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21 When They Ask You to Help Them Go to the Restroom

No! I do NOT want to help you pee and poop! Unless your scared of the toilet flushing, the no.

22 When they make irritating random noises

Yeah like sneezing

23 They Act Rudely
24 They're Cry Babies
25 They Laugh at Toilet Humor

I hate doing that but I am so used to do this even though I am 13 and it annoys me, Nickelodeon has a lot of toilet humor, except The Loud House.

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26 They Ask to Use Your Phone to Play a Game on It and End Up Either Breaking It or Doing Something They Should Not

Every time that I whip out my phone around my little cousin, he asks if I have any games on it (I do). When I tell him no, he goes to my aunt or uncle and tells them to let me let him play on my phone. - Nightfire

27 They Put Everything in Their Mouth

My dad's friend has a toddler, so I have to hide all my toys when he comes over. I am so glad my sister's not a little kid (She's in 2nd grade, but very smart and mature (not hormonally), so she's alright).

I once had one of my brother's friends over, and he had to take his brother over too. He put his mouth on everything, and made the biggest mess my room has ever been in. - naFrovivuS

28 They Walk Up to You When You're Playing with Friends at the Park, and Ask You to Play Their Dumb Game.

I once was playing at the park, and this little girl walked up to me and wanted me to play 'Princesses' with her. I didn't want to look like a jerk, so ai had to play along for a while. I was really stupid when I was little, and I'm really embarrassed by it. I used to pretend to be a cartoon character in public. IN PUBLIC. How did my mom stand me?!

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29 They Play Minecraft

Minecraft is good, if a lot overrated. They are very immature, the kids who play this. Thts why I mostly play singleplayer :P

30 They Imitate Teen Titans Go

My sister always tried to imitate Starfire by making awful gurgling noises. - Popsicles

31 When They Hear You Say Something, They Go Around Saying It Over and Over Again

One time when I heard the character, Kieth saying "You won't get away! " While my sister play the video game "Psychic Force", I start to annoy to her and my friend with it for weeks!

My little sister saw me talking about Jeff the Killer on Quotev, and I said, "He can jack people up with his kinife." The next day, my sister was being a brat and I told her to shut up. She said, "YOU shut up or I'm gonna jack you up with a knife! " My mom was like... "What did you tell her?..." When I didn't tell her anything! She was eavesdropping!

32 They Pester You
33 They Sing Hannah Montana Songs
34 They Don't Respect Other Peoples' Taste

But isn't that within a range between 3 and 25? And people who love Twenty One Pilots? - naFrovivuS

35 They Whine a Lot
36 They Like the Gummy Bear Song
37 Laugh at Genital Jokes
38 Imitate Attack on Titan by Running Naked and Biting People
39 Follow You Wherever You Go

Little kids in my school are so ugly and stupid.At break they keep on following me and when I'm minding my own business they ask me to play with them.

40 They Tell Jokes About Private Parts
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