Top Ten Most Annoying Things Little Kids Do

Things little kids do.. My niece and nephew always wanna bother me when they come over

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1 When a Little Kid Sees You Doing Something Then Asks You to Play With Him/Her

I HATE THIS! So a few weeks ago I was at a friends house Her (who is 13), her other friend, and I were talking at 4:00 in the morning her 6 year old sister woke up and went to her mom because we weren't including her. Plus when we did she wouldn't talk, so I said you look tired. She ran to her mom saying we were being mean! We had to go to bed. Her mom &the little sister was upstairs so we just stayed up all night! Even my mom agreed that my friends and I did nothing wrong.

It's really annoying. Almost every time my brother spots me playing on my computer, he goes like "Can I play computer too because sammy's doing it! " It's annoying as heck! - SammySpore

When my friend comes over my annoying crazy sister follows us and always starts pouting and crying and goes into her room because me and my friend want to do stuff alone then my friend has to go in talk to her which takes away 20minutes of me and my friends time together! SO..ANNOYING! - Wolfpelt

And they wait till you're doing something Important - Adventurur2

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2 When a Little Kid Whines for His/Her Parents Because You Got Mad at Them

Annoying brother wrecks room
Brother: Mommy! She screamed at me and hit me!
Me: I didn't hit you. I just told you to get out of my room.
Mom: That's it. You're grounded for five months
Annoying brother makes evil smirk, then walks away innocently - Haumea

I actually am still a little kid (12 years-old), but I never did that before. I have experienced it before though. It was so annoying! I got mad at my 9 year-old cousin once, and she was like, "MOMMYYY! " and I was getting so annoyed by her. I'm just glad that I don't live with her and I'm a younger sibling.

I'm the oldest of my 9 year old brother and 6 year old sister. I am also one to get annoyed easily. This happens every day. - RockFashionista

I'm 9. My sister is 6.

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3 When They Force You to Watch Annoying Little Kid Shows With Them

I would not watch one if you paid me a million dollars - MissWinnipegJets

Not all of them but they ask u for your phone so they can watch stupid Videos and when you ask them for your phone they don't want to give to u until they have Finish the whole f-ing Video, but then on T.V. of course that's the part when they gonna try to force you to watch SpongeBob or gum ball and probably you was trying to catch amercia horro story or the walking dead lol

I remember I was forced to watch Zoey 101 by my friend's little sister

I forced my next door neighbor kid to watch F-Zero Gp Legend

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4 When They Get You In Trouble for Something They Did

One time my brother and his friend did a stupid thing for no reason, they messed up my room and stuff. Then I got mad and knocked over his books. And then he lied on his bed and refused to clean my stuff up because I knocked over his books, and I got in trouble also.

I got in trouble because my little cousin messed up my room. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Thankfully my parents trust in me so this never happened. - SammySpore

I have experienced this a lot, so much pain in life I hope my parents die cause I literally don't need them.long story but I don't NEED THEM!

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5 They Never Shut Up

My younger sister went on a field trip to the Detroit Institute of Art. (which is an art muesum) There was this really jumpy kid in her group, and she kept jumping and thumping around when they were on the top floor. She also almost knocked over an antique tea set. Then her friend started to carry her around when their group went down the stairs. The chaperone told her to put her down because that wasn't safe, so then her friend DROPPED her down the stairs. She landed safely on a step, but whined, "Oww! My butt hurts! " A couple was walking past them and gave her weird looks. She almost touched the paintings and statues, and the chaperone was like, "DON'T TOUCH THE PAINTINGS! " But the girl just kept yelling until they entered a really big room with lots of people. She started screaming so she could hear her echo, and EVERYBODY in the room turned and looked at us. So embarrasing.

My friends nephew is three years old and always swears at her. Then he stomps and screams "YO GABBA GABBA! " When he doesn't get to watch it. Then her sister (his mom) spanks him and yells at him. He screams for another two hours and trashes the house.

Every time that I go to restaurants and other people bring kids ages 0-6, the kids always scream and throw tantrums, but the parents do absolutely NOTHING but say "There, There, It's okay." and sometimes even encourage their kids to sing loudly in public. - FloydtheCat

I talk a lot but when someone tell me like blah blah blah blah enough already, I get mad

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6 When They Ask You to Do Ridiculous Things for Them

Hi I'm 12 my nephew always ask would u choose a hanger over me and will you let me in your room if someone busted up in the house and would you let someone kill me I be like yes I would let someone kill u and he be like I know that's not true and then I be like THEN WHY YOU ASK he be like I don't know

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7 When You Ask for Something Your Mom/Dad Says No But When the Little Kid Asks for That Exact Same Thing, They Get It Immediately

My friend's cousin asked for Morrowind, because she is 15, but her parents said no and when her 6 year old sister asked for Call of Duty, she gets it! - IcetailofWishClan

If our world depends on the youth of today, I can see the earth lasting another 20 years.

The definition of my annoying nephew. - Pegasister12

The thing swapped my older sibling gets it immediatly, but when I ask, they say no!
I HATE IT SO MUCH - MinecraftHater

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8 When They Never Leave You Alone

I'll play with you

I'm never gonna play with you so GO AWAY - MissWinnipegJets

When I was in sixth grade this little boy sat with me. I was years older than him. he kept saying I was his girlfriend even though I said no. then he tried hugging me and giving me a kiss on the cheek.

It's so annoying whenever I go to the park, I'm quietly reading on the bench, and some 3 year old comes and asks to play with me.
Kid: Can you play with me?
Me: Well, I uh, have to read for my homework.
Kid: Wha does that mean?
Excuses never work on little kids...

9 Blame Things On You That They Did

My nephew Bj be like no way she told me to um...pause n the heck I didn't don't get the story twisted

10 They Stare At You

I sometimes have to wear an eye patch because I just had a surgery on my eye, and we went out to eat. This rude little kid kept staring at me because I was wearing that. Then she loudly asked her mom, "Mommy, why did that girl paint over her eye? " Mind your own business, you brat!

I pass by little kids in public and they rudely gawk at me. Sometimes I wanna slap them.

When I'm In Public Random 5 Year Olds Stare At me I HATE IT

We have eyes for a reason, yes I agree it can be annoying but it's just life.

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11 When They Are Over Your House, Nobody Pays Any Attention to You

Like when my niece and nephew come over its like I'm not even there - MissWinnipegJets

12 When They Sing Let It Go Over and Over Again

UGH! I hate it when they do that. I mean I will acknowledge Frozen to be a good movie but when kids never shut up about the movie and start singing the songs all over again, I start to grow cynical about it. Why is their singing a problem?

1. They can't sing Let it Go. I know they're little kids but Jackie Evancho could sing at a very young age too so NO EXCUSES.

2. They sing it constantly at a rapid-fire speed and refuse to stop. One time, my little sister kept singing Let it Go very loudly whilst I was studying for an exam and then I nicely told her to sing the song quietly but she refused and even sung right on my ear just to annoy me and then I just snapped at her. It may seem harsh but I was revising for an exam that was like a couple of days away.

I saw a little girl with a shirt saying "I know all the lyrics of frozen and I will sing them to you" unbelievable!

I can't even him it without him be like LET IT GO he needs to let it go just shut up you can't sing

I remember I sang La Cucacaracha song too many times to my older sister

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13 They Make Fun of You

One time,after the 6th grader farewell trip(To this famous indoor theme park that is connected to a Mall and a luxury hotel called Trans Studio Bandung),Me and my parents go to Puncak,a famous town in the mountain(that's in my country)And we stayed at this 4 star hotel with a large cool swimming pool.And after breakfast at the breakfast buffet,Me and my brother went to the swimming pool for swimming.I grabbed my swimming Googles,and some idiotic little kids screamed at me from the kiddy pool,calling me as Blind.Gah! So annoying! I wanted to scream to them "HEY IMMATURE FREAKS! I'M NOT BLIND OR DISABLED! IF ANYONE HERE IS,IT'S YOU TWO! "But,that will never happen.So,i just ignored them.They're also mean to my brother.My brother was just passing the Kiddie Pool and they said to him "THIS IS OUR KINGDOM! "And I wanted to yell at them "NO IT'S NOT,PRINCESS WANNABES! IT'S FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO USE IT! "Really,just ignore brats like them.It's them the one who started it,they acted like ...more - MLPFan

When I was 9 at Spode, I was playing a game with my friends and another girl called Helena and she had a six year old sister called Julia who was also playing and in the game she said I was not allowed to have a boyfriend because I hadn't had one in real life. She was SIX and she had a boyfriend in the game. I bet she has never had a boyfriend. I don't really think I actually like her that much. But she will be older and I think she will have matured since.

Your not the only one, I was invited to a kid's little brother's birthday party at his house and his family invited their friends and relatives and late I was in the jumper with the kids and I wanted theme to play Trigun and a little bratty kid said it's stupid. The only who is stupid is that bratty kid and better off kissing men

Just say: you can make fun of me all you want but just remember... I have no problem going back to prison.

14 When they act as teens

Sister : What are you doing you dumb idiot jerk ugh!

Me : Watching Spirited Away

Sister : What are you drinking pee?

Me : It is lemon raspberry tea


Me : I wasn't being a brat you are!

Sister : UGG WATEVAH (whispers) you idiot brat who is super dumb and stupid

Me : Mom can you please let Sarah leave me alone

Mom : Stop bugging your sister!

Me : I hate everything!

I agree with someone who posted a comment about a conversation as an example. This is a reason why Laid Back Parents refuse to acknowledge their kids to let them get away with anything, as evidenced in a tats top video of customers in retail - Bunearylove75

My sister talks like a gangster and constantly says "dude" and yeah" ALL THE TIME! And I don't even talk like that

Gretchen: What are you doing?

Me: *Playing Bloodborne and ignores her*

Gretchen: If you don't tell me what you are doing, I'm telling Mom!

Me: Shut up! You're not my parent! - IcetailofWishClan

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15 When He/She Says Stupid Little Kiddish Things to You

When he/she says something about fart noises or something - MissWinnipegJets

Whenever my brother farts me says "ha. I farted" - SammySpore

My little brother doesn't really say stupid things

Bj be like what kinda sourcery is this what but get this he doesn't even know what sourcery means

16 They Get Rude When You Tell Them Off

When Bj know he wrong he rolles his eyes smack his lips and says whatever

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MOST ANNOYING EVER! Like god we'll tell you when we're there. The car is moving we are not there.

This is why your kid should play with Google maps. I've been using it since I was 7.

Lol I'm 12 and I still do this. Well I have ADHD and I have very low patience.

Me:Are we there yet?

Ana: Stop that!

Me: Shut up Ana!

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18 They Try to Beat You Up

They TRY to hurt me. Wow, they think they're so savage when they are just a bunch of little wannabees.

When it comes to this I'm the little kid and I never succeed

They will get mad at me and punch me in the knee...

This really aggressive boy at school choked me and slapped my arm. My younger sis heard and tried to do the same to me. But failed because she was only 7 years old at the time

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19 When they ask you to play the gummy bear song

When I was in kindergarten, the whole class (except for me) was obsessed with this song - FloydtheCat

20 They're Cry Babies

I accidently poked my 10 YEAR OLD sister with my fingernail in the car and she started screaming and crying like a little bitch and I got yelled at. - Popsicles

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2. When a Little Kid Whines for His/Her Parents Because You Got Mad at Them
3. When They Force You to Watch Annoying Little Kid Shows With Them

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