Top Ten Most Annoying Things Little Kids Do

Things little kids do.. My niece and nephew always wanna bother me when they come over

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1 When a Little Kid Sees You Doing Something Then Asks You to Play With Him/Her

If it's a kid you know, it's not too bad, but if random kids come up to you & ask you to play with them, it's kinda annoying. - RoseWeasley

I HATE THIS! So a few weeks ago I was at a friends house Her (who is 13), her other friend, and I were talking at 4:00 in the morning her 6 year old sister woke up and went to her mom because we weren't including her. Plus when we did she wouldn't talk, so I said you look tired. She ran to her mom saying we were being mean! We had to go to bed. Her mom &the little sister was upstairs so we just stayed up all night! Even my mom agreed that my friends and I did nothing wrong.

Little kids want to play with me because I look like an 8 yr old

It's really annoying. Almost every time my brother spots me playing on my computer, he goes like "Can I play computer too because sammy's doing it! " It's annoying as heck! - SammySpore

2 They Whine for His/Her Parents Because You Got Mad at Them

This is the most irritating thing about little kids! I didn't even do anything

Me and my friends had a sleepover and this is what happened
Me: Ok lets make a fort
sister: can I make a fort too
Me: No its just me and my friends
Sister: cries to mom
Mom bans me from having another sleepover, spanks me, and grounds me for 2 months.
Sister: smiles

It's alright if it's an orphan because they have nobody to cry to. - Bolshoy_Brat

Annoying brother wrecks room
Brother: Mommy! She screamed at me and hit me!
Me: I didn't hit you. I just told you to get out of my room.
Mom: That's it. You're grounded for five months
Annoying brother makes evil smirk, then walks away innocently - Haumea

3 They Force You to Watch Annoying Little Kid Shows With Them

So? - TheAwesomeDude54

My sister makes me watch peppa pig - Oliversky

My little sister sometimes forces me to watch Barney, Puppy Dog Pals, and Teletubbies with her - andrewteel


No. You've been watching Caillou with me all day. Now find something else to do! I just wanna watch sports

4 They Get You In Trouble for Something They Did

This should be first place!

I KNOW I HATE IT when younger kids do something wrong they blame it on the older kid then the older kids get into trouble

One time my brother and his friend did a stupid thing for no reason, they messed up my room and stuff. Then I got mad and knocked over his books. And then he lied on his bed and refused to clean my stuff up because I knocked over his books, and I got in trouble also.

I got in trouble because my little cousin messed up my room. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

5 They Never Shut Up

YES! This happens to me every single morning

They and their parents are extremely loud. And the parents encourage them to scream and make noise.


I have 3 year old cousins in India, who are twins. They were fine in summer 2017 when they were one years old. But this summer on 2019, they became so annoying. They watch this annoying baby show called Chu Chu T.V. Police, and scream the theme song while doing it. And they tried to throw a lock at me once. And when I get mad at them for bothering me, my mom yells at me. And once my mom wasn't letting me watch T.V. there when I was bored, so I got into an argument with her, and those 2 brats stared at me annoyingly. And don't give me that "they're only three", or "you were three once" crap. I hate them. I hope they become better when they're older. Their parents do get mad at them though, LOL :D. But I'm lucky they don't have a triplet. One of them is ALREADY too much.

6 They Ask You to Do Ridiculous Things for Them

Hi I'm 12 my nephew always ask would u choose a hanger over me and will you let me in your room if someone busted up in the house and would you let someone kill me I be like yes I would let someone kill u and he be like I know that's not true and then I be like THEN WHY YOU ASK he be like I don't know

When my 9 year old cousin was younger she forced me to wipe her butt for her after she used the restroom. She was like 3 or 4 at the time.

Once my mom would force me to make videos of myself singing terribly to random songs just to entertain my cousins while they were eating dinner.

Your Trolling Lil brother: where is my Lego car?
You: Right from the kitchen table
Brother: I can't find it
You: *Yells* IT'S RIGHT THERE *points where is the Lego car is*
Brother: Thanks
You: You would of seen your Lego car then!

7 They Never Leave You Alone

This is the worst thing about being my age. A lot of times when I see a baby or a little kid walking in public they won't leave me alone. And if I walk away from them they scream their head of. >:( - DrayTopTens


This happens to me ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME. - IceFoxPlayz

My little bros never leave me alone it really stinks

8 When You Ask for Something Your Mom/Dad Says No But When the Little Kid Asks for That Exact Same Thing, They Get It Immediately

Your 26 and still living with Momma? Go and get an apartment and then Mom can't tell you what to do. You can drink, you can live by yourself and work.


My friend's cousin asked for Morrowind, because she is 15, but her parents said no and when her 6 year old sister asked for Call of Duty, she gets it! - IcetailofWishClan

If our world depends on the youth of today, I can see the earth lasting another 20 years.

9 Blame Things On You That They Did

Make a goanimate grounded video of your cousin to teach her a lesson

My nephew Bj be like no way she told me to um...pause n the heck I didn't don't get the story twisted

On Christmas 2015 my cousin hit me with an iPad. She then told me that I was being annoying to her. I told them that I didn't do anything. Guess who they believed? That's right... my cousin! >:(

10 They Stare At You

This summer in 2019, we went to India for 5 weeks, which I don't enjoy. And we met my 3 year old twin cousins, who were fine two years ago, but turned super obnoxious. And I was watching YouTube on their T.V.. And mom made me stop and I got into an argument because I was dying of boredom and depression due to the fact that there is pretty much nothing fun to do on India trips except watching T.V.. And my cousins were staring at me. I was so mad that day!

Me: Walking
Little kid: O_O - 0w0uwu

I sometimes have to wear an eye patch because I just had a surgery on my eye, and we went out to eat. This rude little kid kept staring at me because I was wearing that. Then she loudly asked her mom, "Mommy, why did that girl paint over her eye? " Mind your own business, you brat!

Them 5 year olds stare at me like I'm public enemy #1


The Contenders

11 When They Are Over Your House, Nobody Pays Any Attention to You

I don’t care if no one pays attention to me. I just wish my family would cut the baby talk and coddling them, even when they’re being brats. - 3DG20

The exact same thing happens also when my relatives are out in public together or at a family party together.

Like when my niece and nephew come over its like I'm not even there - MissWinnipegJets

12 They Sing Let It Go Over and Over Again

Or just singing in general. - 3DG20

UGH! I hate it when they do that. I mean I will acknowledge Frozen to be a good movie but when kids never shut up about the movie and start singing the songs all over again, I start to grow cynical about it. Why is their singing a problem?

1. They can't sing Let it Go. I know they're little kids but Jackie Evancho could sing at a very young age too so NO EXCUSES.

2. They sing it constantly at a rapid-fire speed and refuse to stop. One time, my little sister kept singing Let it Go very loudly whilst I was studying for an exam and then I nicely told her to sing the song quietly but she refused and even sung right on my ear just to annoy me and then I just snapped at her. It may seem harsh but I was revising for an exam that was like a couple of days away.

If you thought that's bad, I once saw two kids doing the whip nae-nae dance while waiting at the cinema lobby. This is why I am pro-choice now and that abortion should be legal world-wide. - Bolshoy_Brat

I saw a little girl with a shirt saying "I know all the lyrics of frozen and I will sing them to you" unbelievable!

13 They Make Fun of You

One time,after the 6th grader farewell trip(To this famous indoor theme park that is connected to a Mall and a luxury hotel called Trans Studio Bandung),Me and my parents go to Puncak,a famous town in the mountain(that's in my country)And we stayed at this 4 star hotel with a large cool swimming pool.And after breakfast at the breakfast buffet,Me and my brother went to the swimming pool for swimming.I grabbed my swimming Googles,and some idiotic little kids screamed at me from the kiddy pool,calling me as Blind.Gah! So annoying! I wanted to scream to them "HEY IMMATURE FREAKS! I'M NOT BLIND OR DISABLED! IF ANYONE HERE IS,IT'S YOU TWO! "But,that will never happen.So,i just ignored them.They're also mean to my brother.My brother was just passing the Kiddie Pool and they said to him "THIS IS OUR KINGDOM! "And I wanted to yell at them "NO IT'S NOT,PRINCESS WANNABES! IT'S FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO USE IT! "Really,just ignore brats like them.It's them the one who started it,they acted like ...more - MLPFan

My little sisters always make fun of me for talking to boys and saying I have a boyfriend right in front of them! - NightJinx

When I was 9 at Spode, I was playing a game with my friends and another girl called Helena and she had a six year old sister called Julia who was also playing and in the game she said I was not allowed to have a boyfriend because I hadn't had one in real life. She was SIX and she had a boyfriend in the game. I bet she has never had a boyfriend. I don't really think I actually like her that much. But she will be older and I think she will have matured since.

Your not the only one, I was invited to a kid's little brother's birthday party at his house and his family invited their friends and relatives and late I was in the jumper with the kids and I wanted theme to play Trigun and a little bratty kid said it's stupid. The only who is stupid is that bratty kid and better off kissing men


I don't say that when I was a little kid. I asked the question "How many minutes until we get there" Which might still be annoying.

No. - TheAwesomeDude54

Why am I not surprised that this would be on here? - Gehenna

This is why your kid should play with Google maps. I've been using it since I was 7.

I play with Google Maps all the time. I like exploring different cities. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

15 They Pester You

I don't mind if my sister pesters me - andrewteel

16 They Get Rude When You Tell Them Off

Yet your parents believe them when they tell on you. - TheAwesomeDude54

I can get rude easily. I challenged my friend at school to a rap battle I won and they beat 90% of their friends in rap battles - XxSEVEREDHUMANITYxX

My cousins used to do that

How is that

17 They Put Everything in Their Mouth

Parent: Don't put in your mouth, no no no.
Kid, thinking: I hate my life. I wanna put bleach in my mouth and act like I don't know what it is. - TheAwesomeDude54

My dad's friend has a toddler, so I have to hide all my toys when he comes over. I am so glad my sister's not a little kid (She's in 2nd grade, but very smart and mature (not hormonally), so she's alright).

I once had one of my brother's friends over, and he had to take his brother over too. He put his mouth on everything, and made the biggest mess my room has ever been in.

18 They Act Like Teens

Older sibling, why did you try to grow me up when I was 8?

For the record, you are 8, not 15, so drop the attitude, sit tf down and do your homework. - 3DG20

Sister : What are you doing you dumb idiot jerk ugh!

Me : Watching Spirited Away

Sister : What are you drinking pee?

Me : It is lemon raspberry tea


Me : I wasn't being a brat you are!

Sister : UGG WATEVAH (whispers) you idiot brat who is super dumb and stupid

Me : Mom can you please let Sarah leave me alone

Mom : Stop bugging your sister!

Me : I hate everything!

UUGGHHH! It happens ALL the time in my house, and I just want to snap my sister's neck! - IceFoxPlayz

19 They Spit at Your Face If They Can't Beat You Up

That's assault. - TheAwesomeDude54

Yes, my 5 year old cousin once tried to hit me, so I grabbed her wrist stop. She tried to hit me again with her other hand, so I grabbed it too. When she realized she couldn't move (both of us can't since I'm holding her hands with both of mine), she spat straight at my face. It was a big saliva that landed between my eyes, so my reaction is violent. Since then, she would spit at me when she is angry or just want to piss me off (in otger words, she spits every time she wants). She loves my reaction. It is gross, I hate it.

Which little kids do you know? Wow... - sadical

20 They Say Stupid Little Kiddish Things to You

When he/she says something about fart noises or something - MissWinnipegJets

Whenever my brother farts me says "ha. I farted" - SammySpore

My little brother doesn't really say stupid things

Bj be like what kinda sourcery is this what but get this he doesn't even know what sourcery means

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21 They Ask You to Play the Gummy Bear Song

I hate the gummy bear so much, I want to kill him.

When I was in kindergarten, the whole class (except for me) was obsessed with this song


22 They Try to Beat You Up

They make the number of attempts to the point where you think all kids who aren't abused are spoiled. - TheAwesomeDude54

I get in trouble cause they hurt me. The adults tell me that I should not let them misbehave. what - fwed

They TRY to hurt me. Wow, they think they're so savage when they are just a bunch of little wannabees.

My little cousin kicked me in the stomach once.

23 They Whine a Lot

Especially if they don't get their way

24 Follow You Wherever You Go

Little kids in my school are so ugly and stupid.At break they keep on following me and when I'm minding my own business they ask me to play with them.

25 they make irritating random noises

And the grownups make a big deal out of it

Yeah like sneezing

26 They're Cry Babies

I did this. I did that. It's like I'm a criminal in their world. - TheAwesomeDude54

When my cousin was little my other cousins and I drew mustaches on her coloring book as a joke and she cried like we've torn it up into a billion pieces or something.

I accidently poked my 10 YEAR OLD sister with my fingernail in the car and she started screaming and crying like a little bitch and I got yelled at. - Popsicles

Your 10 year old sister should have been the one getting yelled at. - DrayTopTens

27 Imitate Attack on Titan by Running Naked and Biting People

Why you shouldn't watch Attack On Titan around Kids, doing this makes people think your a pervert and they don't know that. - TheAwesomeDude54

Okay, who put this here? - BigFatNoob


Oh god when I read this, I laughed. - IceFoxPlayz

28 Breathe Oxygen

So it's annoying that they live, rude. - TheAwesomeDude54

I'm not a little kid, but everyone on here was a little kid once.
Some people even miss those times.

This is funny and stupid at the same time - DrayTopTens


29 They Don't Respect Other Peoples' Taste

Your supposed to like Dora the Explorer or your bad, they say. - TheAwesomeDude54

Even big kids and adults do this - DrayTopTens

But isn't that within a range between 3 and 25? And people who love Twenty One Pilots?

I don't know how you can hate Twenty One Pilots. Like I would respect your opinion but...
Why? - 0w0uwu

Me: I hate pink.sis: ew u hate pink I'm telling mommy! Me:please kill me T.T

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30 They Ask to Use Your Phone to Play a Game on It and End Up Either Breaking It or Doing Something They Should Not

They break it as a sign of throwing a tantrum because they didn't win on a game. Doing something they should not as in looking up sex sites by accident, but then they get interested in that and comment "Good video" then people reply "pervert go to jail." - TheAwesomeDude54

My 9 year old cousin is obsessed with the impossible quiz and constantly uses my phone to play it.

Every time that I whip out my phone around my little cousin, he asks if I have any games on it (I do). When I tell him no, he goes to my aunt or uncle and tells them to let me let him play on my phone. - Nightfire

My niece and nephew can be pretty darn annoying! They always ask for everything I have and throw a fit when they don’t get it. I can’t be on my phone when they’re around, because they always want it. They never ask permission, either. They just take random pictures and try to guess my passcode.

31 Watch Kid Shows

Baby shows aren't even bad. - TheAwesomeDude54

Why, is this on here?!? Sure, some kid shows are annoying but not all of them

What do you expect they're kids. want them to watch adult stuff?

I hate kid shows - ListCreator

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32 They Get Mad When They Lose a Game

One time at school a twelve year old screamed at the top of his lungs over losing a game. HE WAS TWELVE YEARS OLD! - DrayTopTens

Once my cousins, sister, and I were playing Mario Party 9 and one of my cousins would whine whenever she lost a mini-game.

Bratty 6 year old sister: "will you play crazy 8 with me? "
Me: NO
Sister: WAH
Mom: play with your sister
Me: *groaning*
Sis: dragging me to the cards she set up "neatly"
10 minutes later...
Me: I win
Sis: no I wanna win I WIN!
Me: I beat you fair and square.
Sis: Throwing a huge temper tantrum and tossing the cards every where.
Mom: what's going on in here
Sis: she being mean to me.
Me:😶 - Naiolmaih

Imagine a kid playing Mario kart 8 deluxe
The kid: I wanna be Morton
Me: Heck no he’s the worst Koopaling
Kid: Waaah
Kid gets 12
Kid: WAaah
Breaks T.V.

33 They Ask You to Help Them Go to the Restroom

Wipe my heinie, Ploopy! - TheAwesomeDude54

uh what - sadical

Lol you can’t stop constipation - XxSEVEREDHUMANITYxX

No! I do NOT want to help you pee and poop! Unless your scared of the toilet flushing, the no.

34 They Laugh at Toilet Humor

Remy the potty talk boy - Oliversky

Somebody: Poopy head

Teen titans go in a nutshell.

I hate doing that but I am so used to do this even though I am 13 and it annoys me, Nickelodeon has a lot of toilet humor, except The Loud House.

35 They Report Everything You Do


My iPad was taken away last night due to my 5 year old drama queen sister Salma telling my mom. She got payback, though. - IceFoxPlayz

Kids are tattle tales. Period.

36 They Play Minecraft

Minecraft is good, if a lot overrated. They are very immature, the kids who play this. Thts why I mostly play singleplayer :P

37 They Imitate Teen Titans Go

So they strip down to their underwear and twerk while looking at the window? - TheAwesomeDude54

My cousin watches this but whats worse is that his sister watches PEPPA PIG I can't even tolerate that show

I. Hate. Teen. Titans. Go. So. Much - NightJinx

My sister always tried to imitate Starfire by making awful gurgling noises. - Popsicles

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38 They Swear

I'm fine with swearing as long as it's not a racist/sexist term or if it's not overdone. But it's annoying when little kids swear because they only do it to sound cool, but don't know what they mean.

39 They Make A Mass Chaos In Public Places

*People call CPS on a parent because their kid is throwing a tantrum* - TheAwesomeDude54

Dang it I did that like some months ago lol

I hate when kids they just throw tempertantum's for no reason like their mom saying "no" when they ask "can I have this toy please please" I have a story when my friends in school did this they took sticks that they literally collect in school and shoved one in a toilet pretending it to be a penis.

40 They Ask Too Many Questions

This one is so true and very annoying. Like once, I was playing a game on my computer at home and that kid whose in my family started asking me so many questions. "What is that? " "Why? " "What does that do? " "Why? " "Why? " "What does it do? " Like seriously! Have you ever seen a video game before kid? STOP ASKING SO MANY QUESTIONS DAMMIT! - RogerMcBaloney

Once at a party, we were watching a T.V. show then there is a scene where a couple was in bed came on:

My cousin (she was like 7 at the time): (points to T.V.) What are they doing? Also why aren't they wearing any clothes?


AKA george pig.

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? - TheAwesomeDude54

41 They Play Fortnite

If you don't like Fortnite you are bad - TheAwesomeDude54

That's the whole damn fanbase.

Everyone: Fortnite!
Me: Pacman! - RoseWeasley

Especially when they won’t shut up about it.

42 They Hurt You

My three year old cousins tried to throw a PADLOCK at me before. But luckily, I screamed at them and their mom found out and yelled at them.

My little cousin kicked me in the stomach once

43 They Sing Hannah Montana Songs

May I ever so politely ask what year this was added to the list and why it’s so high? - 3DG20

44 They Act Rudely
45 They Like the Gummy Bear Song

I'm a gummy bear, I'm a gummy bear, I'm a-

46 They Walk Up to You When You're Playing with Friends at the Park, and Ask You to Play Their Dumb Game.

Doesn’t this happen in Jeff the killers backstory? - XxSEVEREDHUMANITYxX

I once was playing at the park, and this little girl walked up to me and wanted me to play 'Princesses' with her. I didn't want to look like a jerk, so ai had to play along for a while. I was really stupid when I was little, and I'm really embarrassed by it. I used to pretend to be a cartoon character in public. IN PUBLIC. How did my mom stand me?!

first - ListCreator


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47 When They Hear You Say Something, They Go Around Saying It Over and Over Again

Teen: I got my period

Jeez, kids are copycats. - TheAwesomeDude54

They are like parrots

One time when I heard the character, Kieth saying "You won't get away! " While my sister play the video game "Psychic Force", I start to annoy to her and my friend with it for weeks!

My little sister saw me talking about Jeff the Killer on Quotev, and I said, "He can jack people up with his kinife." The next day, my sister was being a brat and I told her to shut up. She said, "YOU shut up or I'm gonna jack you up with a knife! " My mom was like... "What did you tell her?..." When I didn't tell her anything! She was eavesdropping!

48 They Tell Jokes About Private Parts

Adults do this, too!

49 They Moon in Public Bathrooms

Public toilets.

50 They Steal Your Stuff and Claims It's Theirs

Its mine craft

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