid little sis : PLEASE ;( older sis : N00 stupid little sis : MOMMY mother! : your grounded older sis

When my friend comes over my annoying crazy sister follows us and always starts pouting and crying and goes into her room because me and my friend want to do stuff alone then my friend has to go in talk to her which takes away 20minutes of me and my friends time together! SO..ANNOYING!

SO TRUE, I dread the day where either caleb or Nate or Alfie comes over at our house!
Ten times worse when I have freinds over! It went like this...

*friend and I play minecraft together*

Alfie: "Corey, why don't you play with me? If you don't, mom will make you!

Lukas (one of my freinds): Aww, that's annoying!

Alfie: and I want Lukas to play with me too!


*reluctantly plays with Alfie*

See what I mean? It is NEVER a good experience �"

2 They Get You In Trouble for Something They Did

One time my brother and his friend did a stupid thing for no reason, they messed up my room and stuff. Then I got mad and knocked over his books. And then he lied on his bed and refused to clean my stuff up because I knocked over his books, and I got in trouble also.

One little girl broke the T.V. when he lost to mario kart 8, and blamed me for it and made me get kicked out forever, and they made me buy a new T.V. for them, I didn't do it at all, it makes me angry every time I see her

I KNOW I HATE IT when younger kids do something wrong they blame it on the older kid then the older kids get into trouble

On Christmas 2015 my cousin hit me with an iPad. She then told me that I was being annoying to her. I told them that I didn't do anything. Guess who they believed? That's right... my cousin! >:(

3 They Whine for His/Her Parents Because You Got Mad at Them

This happens all the time I wanted a puppy since I was 6 and finally got it at 12 I get to sleep with it this is what happen

Me : - getting ready to go to sleep with the dog -

Little brother : " can I sleep with her? "

Me : " no go away "

Little brother : " why not "

Me : " because I wanted the dog for 6 years

Little brother : " I am going to ask dad "

Little brother : - goes to ask dad to sleep with the dog -

Dad : ice cream ( this is not my real name so..) Your little brother is going to sleep with the dog tonight

Me : - yells - ( I have anger issues so...) WHY NOT ME"?!?

Dad : " because he is going to try it tonight

Little brother : - smiles goes to take the dog for me bee

Me : NO -slaps brother arm -

Little brother : -screams -



Dad : " ...more

Annoying brother wrecks room
Brother: Mommy! She screamed at me and hit me!
Me: I didn't hit you. I just told you to get out of my room.
Mom: That's it. You're grounded for five months
Annoying brother makes evil smirk, then walks away innocently

I actually am still a little kid (12 years-old), but I never did that before. I have experienced it before though. It was so annoying! I got mad at my 9 year-old cousin once, and she was like, "MOMMYYY! " and I was getting so annoyed by her. I'm just glad that I don't live with her and I'm a younger sibling.

Me and my friends had a sleepover and this is what happened
Me: Ok lets make a fort
sister: can I make a fort too
Me: No its just me and my friends
Sister: cries to mom
Mom bans me from having another sleepover, spanks me, and grounds me for 2 months.
Sister: smiles

4 They Force You to Watch Annoying Little Kid Shows With Them

Here’s a tip to prevent a little kid forcing you to watch what you don’t like to watch:

Plan A

Little Kid: Let’s watch Telletubies

Me: Let’s watch F-Zero GP Legend (anime), the super cool futuristic race car packed with exciting racing and light comedy

Little Kid: No! Telletubies!

Me: I’ll give you candy and Disney Channel, all set of Barbie dolls and Telletubies if you watch F-Zero GP Legend (anime)

Plan B

Trick the little kid by disguising F-Zero GP Legend (anime) DVD as a Telletubies DVD.

Plan C

Scare the little kid with the monster mask if he/she tries to change your favorite show

Plan D

Scare kid with a Chucky doll

My stupid little sister always makes me watch molang I am a 13 year old boy and molang sucks! I wanna watch futurama but NO! If she wants to watch something, she watches it. So now I literally can only watch girly shows if shes using the T.V.! And if I use the T.V., she begs for a turn even though I didn't GET TO WATCH ANYTHING! AUUUGGHH!

I wouldn't mind having to watch Gumball, or We Bare Bears, or Gravity Falls, or... You get the idea. But I won't watch Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners, Pickle and Peanut, or new PPG.

No not only annoying little kid shows but also make you watch inappropriate kid shows and velive mi this is so annoying

5 They Never Shut Up

My younger sister went on a field trip to the Detroit Institute of Art. (which is an art muesum) There was this really jumpy kid in her group, and she kept jumping and thumping around when they were on the top floor. She also almost knocked over an antique tea set. Then her friend started to carry her around when their group went down the stairs. The chaperone told her to put her down because that wasn't safe, so then her friend DROPPED her down the stairs. She landed safely on a step, but whined, "Oww! My butt hurts! " A couple was walking past them and gave her weird looks. She almost touched the paintings and statues, and the chaperone was like, "DON'T TOUCH THE PAINTINGS! " But the girl just kept yelling until they entered a really big room with lots of people. She started screaming so she could hear her echo, and EVERYBODY in the room turned and looked at us. So embarrasing.

I have 3 year old cousins in India, who are twins. They were fine in summer 2017 when they were one years old. But this summer on 2019, they became so annoying. They watch this annoying baby show called Chu Chu T.V. Police, and scream the theme song while doing it. And they tried to throw a lock at me once. And when I get mad at them for bothering me, my mom yells at me. And once my mom wasn't letting me watch T.V. there when I was bored, so I got into an argument with her, and those 2 brats stared at me annoyingly. And don't give me that "they're only three", or "you were three once" crap. I hate them. I hope they become better when they're older. Their parents do get mad at them though, LOL :D. But I'm lucky they don't have a triplet. One of them is ALREADY too much.

Every time that I go to restaurants and other people bring kids ages 0-6, the kids always scream and throw tantrums, but the parents do absolutely NOTHING but say "There, There, It's okay." and sometimes even encourage their kids to sing loudly in public.

My friends nephew is three years old and always swears at her. Then he stomps and screams "YO GABBA GABBA! " When he doesn't get to watch it. Then her sister (his mom) spanks him and yells at him. He screams for another two hours and trashes the house.

6 They Ask You to Do Ridiculous Things for Them

Once my mom would force me to make videos of myself singing terribly to random songs just to entertain my cousins while they were eating dinner.

When my 9 year old cousin was younger she forced me to wipe her butt for her after she used the restroom. She was like 3 or 4 at the time.

Buy the world, make me fly, eat an entire school lunch without throwing up!

Hi I'm 12 my nephew always ask would u choose a hanger over me and will you let me in your room if someone busted up in the house and would you let someone kill me I be like yes I would let someone kill u and he be like I know that's not true and then I be like THEN WHY YOU ASK he be like I don't know

7 They Never Leave You Alone

I understand that little kids are very curious, but sometimes that gets very annoying! I like to fly drones, and lots of times when I fly, some annoying little kid (sometimes more than 1) stares at me flying and comments on every move I make with my drone. Sometimes they even ask to fly my drone, whether they know how to or not. Again, I understand they are curious and that me flying a drone will definitely attract them, but so they have to be so nosy about it? Just look at me flying for a moment, then go away! I can't fly with you staring at me like I'm a celebrity and running a commentary on my flights. Plus, if you're not good at flying drones, or know nothing about doing so, then don't ask to fly mine! They cost a fair amount of money, and I can't afford to buy a new one every three days!

There's this insanely annoying 5-year old kid who lives near me. Every time I see him (which, sadly, is almost every day) he follows me around, bombs me with annoying questions (How did you get so tall? How old are you? Why do you walk around instead of skip around and play with other kids?), stares at me, invades my privacy, and never shuts up. I must mention that he's also a whiny brat. Seriously, can't he just leave me alone for some time? I'm three times as old as him, and the expects me to act like I'm a third my age!

When I was in sixth grade this little boy sat with me. I was years older than him. he kept saying I was his girlfriend even though I said no. then he tried hugging me and giving me a kiss on the cheek.

This is the worst thing about being my age. A lot of times when I see a baby or a little kid walking in public they won't leave me alone. And if I walk away from them they scream their head of. >:(

8 When You Ask for Something Your Mom/Dad Says No But When the Little Kid Asks for That Exact Same Thing, They Get It Immediately

Me: can I have a YouTube account? (I'm 26)
Mom: No
Me: Why not? My cousin has one! (she's 9)
(I show my mom my cousin's YouTube account)
Mom: I said no is no, OK?

Why is a 9 YEAR OLD allowed to have a YouTube account but not a 26 YEAR OLD? That's makes no sense at all! >:(

Your 26 and still living with Momma? Go and get an apartment and then Mom can't tell you what to do. You can drink, you can live by yourself and work.

My friend's cousin asked for Morrowind, because she is 15, but her parents said no and when her 6 year old sister asked for Call of Duty, she gets it!

If our world depends on the youth of today, I can see the earth lasting another 20 years.

9 They Stare At You

I hate that so much. Can't they just mind their own business? Its even worst when they point at you and then make comments about you/your stuff out and loud. so annoying!

This summer in 2019, we went to India for 5 weeks, which I don't enjoy. And we met my 3 year old twin cousins, who were fine two years ago, but turned super obnoxious. And I was watching YouTube on their T.V.. And mom made me stop and I got into an argument because I was dying of boredom and depression due to the fact that there is pretty much nothing fun to do on India trips except watching T.V.. And my cousins were staring at me. I was so mad that day!

I sometimes have to wear an eye patch because I just had a surgery on my eye, and we went out to eat. This rude little kid kept staring at me because I was wearing that. Then she loudly asked her mom, "Mommy, why did that girl paint over her eye? " Mind your own business, you brat!

Years ago I was at Ocean City MD and was playing Final Furlong at one of the arcades and a baby was staring at me. Also years ago I was at Wildwood NJ riding a coin operated horse at Ed's Funcade and a toddler was staring at me. I was a teenager at the time and I was just being random and having fun.

10 When They Are Over Your House, Nobody Pays Any Attention to You

The exact same thing happens also when my relatives are out in public together or at a family party together.

Like when my niece and nephew come over its like I'm not even there

I don’t care if no one pays attention to me. I just wish my family would cut the baby talk and coddling them, even when they’re being brats.

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11 They Sing Let It Go Over and Over Again

UGH! I hate it when they do that. I mean I will acknowledge Frozen to be a good movie but when kids never shut up about the movie and start singing the songs all over again, I start to grow cynical about it. Why is their singing a problem?

1. They can't sing Let it Go. I know they're little kids but Jackie Evancho could sing at a very young age too so NO EXCUSES.

2. They sing it constantly at a rapid-fire speed and refuse to stop. One time, my little sister kept singing Let it Go very loudly whilst I was studying for an exam and then I nicely told her to sing the song quietly but she refused and even sung right on my ear just to annoy me and then I just snapped at her. It may seem harsh but I was revising for an exam that was like a couple of days away.

If you thought that's bad, I once saw two kids doing the whip nae-nae dance while waiting at the cinema lobby. This is why I am pro-choice now and that abortion should be legal world-wide.

I saw a little girl with a shirt saying "I know all the lyrics of frozen and I will sing them to you" unbelievable!

I can't even him it without him be like LET IT GO he needs to let it go just shut up you can't sing

12 They Make Fun of You

When I was 9 at Spode, I was playing a game with my friends and another girl called Helena and she had a six year old sister called Julia who was also playing and in the game she said I was not allowed to have a boyfriend because I hadn't had one in real life. She was SIX and she had a boyfriend in the game. I bet she has never had a boyfriend. I don't really think I actually like her that much. But she will be older and I think she will have matured since.

Your not the only one, I was invited to a kid's little brother's birthday party at his house and his family invited their friends and relatives and late I was in the jumper with the kids and I wanted theme to play Trigun and a little bratty kid said it's stupid. The only who is stupid is that bratty kid and better off kissing men

Once my mom told my cousins that I wasn't potty trained until I was nearly 4. they were fully potty trained by age 2 1/2. When they hear that they were all like "HAHA" and started taunting me and saying stupid things like "Let's throw a party to celebrate our older cousin being in diapers longer than us! "


My little sisters always make fun of me for talking to boys and saying I have a boyfriend right in front of them!


Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

I don't say that when I was a little kid. I asked the question "How many minutes until we get there" Which might still be annoying.

Luckily my cousins don’t do this. During a 5 hr flight to San Francisco my cousins and I were on the same plane together and we were also on the same flight home together. We just either slept or played with our iPads.

This is why your kid should play with Google maps. I've been using it since I was 7.

14 They Pester You

I don't mind if my sister pesters me

15 They Put Everything in Their Mouth

My dad's friend has a toddler, so I have to hide all my toys when he comes over. I am so glad my sister's not a little kid (She's in 2nd grade, but very smart and mature (not hormonally), so she's alright).

I once had one of my brother's friends over, and he had to take his brother over too. He put his mouth on everything, and made the biggest mess my room has ever been in.

that's what she said

16 They Get Rude When You Tell Them Off

I can get rude easily. I challenged my friend at school to a rap battle I won and they beat 90% of their friends in rap battles

My cousins used to do that

When Bj know he wrong he rolles his eyes smack his lips and says whatever

It’s even more annoying when they go tattling on you, then you’re the one that gets in trouble. Okay, sorry I don’t want to spend every waking second of my life with your spoiled a** kid 10 years younger than me.

17 They Say Stupid Little Kiddish Things to You

When he/she says something about fart noises or something

My little brother doesn't really say stupid things

Whenever my brother farts me says "ha. I farted"

Bj be like what kinda sourcery is this what but get this he doesn't even know what sourcery means

18 Follow You Wherever You Go

For real. I freakin' hate it when you go for a morning walk in the park and some kid starts trailing after you like you're Justin Bieber. Even worse, their parents don't even notice. Most of the time, I see the child's parent/guardian chatting with someone or talking on the phone when this happens. Just pay attention to your kid so others can enjoy life without your kid corrupting it!

This should be number one! Whenever you're trying to take a walk, or are strolling around a store, they follow you regardless of whether they even know you. It's very frustrating.

I am from somalia but I live in baltimore. I hate it when my 4 year old cousin comes over. Whenever I go somewhere, there he is. And my AUNT DOES NOT DO ANYTHING. SHE JUST WATCHES TV AND SAYS: " Try to deal with it" ALL THE TIME UHHHHHHh

Little kids in my school are so ugly and stupid.At break they keep on following me and when I'm minding my own business they ask me to play with them.

19 They Act Like Teens

I agree with someone who posted a comment about a conversation as an example. This is a reason why Laid Back Parents refuse to acknowledge their kids to let them get away with anything, as evidenced in a tats top video of customers in retail

Ugh, kids these days. On their phones 24/7, trying to talk sassy, kissing in elementary schools. I can't stand these 8 year olds that do stupid crap like this. - PeeledBanana

I very much hate this. This is why I don't watch funny kids videos. A bunch of kids 4 to 8 years old blab about their "boyfriends" and "girlfriends" and how they "go out" with them when THEY'RE IN GOSH DARN KINDERGARTEN! And the fact that they say things like "gold digger" that they don't even know the meaning of makes me puke.


My sister talks like a gangster and constantly says "dude" and yeah" ALL THE TIME! And I don't even talk like that

20 They Whine a Lot

Especially if they don't get their way


21 They Ask You to Play the Gummy Bear Song

When I was in kindergarten, the whole class (except for me) was obsessed with this song

I hate the gummy bear so much, I want to kill him.


22 They Spit at Your Face If They Can't Beat You Up

Yes, my 5 year old cousin once tried to hit me, so I grabbed her wrist stop. She tried to hit me again with her other hand, so I grabbed it too. When she realized she couldn't move (both of us can't since I'm holding her hands with both of mine), she spat straight at my face. It was a big saliva that landed between my eyes, so my reaction is violent. Since then, she would spit at me when she is angry or just want to piss me off (in otger words, she spits every time she wants). She loves my reaction. It is gross, I hate it.

Once my little cousin spat at my face just because I wanted to talk to him and I got blamed. UGH!

Which little kids do you know? Wow...

23 They Get Mad When They Lose a Game

Brother: 7th place! f! you

Me: please stop being mean geeze

Brother: shut up brother

Wow he does every time he gets in last and its just a game

Once my friends little sister threw a fit when she lost to mario kart double dash and she threw the gamecube controller it didn't break then she starting crying and stomped up and down when she finished 8th place on all 4 races in a cup and also made player 1 get 5th by unplugging the controller when he almost got 1st on the last race he would of got 1st with 40 points, she got so mad and then knocked over the T.V. at the end and broke it

I did this when I was little I remember throwing a bored game after I got 4th in sorry when I was 4 years old, I remember throwing the blue things I was across the room and 1 went missing I found it one day when I was older and it reminded me not to get angry when I lose

One time when a 4 year old kid lost to monopoly when I won, and he threw the dice across the room and they got lost under the couch, took us about 10 mins to get it out, then he tried ripping up the money, until his mom yelled at him no!

24 They Try to Beat You Up

My siblings are stronger than they look. My sister has been physically bullying me for a DECADE! I broke my arm once because my sister pushed me out of a tree after I climbed to the top. My brother is constantly hurting me when I do ANYTHING to him! He once slapped me so hard I had a red mark on my face for 3 days because I beat him in a game of trouble.

Once some little kid was being an absolute retard to me. I told them to knock it off, then they start hitting me and trying to hurt me. The kid's parents weren't paying any attention to her, and it took me a long time to finally get that kid to leave me alone.

This really aggressive boy at school choked me and slapped my arm. My younger sis heard and tried to do the same to me. But failed because she was only 7 years old at the time

God, my friend, Billy (William) goes with table tennis with me. We were both 10 then, and there was this one year 1 or 2 (or grade 1 or 2) and that’s right after nursery and foundation, so like 5. Her name was Tia, and she kicked Billy so hard in his back he started crying! Table tennis teacher did nothing about it, didn’t even look.

25 Act Like Cry Babies

When my cousin was little my other cousins and I drew mustaches on her coloring book as a joke and she cried like we've torn it up into a billion pieces or something.

When I am chilling and my cousin comes in. He asks if he can watch something. I say later then he starts crying. SO ANNOYING

yeah your 10 years old sister should have get yelled at and get grounded for a week!

I accidently poked my 10 YEAR OLD sister with my fingernail in the car and she started screaming and crying like a little bitch and I got yelled at.

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