Ten Annoying Things That the Majority of Teens Do


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1 Take selfies

I don't understand the purpose of selfies. I don't like taking selfies. Do they need it to prove that they exist? - CartoonsGirl

I sometimes take selfies with my friends but they do it like 24/7 and post them ALL on Instagram, Facebook etc

Teens are so stupid. I admit I'm a teen and I swear I am not one of them.

What's so bad about taking selfies? It's simple. You just take a picture of yourself.

2 Wear too much makeup

I'm a teen girl and I never wear makeup at all unless it's for a special occasion like a party, etc. - Lunala

3 Pull stupid faces
4 All wear the same clothes
5 Misspell simple words
6 Post a million statuses a day about their daily lives

It just makes them more likely to get stalked. And it proves they waste their lives. - PositronWildhawk

Most of them don't even have a life to post about so they just post a bunch of random crap. guess what?! NOBODY CARES THAT YOU JUST CLOSED YOUR SOCK DRAWER! Ok, my rant time is over for now - llamabaconllama37

7 Show off their boobs too much
8 Post revealing images of themselves
9 Take photos of themselves in mirrors
10 Obsess with crappy 'bands' and 'artists'

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11 Text

I can't believe no one mentioned this yet.

12 They have to have the next big thing
13 Gossip and be fangirls
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