Ten Annoying Things That the Majority of Teens Do

The Top Ten Ten Annoying Things That the Majority of Teens Do

1 Take selfies

I don't take selfies, I find them stupid. - Soulstealer

Teens are so stupid. I admit I'm a teen and I swear I am not one of them.

I sometimes take selfies with my friends but they do it like 24/7 and post them ALL on Instagram, Facebook etc

What's so bad about taking selfies? It's simple. You just take a picture of yourself.

2 Wear too much makeup

I'm a teen girl and I never wear makeup at all unless it's for a special occasion like a party, etc. - Lunala

3 Pull stupid faces

A lot of them make "kissy faces" when taking a picture of themselves half-naked in the mirror and it's so annoying.

4 All wear the same clothes
5 Misspell simple words

Don't juge us we want to have fun!

6 Post a million statuses a day about their daily lives

Most of them don't even have a life to post about so they just post a bunch of random crap. guess what?! NOBODY CARES THAT YOU JUST CLOSED YOUR SOCK DRAWER! Ok, my rant time is over for now - llamabaconllama37

It just makes them more likely to get stalked. And it proves they waste their lives. - PositronWildhawk

7 Show off their boobs too much
8 Post revealing images of themselves

So annoying, you prance around flaunting everything wanting attention, then when someone looks at you ( because you know- it kinda catches your eyes) you flip and call them pervs. - RustyNail

9 Obsess with crappy 'bands' and 'artists'

I can't believe they are always so obsessed with the new pop artists and bands. They have no sense of good music, like the Beatles or the Beach Boys - micahisthebest

10 Take photos of themselves in mirrors

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11 Gossip and be fangirls

Shipping and dirty fanfiction writers are the worst!

12 Text

I can't believe no one mentioned this yet.

13 They have to have the next big thing
14 Only the most petty/mediocre become popular

You don't have to look good, you don't have to be a good person, you just have to repeat dead memes to become popular.

15 Throwing trash on the floor & bathroom in school despite there being a bunch of trash cans
16 Act like a huge fan of a band/music artist, but can't name even one of their songs.
17 Lie about the stupidest little things just to rile people up
18 Can name every Justin Bieber song but don't know who Freddie Mercury is.
19 Have a "vsco" lifestyle
20 Throw the words "gay" and "racist" around casually
21 Saying The N Word
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